10 January 2010

The Photoshoot

The advert simply read "Photography Studio" with an address on the fringe of a trendy neighbourhood in the downtown district. She smiled to herself with the thought of doing a private photoshoot. Ever since she saw her older brother's "men's magazines", she'd always harboured a secret fantasy to be photographed nude. The thought of doing such a photoshoot, be it innocently nude, or raunchy, hardcore sex, or somewhere in between, didn't really matter. All were, at times, part of the fantasy. She looked at the advert again and felt the dampness between her legs becoming more and more noticable. She didn't have time to leave her desk to relieve herself, so she quickly circled the advert and put the page in her purse for later.

It was Friday, and after her workday was over, instead of catching the bus back to her lonely flat, she decided to walk the five or so blocks from work over to the address in the photography studio advert. With each step, she felt the familiar tingle between her legs growing stronger. She could feel her nipples poking through the light material of her bra and dress, showing every one who passed by just how excited she was. She wanted them to see, too. Her mind raced with images of herself, in various stages of undress, posing before a man, or a woman, the camera obscuring the photographer's entire face. She passed a crowded pub and thought quickly of running into their loo for a quick finger fuck to help ease her sexual tension, but thought she'd miss the photographer if she dallied too long.

As she reached the address in the advert, she stood across the narrow street, staring at the converted row houses, and at the one in particular with the red door with the sign above it reading, simply, "Photography Studio". Lights were on in each of the windows on all four floors, so she knew that some one was there. She looked both directions up and down the street, then started to cross. Even though the air temperature was very comfortable, she felt herself slightly shiver. She had come too far to just turn around and walk away. If she had, she knew that she could never forgive herself. As she reached the door, she reached for the handle and gave it a turn. The door was unlocked and she stepped through into the reception area. Inside she was greeted by a young blonde woman with flawless features, dressed in a simple dress that exposed quite a bit of her lightly tanned skin, and some Nordic accent in her English.

"Good evening," the young blonde beamed. "Are you here for an appointment?"

"Oh, goodness, no," she fumbled with her purse. "I just saw this advert in the paper today and I was wondering..." she paused and suddenly looked about to see if any one else was listening. She and the blonde were the only two people visible in the building. "I'm sorry," she continued in a lower volume, "I was wondering if your studio did any... um... nude photography."

The blonde stiffled a giggle and just gave a small wave around. "Yes. You see our gallery is full of beautiful nudes. Are you wanting to purchase some photos, or...?"

"Well, you see..." she started to fumble again... 'Fuck it all!' she thought to herself. 'You want to do this! So tell the pretty girl what you want to do!' "I... er..."

"You needn't be embarassed, Miss," smiled the blonde. "Take your time and look about the gallery. See the work. You will see plenty of people who have the same fantasy... including myself. If you need anything or have question, please come to me. Enjoy." With that, the blonde led her into the main gallery and stood with her for a moment. In a blink, she was there alone with all of the nude photos in the gallery. After admiring many photos in the main room, all of which helped to keep the ember of her fantasy smouldering, she rounded a corner and, in that instant, all of her inhibitions melted away and the fire of desire that had swept through her when she first saw the advert returned with a vengence. This is the very type of photo she'd imagined of herself.

There, completely covering the 3 metre by 6 metre, very well lit wall, in crisp black and white, was the young blonde receptionist, in blissful masturbatory orgasm. She felt herself gasp. This was so intimate. So powerful. So revealing. So very sexy. Images of herself danced in and out of the rest of the gallery's photographs. As she sat down on a bench in front of a poster-sized photo of a massive, rigid, ejaculating penis, with the spunk shooting high into the air, she was beginning to wonder if she was imagining it all. A soft hand touched her shoulder and brought her back from her far away thoughts.

It was the blonde girl. "Are you enjoying the gallery?"

"Yes, thank you. Very much so."

"You have stopped at one of my favourites," the blonde pointed to the ejaculating penis. "It took me almost three-quarters of an hour to get him comfortable enough to cum like that. We couldn't decide until the very last second if he wanted me to suck him, fuck him, or just give him a hand job. We finally decided for him to do it while he watched me masturbate. As you can see, with great results. For me, it was such fun!"

