01 November 2009


the look in your eye, the light in your hair
the lust in your sigh says you’re almost there
I watch and admire your selfless self pleasure
each touch takes you higher in bliss without measure
your body is shaking with each little diddle
your nipples are aching you’re so wet in the middle
you taste your own wetness on the tip of your finger
you know I’m your witness and want this to linger
you whisper my name as you go back to your pleasing
you try to keep tame while yourself you are teasing
but you’re overtaken like waves on the rocks
you’re whole body’s shaking and you need to get off
you utter a cry as your fingers are pounding
the need in your eye looks so astounding
both hands are feverishly flailing away
meanwhile you’re wishing it would last all day
just as you’re peaking you utter a moan
you almost stop breathing it’s so close to home
your body relaxes and you start to giggle
you start to laugh as your breasts give a jiggle
“I need to sleep” you say with a grin
and with a small beep the image grows dim