03 January 2010

Playful Jean

I'd met a very nice couple while they were here on holiday. They were so cute and so very much in love. She told me of a shopping adventure they'd had one afternoon while they were holidaying in the States... I came up with this story from his point of view...

My wife and I are best friends. We've been together almost 25 years. We completely enjoy each other. I love to please her as much as I love to be pleased by her. One of her favourite things to do is tease me a little here, tease me a little there, but hold back until we get home and then we fuck like rabbits.

Not long ago, we were on holiday and Jean was in one of her more playful moods. We were staying at a beach resort in St. Pete Beach, Florida. It was sunny and dreadfully hot. Jean is 42, but even after 2 children, has kept herself looking trim and fit. Her body is very shapely and pleasing to see, even after 23 years of marriage. I've seen quite a few pictures of beautiful women, but live and in the flesh, I still prefer my Jean.

We were shopping at one of their many air-conditioned indoor shopping centres, if for no other reason than to get a break from the heat. Jean decided she wanted to try on some lingerie at (that one famous) shop. We wandered around the shop, looking very much the tourists we were, snickering at some bits, oohing and aahing at others. Jean found a couple of brassieres she fancied and asked one of the clerks if she could try them on. I went looking for the proverbial "man chair" to wait patiently for my wife. I was astonished when the young girl held the door to the dressing booth open for me as well!

My facial expression must've been quite cheeky. "You mean I can go in there with her?" I pointed and smiled.

"As long as it's alright with her, sure" smiled the clerk.

I looked at Jean and she at me and I saw her eyes flash. "Come on, you... " she took hold of my arm and pulled me into the booth with her.

"Let me know if you need anything, ok?" smiled the clerk as she closed the door to the booth.

"This is new," I giggled as I looked about the booth. "They give you quite a bit of room in here, don't they? Are all women's dressing rooms this nice?" There was enough room for Jean to comfortably try on her underthings while I sat in a fairly comfortable chair with quite a nice view of my wife. "If I'd have known we could do this, I would've brought some popcorn or something." I giggled. I stirred slightly, my erection made it necessary to change positions. I started humming 'The Stripper' as Jean removed her blouse. Yes, I received a smack for that one.

Jean tried a couple of bras while I sat in rapt fascination. I can't help it, I love to watch my wife. Without putting on her own bra, Jean put her white blouse back on and loosely buttoned it. I could easily see her nipples through the material. She smiled her playful smile and pointed at me saying "You stay put. I'll be right back." So, I sat patiently for a few minutes while Jean went to pick out a few more things to try on, wondering just what sort of frillies she'd bring back. I felt my penis growing in my shorts.

When she returned, Jean was carrying a few more bras, some knickers and a couple of those 'merry widow' type things, with the garters and the straps. She also had some black opera gloves and a couple of packs of nylons with her. She thanked the clerk for her help and closed the door when she had everything sorted where she wanted it. A few moments passed as my wife again removed her clothes and donned the opera gloves. With a silly grin, I scanned her loot until she lightly placed a gloved hand under my chin.

I looked up at my wife, naked, save the elbow-length black evening gloves and black bikini knickers. "Take yer clothes off, Mister," she winked, "I've got a surprise for you."

Well, I was a bit shocked. I never would've expected something like this. I stood and removed my t-shirt and shorts. Jean's hand was between my legs, clutching my increasing manhood before I could get my underwear off. She dropped to her knees and my underwear dropped with her. She gently pushed me back in the chair. "Are you able to keep quiet?" she asked as her gloved hand gently stroked my erection. All I could do was nod in agreement.

"Very well," Jean's attention focused on her selections for trying on, though she kept her hand stroking me. "Which one of these do you like?" She was doing her best flourish as she waved her empty hand past the undergarments hanging on their little hooks.

I just shrugged my shoulders and smiled. "The black one, Love," I managed.

"Yeah? You think? Me, too... " Jean pulled down the strapless black 'merry widow' and sat it on the arm of the chair, still stroking my erection. She held up a pair of knickers. "These...?" she sat them next to the 'merry widow', "...or these?" she sat another, equally nice pair next to the first. She looked at me as if truly asking my opinion. I turned my attention to the knickers and she opened her mouth and swallowed my cock.

I did my very best not to scream out in joy.

A gentle knock came at the door. "Need any help in there?" the young clerk called.

Damn! My wife popped up long enough to answer "No, thank you. We're quite alright for the moment," and then shoot a wry smile at me before returning her warm, wet mouth to my staff. Jean loves to give me oral sex. I watched her as she lovingly bobbed up and down on me.

After a few moments I started getting a bit nervous about that young sales clerk. As good as this felt, and it felt damn good, I thought about stopping so we could leave the shop and return to our hotel room. Jean had other plans. She sat back up, still stroking me with her gloved hand, and placed my cock between her lovely breasts. "I want you to cum on me," she smiled a wicked smile and increased the speed of her stroking. "I want you to cum on my tits." We both do enjoy that. She started stroking me ever faster, whispering in an almost hypnotic voice "Yer balls are full, Love... you can't hold off too much longer... so cum for me... cum on my tits... you like that... I love it... please, my Love, coat my tits with yer spunk... cum... cum... cum for me... oh, yessssss!"

I came. Shot after hot shot thickly erupted all over my wife's lovely tits. She bent down quickly to take some on her tongue. After swallowing that, she cupped a breast and rubbed the end of my spewing cock against her hard, erect nipple. I came so hard, I don't know how I remained conscious.

When Jean was satisfied that I was finished, she licked the last of my spunk from the end of my wilting staff. "Thank you, Love," she smiled. Both of her breasts were covered in my thick spunk. It ran between them like a small stream. Jean looked at herself in the mirror, twisting this way and that to catch herself from all sides. "Mmmm... That looks so sexy, I think I'll leave it," she purred.

Jean removed the gloves and placed them with the 'merry widow' and knickers on the arm of the chair. She added the two packs of nylons to her cache. She then grabbed her own bra and put it on right over her spunk covered breasts, cupping them a couple of times to make sure everything was in place. She stuck her finger between her breasts and pulled out a dollop of cum, which went immediately into her mouth. "You'd better dress," she giggled. "They'll be wondering soon."

No sooner had she said that when our little sales clerk was tapping on the door. "How's it going in there? Need any help?"

"Everything's fine, Love, just fine," Jean flashed a wink at me. "We'll be out in a few moments, I'm just finishing getting dressed. You do accept Traveler's Cheques, don't you?"

"Oh, yes, Ma'am, we certainly do. I'll meet you at the register."

I quickly dressed as Jean collected her rejects to one pile and her purchases into another. We exited the booth and met the clerk at the cash register. Jean handed her the two separate piles and the girl started to tally our bill. She got to the gloves and looked at Jean. "I'm so terribly sorry, Ma'am, but there's some glue or something on these. I'll get you another pair, if you want."

"That's quite alright, Love, I'll take that pair," Jean smiled.