"From the looks of things, he enjoyed himself, too," she managed a giggle.

"Yes," smiled the blonde, "he did."

"I couldn't help but see your photo, too. It was very..."


"I was going to say 'brave', but 'erotic' certainly does it justice. I've always thought of having some photos taken..."

The blonde looked her over and smiled.

"...but after seeing these, I'm not sure I could..."

"But you would be marvelous! Truly! You are such a beauty! I can tell by your beautiful hard nipples and the way you are having such trouble sitting still that you are very turned on by the photos - or is it the idea of being photographed, perhaps? All of these photos, none are models, or porn stars, or anything like that. They are all just everyday people who wanted to do a... a little extra in their photos." After a moment or two of silence, the blonde continued, "If you are feeling you need to masturbate, there is a private room..."

The blonde helped her to her feet and walked her through a double door into a room with three very comfortable looking pillow covered chaise lounges. The walls were covered with large colour photos of well captured, high definition, framed hardcore sex scenes. The blonde undid the four buttons holding her dress together and let it fall to reveal her flawless nude body. "I have to admit," she said with a giggle as she kicked away her dress, "that I spend almost as much time in here nude and masturbating as I do working. If you are shy, this will help you... let go."

The blonde propped a few pillows on the central chaise, sat back, opened her shapely tanned legs, and slowly started to massage her closely trimmed pubes and mound. "If you just wish to watch, that is alright with me, as well..." she smiled though half closed eyes.

Watching the blonde, everything else went away. She sat down her purse and started to remove her dress, her eyes glued on the beautiful masturbating blonde before her. She remembered the photo of the blonde and her reaction to it, and her fanny flooded with passion.

With her dress off, she stood in the middle of the room, closer to the blonde than to where she started to disrobe, cupping her breasts through the sheer material of her bra. Sparks of electricity jolted from her erect nipples to her equally hard clitoris as she palmed the sides of her breasts. She was under the spell of this impecable blonde and was going to go where ever it led her. She removed her bra as she took another step toward the uninhibited goddess, leaving her standing there clad only in the thong panties that were of the same material as the bra, though, by now, extremely wet with her juices.

"Do you wish to fuck me?" the blonde smiled as she licked her own wetness from her finger.

"Yes, I do so wish to fuck you," she replied, dropping her panties to reveal her own well trimmed pubes and engorged fanny, and closing the final gap between them.

"Mmmm..." the blonde cooed, "I haven't licked as pretty a pussy in such a very long time. Please, put your pussy on my mouth and I will lick you, ok?"

She effortlessly complied with the blonde's comand, lowering herself over the blonde's mouth and then leaning further to complete the 69. She'd been with women before, and truly enjoyed it, but never a woman as this blonde. The events of the day had her already incredibly excited, but the blonde's expert tongue sent her so quickly over the edge, she didn't even have time to taste the blonde before she was cumming on the blonde's mouth.

With her head still swimming, she dove between the blonde's legs, licking and sucking at her exquisite fanny, tasting her juices and turning herself on even more. She could feel the blonde's legs start to tighten up as she inserted two fingers into her dripping wet opening, slowly wiggling them for maximum effect. She could feel the blonde under her rapidly approaching her release, so to help her get there, she wrapped her lips around the blonde's clit and started to suck in rhythm to her wriggling, pumping fingers. Her reward was the blonde's full body orgasmic convulsions, accompanied by yelps and cries in her native language, and the flow of juices she so desparately tried to keep up with.

It took several minutes for the two women to come back down to Earth. She had turned herself around so that she and the blonde were now face to face, cuddling and kissing, tasting each other's juices on their mouths.

"Ailis," she finally managed. "My name is Ailis."

"You are very lovely, Ailis," the blonde replied between kisses. "I am Freja," she continued with a smile.

"I don't exactly know what to do right now," sighed Ailis. "I know that I don't feel like doing much of anything else but this." She planted several small kisses on Freja's face, neck and breasts.

