28 February 2010

A Day With Darlene

Some years ago, when I was living and working in Florida, I knew a beautiful woman named Darlene...

It had been a few months since Darlene and I had gone out together. We always enjoyed shopping, or going to the beach, having lunch. You know, girl things. She left a message on my machine wondering what I was doing Friday and if I was in the mood to go shopping. Well, I quickly returned her call and set our plans for a day of paling around the mall. She wanted to get "something special, something sexy." How could I resist.

Darlene is a year younger than me. She stands about five foot six inches tall, with shoulder length, wavy blonde hair. Her real 36C breasts are capped by pert nipples that almost always seem to be hard, there is not a single tan line on this woman and she's a natural blonde. She really keeps herself in shape.

Friday arrived and I was rather excited. I hadn't seen Darlene in a while and she'd been a star in more than a few finger sessions of mine from time to time, though we'd never actually had sex. As with all of my friends, she knew very well of my sexual preferences. I'm very happily bisexual, leaning more to the lesbian side.

Darlene showed up at my house just before 9:00. I wasn't quite ready when she arrived, I still hadn't figured out what to wear on this shopping spree. This is very important, you know. Clothes to shop in are almost as important as the clothes one is shopping for.

The doorbell rang. I answered the door nude. At some people's houses that might seem a bit odd. Not at mine. The pizza boy really likes it.

Darlene is wearing a long skirt and a halter top. "Just throw something on," she smiled. "You're not going to be wearing it long, anyway." She followed me into my bedroom and sat on the edge of my bed. I picked out clothes to get in and out of easily, a skirt and a t-shirt, and was looking for a pair of knickers. "Don't worry about those, I'm not wearing any." She stood up and raised her skirt so that I could see her beautiful blonde patch. "No bra, either, Sweetie," she said, dropping her skirt and unbuttoning her top. I wasn't sure, but I thought she was trying to seduce me. Her tanned breasts popped out as if anxious to be free.

It took a lot of will power to keep from walking over to her and helping her all the way out of her clothes and say to hell with shopping. I put my clothes on, brushed my hair and we were ready to go.

We took her car, a sporty little convertible. It was a wonderful day, so we had the top down. "I shouldn't have worn this skirt," she said, pulling it up to almost around her waist, revealing her tanned thighs all the way up to her pubes. "I can't work the clutch in it." Right then, I knew something was going on in that deviant little mind of her's. I'd seen her drive this car in evening wear and heels. She was trying to show herself off. That's fine by me, I'll play along.

We went to a little French bakery for some croissants and coffee before we hit the mall. We chit-chatted about our lives since we'd last seen each other. It was so nice to see Darlene again. No matter where the day went from here, I would enjoy it.

We arrived at the mall just as the shops were opening. I really like that time of day there to shop. No kids running about, not many adults for that matter. And it's early enough that no one's ruined the salesperson's day yet. Darlene and I browsed through some of the shops, not really looking at the clothes, just browsing. Waiting for that one particular thing to jump out and say "try me."

After a couple of shops, Darlene ventured into a shop full of very sexy clothes. "Ah. This is what I've wanted," she cooed, as she fondled a couple of very sexy pieces. "Here," she handed something to me. "Let's try these on."

We went into the dressing rooms and Darlene grabbed my hand and asked me to share with her. The sales girl smiled and said her name was Tammy and to shout if we needed anything and left us alone.

What she had picked out for us both to try on were very sexy, silk strappy dresses in green for me and black for her. The dressing room wasn't really big enough for two adults, so we were very close to each other. Darlene was out of her clothes before I could completely close the door. Once my shirt was off and I could see again, I saw Darlene staring at me as I removed my skirt, if she were in a trance.

"I have a confession to make," she sighed. "I need your help with something." She was practically electric. "If you don't want to, I'd understand, but I caught Mac wanking to some girl-girl pics on the computer." Her eyes dilated and her voice got more excited as she spoke. "I know he's always wanted to do it with two women, I've just never known a woman I wanted to be with. To tell you the truth, it really turns me on, too, the thought of another woman."

She looked into my eyes. There we were, completely naked in very close quarters and a fantasy of mine was coming true. How could I resist her? I reached out and embraced her, lightly kissing her on the mouth.

Our kiss only made us both hungry for more. Not here, though. Not like this. I wanted our first time to be beautiful and sexy and sensuous. As I ran my fingers over her smooth skin, electric shocks tingled at my clit and my pulse raced. I wanted her deeply. It took every ounce of will power to, again, control myself and put my clothes on. All I said was "We need to go." We quickly purchased the dresses and matching stockings, black silk that stay up by themselves with the line up the back.

On our way out of the shop, we held hands and giggled like schoolgirls. My mind was racing. I had always wanted to make love with Darlene. Her husband, Mac, had told me on more than one occasion that she was absolutely wonderful in bed. I guess I was going to find out.

