08 November 2009

Good Morning

He made love to me like a wild man last night. This morning, even before the sun has opened its eyes to the day, a look of boyish beauty and innocence caresses his face in his slumber. My mind flashes back to the rapturous orgasms he gave me with his hands and mouth and beautiful hard penis. My own sex becomes noticeably empty as I watch his chest rise and fall ever so slightly in rhythm to his breathing. He's laying half on his back, half on his side, facing me, his now flaccid manhood nestled warmly with his testis between his thighs. The same manhood that so boldly filled me in rapt splendour just a few short hours before.

As I study his sleeping form, he emits a slight groan and rolls over, more onto his back. This movement has caused a blood flow change and his penis moves and grows slightly to accommodate. Does he watch me in my sleep the way I admire him in his?

I feel a familiar and welcome tingle between my own thighs. I can't help but touch myself and recall the love and lust that filled me the night before. But my own touch falls short of the experience and leaves me wanting, no, needing more. I quietly shift myself on the bed and move closer to his slumbering body, being ever so careful not to startle him awake. I will want him back from his dream world soon, but slowly and soothing.

The scent of our mingled juices is embedded in his pubic hair and fills my nostrils as I close in to kiss the head of his penis. I can feel the fire growing between my own legs and my nipples lightly brush his side as I take his flaccid, but growing, penis into my mouth.

Such a wonderful feeling.

I close my eyes and gently kiss and lick the head and shaft, enjoying to the fullest the sensations this act is giving me. I gently take his testis and cup them, supporting them as I take more and more of his growing, hardening penis into my mouth. I could happily lose myself in this, abandon myself in the purity of the moment. I do so love the taste and the feel of a hardening, awakening penis in my mouth, especially when I can taste the remnants my own juices there as well. I slowly stroke the growing shaft in my hand while I lick and suck the hardening head, taking a little more of the shaft deeper into my mouth every few strokes.

He stirs some and lets out a little moan. I have moved myself with my feet at the head of the bed and he nuzzles my thigh as I continue to orally enjoy myself with his penis. Rousing from his slumber, he plants small kisses to my thigh and knee and his fingers stroke my bottom. I lick the very tip of his penis, just at the opening, and taste the first oozing of pre-cum. This is the moment he chooses to insert his finger between my moist labia, causing me to let out a low moan.

He moves himself under me and gently parts my swollen lips and I involuntarily grasp his penis with a tighter grip. I feel his tongue dart into me and rim my opening, causing me to bear down and suck a little harder. He puts his hands around my hips and pulls himself closer to my swelling labia, using his lips and tongue to excite me ever further. I continue to stroke his penis while licking and gently sucking the head, my efforts being rewarded by another ooze of pre-cum. His fingers gently probe my cavity while he ever so sensuously kisses my sensitive clit. I take him deeper into my mouth and involuntarily moan as he spreads my lips with his fingers and circles my clit with his warm tongue. Still nestled in my hand, his testis get heavier and begin to retract into him and his penis feels harder and harder. I pull him from my mouth as he sucks my clit between his lips. Trying to breathe, I continue stroking and licking him as he does the equivalent to me.

I am so close to orgasm I can't stand it, but I want so desperately to feel his marvelous hot, salty seed erupt in my mouth and on my face. I'll cum when he does, I always do when I suck him.

I take him into my mouth again, tasting his growing pre-cum mixed with my own saliva as it trickles down the shaft, between my fingers and down to his filling testis. It won't be long now.

He stops his sucking and his fingers stop. His body feels tighter under me and his penis is harder than granite. The first burst erupts hotly in my mouth and I swallow some. I pull him from my mouth and rub his erupting penis around my mouth, getting his hot cum all over my face and chin as I continue to stroke the shaft. I start to cum and I take him deeply into my mouth, bobbing up and down on his erupting rod, fucking his lovely cock with my warm, hungry mouth, taking his seed and swallowing all I can. My own muscles quivering in time to the convulsions within me, drenching his face with my wetness.

Moments later, when I'm finally able to move, I cuddle under his arm and, not bothering to wipe our faces, we share a loving kiss. We both drift off to sleep together as the sun peeks its way into the new day.