"I imagine that it is well after closing, so, other than locking the front door, there is nothing else that I need do," smiled Freja as she returned Ailis' kisses. After a few more moments of cuddling and kisses, Freja got up from the chaise and, without bothering to dress, left the room to Ailis and the photos on the wall.

Ailis slowly propped herself up on her elbow and took a better look at the photos on the walls of the room. Being in a central point of the room, she had a unobstructed view of every photo from where she sat. There were photos of women with men, women with women, and even a few of men with men, all in pure, uninhibited, joyous, hardcore sex. Many of the men were ejaculating on pussies, breasts, arses, faces, open mouths, and even other penises. There were many sexual positions, but very few missionary. There was also quite a bit of oral sex being portrayed. She knew why Freja had chosen this room for sex, it was already electric with sexual tension and energy.

There was one photo in particular, of two men together, which made Ailis actually get up for a closer look. Other than the men, there was nothing else in the photo. One man was sitting with his back mostly to the camera, the other man was sitting on him, facing him, obviously enjoying the first man's cock up his arse. From the intensity of the two men in the starkness of the setting, this alone would have been a very erotic photo. But, not only was the second man being impaled, the first man was also sucking the second man's cock. The pure bliss on the second man's face was indescribable.

"They both came like firehoses just moments after that was shot," came Freja's voice from across the room.

"It's truly amazing'" replied Ailis, without turning to look at Freja, but still transfixed on the bliss captured in the photo. "His face is so..."

"Heavenly?" came a man's voice from the doorway behind her.

Ailis smiled. After her wonderful encounter with Freja, and with all of the nudity and sex already being portrayed in the room, she was uncaring and unashamed of her own nudity in front of this new stranger. Her excitement was returning some, and she was even somewhat proud of her newfound exhibitionism. "Yes," she smiled again, "I'd say 'Heavenly' works." She turned to face both Freja and the man. Freja was still gloriously nude. The man, only a few years Freja's senior, stood next to her wearing jeans, a black button down shirt with the sleeves rolled up to the elbow, and green trainers. Ailis extended her hand as she stepped to narrow the gap between them. "Hello, I'm Ailis."

"Hello Ailis," he smiled and looked her directly in the eyes as he took her hand to shake it. "I'm Jonathan. This is my studio. I see you've already met my wife Freja. Welcome."

"I saw your advert in today's paper," smiled Ailis. "You have a very interesting place here. All of these photos are your's, then?"

"All save one," he smiled.

Ailis gave a quizical look. "All of the photos are spectacular. So beautiful and erotic. No two are quite alike. Am I to guess which one isn't your's?"

"He's the one giving that man that 'Heavenly' look," said Freja with a very big smile, in a tone that sounded almost prideful. Ailis looked at Jonathan, at the photo, and then back to Jonathan. He and Freja were both smiling, he shrugged his shoulders. "I was the one to actually take the photo. But, my darling Jonathan is a bit, well," she kissed his cheek, "a bit too modest. He did set the shot up and made sure of the framing and all. I just clicked the clicker." Freja giggled, causing her lovely breasts to jiggle some.

"Freja tells me that you might be interested in having some photos done."

Ailis felt herself rush with excitement again. The thought of being photographed was a very big turn on for her, much bigger than she had ever believed it to be before. She smiled at Jonathan. "Yes, it's something that's been a bit of a fantasy of mine for some time. I'm just not sure of how to go about it. I mean, I've never posed for photos..."

"Take a moment," Jonathan smiled. "Look around the room, around the gallery! Does it really look as if any of these photos are posed? That's not what I do. I'm looking for the natural look, the reality in the sexuality, unrehearsed and uninhibited."

"I can't believe this could actually happen."

"Why not?" asked Freja. "You are such a lovely woman. Very sensual, very sexual. I loved fucking you, and I hope we can again soon. I would even wager that you're feeling excited again, aren't you?"

Ailis smiled and even blushed a little. "Mmmm... I loved fucking you, too, Freja. And, yes, I'd have to say that I am still quite excited."

"Would you like me to take some photos of you, Ailis? What is your fantasy?"

"Well, there are several, really... I love to masturbate... and... um... oh, shite! my mind's gone completely blank! There's so much!"

Jonathan and Freja laughed. "Whatever it is you'd like to do," said Jonathan, "I'd be happy to photograph it for you, if you want."

"Would you mind terribly photgraphing me masturbating? I can't get the image of Freja's photo out of my head," she felt her hands cupping her breasts and her nipples tighten and harden, the tingle and wetness once again returning to her fanny. She was having difficulty not masturbating right then and there, not that either Jonathan or Freja would have minded watching, or, possibly, joining in. But she wanted it, no, needed to wait until she was finally in front of the camera.

"If that's what you'd like, let's do it!" Jonathan emphasized the end of that statement with a clap of his hands. "Would you like to join us in the studio?"

"Come along, Darling," cooed Freja. Ailis held Freja's hand as Jonathan took the lead through the double door and then up two flights of stairs to the actual studio. The entire floor was devoted to the studio. There were couches, chairs, beds, platforms, lights, and camera equipment of all sorts. Ailis felt very at ease in the room. The nerves she had been troubled by earlier in the day about whether or not she could ever really have nude photos taken, were all but gone.

"It's nice here," said Ailis.

"The whole building belongs to us," said Jonathan. "The gallery and the studio here are the business floors, then we live in the next two floors above. That way, we can work what ever hours we want."

"And there's no commute to worry about," giggled Freja, the giggling once again caused a jiggle in her breast. "I can spend the whole day nude here, if I choose."

"What a wonderful way to work," smiled Ailis.

"Yes, and she does tend to choose nude over dressed most of the time," replied Jonathan, with a loud smack on Freja's bum. "Not that I'd ever complain about that, mind you."

They all laughed.

"If I could spend all day nude, or getting to see some one as beautiful as Freja nude all day, I wouldn't complain, either!" laughed Ailis.

"Mmmm.... I don't know if I could spend an entire day nude with you," replied Freja, "without wanting to have sex with you several times over." Freja's nipples visibly hardened as she licked her lips. "Do you have any plans for this weekend? Please say 'no'! I would love for you to stay here with me... with us! Only you and I cannot get dressed for the entire weekend." she held Ailis close to her, looking her directly in the eye. "Please?"

Ailis kissed Freja. "I am so very excited from all of this, how could I possibly refuse?" They kissed again, their tongues meeting and intertwining, their hands caressing hips and arses and backs and shoulders.

Jonathan cleared his throat. "Ladies, would you like me to get the camera out for this?"

Freja looked into Ailis' eyes. "Would you like?"

Ailis looked at Freja and then to Jonathan. "Yes," she nodded her head at Jonathan, then turned back to Freja. "Oh, yes please!"

"I'll get the camera while you find the area of the room you want as a background," replied Jonathan, in sort of a businessy tone.

"Make love with me in the window," said Ailis, almost pleading.

"You're suddenly very bold," cooed Freja with a kiss and a smile. "Some one may see..."

"Is that a problem for you?" asked Ailis with a quick bite to Freja's lip, then a kiss to follow it, along with a finger to Freja's very wet fanny.

Freja gasped at Ailis' touch and Ailis withdrew her finger almost as quickly as she'd applied it, only to bring it to her mouth with just a taste of Freja's juice on it.

The two women walked hand-in-hand over to the large window at the street side of the building. The widow was large enough for each woman to stand with her back to the side, reach out and barely touch fingertips, and tall enough to have to stand up on tip-toes and stretch to reach the top edge. They would be in full view of any person who might take the moment to look. The colourful dying light of the day was intermingling with the lights from the city buildings and street lamps.

"We won't have light long..." Jonathan stated as Freja and Ailis started to kiss.

"Never mind the camera," whispered Freja to Ailis. "It's just you and I and no one and nothing else." They kissed again. "I want to give you such pleasure..."

The first few flash pops startled Ailis, but her passion and lust for Freja soon overtook her and made all else fade away. The only things in her Universe were Freja, herself, and their lusty need. Ailis moved behind Freja, kissing her neck, her shoulders, down her back. Freja grabbed the window frame, facing the city and the street below, her torso was bent with her arse pressed back towards Ailis. Ailis got to Freja's hip and lightly bit down, causing Freja to give out a small yelp, only to be smoothed over with licks and kisses. Ailis massaged the smooth skin of Freja's shapely arse and then down between her open legs until she found what she was searching for: The opening between Freja's dripping wet inner lips. Freja pushed back as she felt two of Ailis' fingers enter her. Ailis slowly stroked the velvety wetness of Freja's tight canal as she kissed her way back up Freja's back. As Ailis reached her ear, she reached around Freja with her other hand and began kneeding her ample tits while kissing and sucking on an earlobe. Ailis quickened the pace in and out of Freja's hot fanny as she entered a third finger.

A couple walking hand in hand below looked up to the window overlooking the street to witness the two lovers locked in their feverish embrace. "They're fucking," she says as she stops her companion. "I want to watch to see if she cums."

"They'll see us," he said as she continued to watch in rapt fascination.

"They obviously don't much care about that," she pointed toward the window, flash pops appearing frequently. "They're being photographed."

Freja saw the couple in the street watching her and Ailis. That sent her over the edge. She pushed back several times to meet Ailis' fingers as they drilled her slickening inner walls. A few more thrusts and her knees buckled as her entire body started to quiver in blissful pleasure. Ailis held her firm as she continued the pound her fingers into Freja's now spasming fanny. Freja's orgasm was loud and hard, and was even met with applause from the couple in the street. Her breasts heaved as she tried to regain her breath, but she managed a wave to the couple as they walked down the street and into the night.

"I need to change cameras," came Jonathan's voice from a world away. Ailis and Freja were cuddled together on the floor, Freja sitting in Ailis' lap, kissing and cooing and sharing the wetness that covered Ailis' fingers.

"I can't remember ever having an orgasm like that," smiled Freja, her accent much thicker and heavier.

"I hope Jonathan got some good photos," smiled Ailis, also trying to catch her breath. "When he comes back with the new camera, I want to masturbate for you." She kissed Freja, their tongues twisting, darting, and dancing together. "Then, I want to make love with you all weekend."

"Oh, yes," hissed Freja as their mouths once again found each other, and Freja's hand found Ailis' sensative breasts. "There is nothing more," she smiled as she broke their kiss, "that I want to see right now than you totally abandoned in masturbation."

A flash pop caught Ailis and Freja in a tender moment, but also caught Ailis by surprize.

"I'm sorry," said Jonathan as he lowered the camera from his face. "I didn't mean to startle you."

"No, it's alright," smiled Ailis. "I'd just forgotten you were even there." She turned to Freja, "I was lost in falling in love with your wife." Ailis kissed Freja in a long, sweet, tender kiss.

Another flash pop, but the women continued their kiss uninterrupted. As their breathing became more laboured, Jonathan continued to snap photos.

Ailis finally broke the kiss. "Wait!" she panted. "I want to masturbate! I want you to see me... to watch me... Oh! I'm so fucking horny!"

With some effort, and several kisses, she got herself untangled with Freja, stood and surveyed the room for the place where she wanted to be photographed, where she would be the only object in the photo, her and her masturbation. Years of fantasy photos poured through Ailis' mind, reminding her just how intense this whole fantasy was. And with each rememberance, her lust and her need grew.

Her eyes finally fell on the area with the white backdrop and platform, and no other props, and marched a bee-line for it. "Here," she said, pointing to the platform. "I want to do it here."

"Mmmm..." smiled Jonathan. "Very good choice. Do you want colour or black and white?"

Ailis could barely keep her hands from herself. "Colour, please."

"Yes. Your red hair will show up wonderfully here." Jonathan paused for a moment, looking intently at Ailis. "Let's start off with a few simple portraits, alright?"

A slight whimper came from Ailis.

"I know how turned on you are," cooed Jonathan, "your beautiful hard, pink nipples and the wetness on your inner thighs give you away. That's the reality that I want to capture, so you need to control yourself for just a little bit longer."

Ailis felt very sexy while Jonathan talked and snapped picture after picture. Her exhibitionistic fantasies were flooding her head, and her fanny. She didn't pose so much as just stand in casual positions and flirt a little while Jonathan stood a metre or so away, his face partially covered by his camera. She was having the most difficult time trying to not touch herself, so much so that she could barely concentrate on Jonathan's directions.

"Look at me..." she heard Freja's voice huskily beg. Ailis tried to focus beyond the flash of the lights until she saw Freja just beyond Jonathan, sitting in an armchair, one leg thrown over the arm of the chair, one hand cupping a breast while the other hand caressed her blonde pubes and swollen sex.

Suddenly, she felt her knees weaken and at the same instant, she was blinded by the flash of the lights. What little willpower she had left to keep from total abandon was quickly eroding away. She heard Jonathan's voice "Oh, yeah! Brilliant! Just like that! Too fucking sexy!"

"I don't think I can hold out any longer," Ailis said, mostly to herself. She felt her hand cup her breast as the electricity jolted in her clit. She almost came from that simple touch, but she so wanted more.

Ailis slumped to the deck of the platform where she had been standing, flirting with the camera, and moving about. On her knees, she spread her wet thighs to expose the wetness pouring from within her. She inserted a finger and her eyes fluttered and her breathing became very laboured, causing her breasts to heave. The ever-present pop of the lights, though they actually had sped up with Ailis' new position, seemed to fade away into nothing. She held her breast up and bent her head to suck her own nipple as her wet finger found her engorged clit. Her nipple released with a slight pop, her head bent back, as did her spine, eyes again fluttering, as the overwhelming first wave of orgasm flowed through her like a tsunami.

She rolled off her knees and onto her back, only to plant her feet and arch her back as the second wave burst through before the first had completely finished. Small cries and moans escaped her throat as both of her hands worked feverishly between the folds of her labia and over her diamond-hard clit to hasten in shuddering wave number three. Her face, alternately in glorious agony and excruciating bliss, becoming ruddier as her whimpers and cries became more gutteral and growling.

Wave number four arrived announced with a scream that left Ailis on her back on the platform, tears streaming her face, gasping for breath, and limp as a rag doll, with visible post-orgasmic shudders. The dreamy look on her face could have explained it all.

Jonathan snapped a couple more photos while Freja applauded. Ailis' breathing became more normal, interspersed with a bad case of the giggles.

"Fantastic!" lauded Jonathan as he finally removed the camera from his face. "Absolutely fucking fantastic!"

Ailis, buzzing incredibly on her self-induced endorphin high, kept her head on the platform, but managed to turn and smile at Jonathan and Freja.

Freja got up from her chair and went out of Ailis' vision to the back of the room, moments later returning to Ailis with a bottle of water. Ailis groggily sat up to receive the bottle. "Thanks," she managed.

"After that, I thought you may need it," smiled Freja with a kiss to Ailis' forehead.

"You were amazing!" chimed Jonathan. "I've not seen anyone with that level of intensity in a very long time! Are you alright?"

Ailis' eyes widened as she nodded her head while taking a long gulp of the much needed water. "Yes, thanks," she managed after a swallow. "My fanny is still quivering..." she giggled and paused for another sip of water. "I can't wait to see the photos!"

"Trust me, there are plenty of very good ones there," smiled Jonathan. He clicked off one more surprize candid shot of Ailis and laughed. "Good! That killed the roll. I'm going to get this in the soup!" Jonathan hurried to the back of the studio to the darkroom.

"He'll be in there now for hours," laughed Freja. "He'll probably put his favourite ones in a row and masturbate to them. He may even cum on his favourite shot. He simply loves to do that. I loved watching you and I can't wait to see how Jonathan has captured your moments. I'll probably want to masturbate to them, too!" She laughed again.

"I guess we should all just sit in a circle and enjoy ourselves, eh?" laughed Ailis.

"We have all weekend," replied Freja with a laugh.

"Mmmm..." Ailis kissed Freja. "We most certainly do..."