In the car, Darlene explained what she wanted to do with, and for, Mac. "I want to see the lust in his eyes when he sees two real, in the flesh, women making love in front of him," she beamed. She instructed me to open the glove box and take out a piece of paper. It was a picture of two stunning women wearing only black stockings, heels and pearls. Their hair was done up elegantly in a comb in back. Their make-up was impeccable. They were locked in a lovers' embrace. I was awed. "This is how I want to dress and that is only part of what I want to do," she said, grinning from ear to ear.

Darlene stopped at a red light, turned to me and, in morning traffic all around, kissed me square on the mouth. The kind of "come fuck me now" kiss that takes you a few seconds to recover from. The kind of kiss that makes the guy behind you honk his horn because the light has changed. The kind of kiss when you ignore the guy honking his horn behind you for a moment.

"Okay," was all I could manage.

Darlene put the car in gear and sped off toward my house. I was finally going to make love with her. The short few miles from the mall to my house seemed an eternity. I hadn't been this excited in quite some time. I was most certainly enjoying it. She pulled into my drive and I told her it would probably be better if she left the top of the car down, my seat needed to dry. She reached over and felt the seat between my trembling legs and giggled.

Once inside my house, I had to get naked. All the way there I pondered just how to do it. Sexily? A slow tease? Help each other out of our clothes in heated sexual bliss? Abandoning all that, I opted for the get as naked as possible as quickly as possible route. My t-shirt was off before the front door was closed and my skirt was off before my t-shirt hit the floor. My screaming to be kissed fanny was soaking wet and my nipples were ready to cut glass. Darlene, on the other hand, slowly unbuttoned her halter, waiting until it was completely unbuttoned before opening it to reveal her luscious breasts. I stood there, mesmerized by her beauty, like a schoolboy looking at his first in-person naked woman. I'd often fantasized about this very moment. Fantasy is wonderful, but reality has got it all beat.

With her halter now off, Darlene massaged her breasts and let out a low moan. Her left hand reached down, down between her legs outside of her skirt and pressed to her mound, fingers out wide and using the heel of her hand for the pressure. Her head was back in bliss. She purred as she found the elastic waistband of her skirt and pulled it down, revealing her beautiful, tanned arse. Now using both hands, she slid the skirt off and stepped out of it. She stood naked in front of me. One of the most beautiful women I had ever had the pleasure of knowing. I was going to make her cum like there was no tomorrow.

We moved toward each other, eager for the first full embrace. Skin to skin. Breast to breast. Mound to mound. Mouth to mouth. Lust to lust.

We kissed. Nibbles at first, feeling it out, so to speak. We wrapped ourselves around each other as our kiss became deeper, stronger. We moved to the couch. It's a good thing we did, too, or I would've been on the floor shortly after. My knees were very close to giving out.

Once on the couch, we explored each other more as we continued to kiss. The urgency in the room was almost overwhelming. My need to do more, explore more was coming to a head when Darlene broke our kiss and planted her mouth on my left nipple. She licked and sucked and put her hand on my right breast and kneaded that one as she sucked the other and I could feel the orgasm building and building within me. I was writhing under her as she played with my tits. I pulled her face up to my mouth as I sat up and I kissed her and gently pushed her on to her back.

I sat back up for a moment and looked at her. There she was, naked before me, nothing to hide, ready to receive my love. I reached out and cupped her right breast in one hand, her left in the other. I tweaked her nipples with my thumbs as she moaned and purred under me. I lowered myself to her, taking her left nipple into my mouth. I licked 'round and 'round, spiraling up to the erect nipple, then back 'round again. Over and over as her moaning increased. I took her nipple in my teeth, not to bite, just a tiny bit of pressure and then sucked her breast like a Hoover to a football. She hugged my head and pulled me closer, holding on for dear life.

It was then that I reached down between her gorgeous tanned thighs and reached for her very wet, very willing, very ready fanny. My finger found her clit and she stepped onto the express lift. Her legs shot open and a hand grabbed my arse and pulled me even closer to her. She started to whimper below me as my finger massaged her swollen clit. I was determined to give her many an orgasm today, so this might as well be the first. I continued to finger her, sliding two then three fingers in and out of her wetness. Her hips starting to buck to meet my hand. I still had her breast in liplock and she still had me in a wonderful headlock.

"Oohhh... yesssss... please... please... oh, please... don't... don't... stop... oh, my... oh, my! OH, MY!!! HERE! HERE! HEEEERRRRRE! OHHHHH!!!!!!!"

She was gasping for air as her orgasm crashed through her like a tidal wave, soaking my face and chin as her wetness dribbled down the inside and outside of my throat. She pulled me up and held me as she came back down, kissing the top of my head as I lay on her breast, feeling her breathing regain its rhythm. I smiled as I felt the beads of perspiration between her breasts. Sexual perspiration. Sexual orgasm perspiration.

I slowly sat up, enjoying the sight of her in her post-orgasmic glow. Her smile, her eyes, her body, warm and relaxed, back from that place where all women go in orgasm. "You wouldn't believe how long I've wanted to do that," I smiled.

"I know," she smiled back. "I've had quite a few afternoons spent thinking about you and this and how it would be."

Darlene then told me a story about when she was at camp her senior year of high school. She and her roommate would lie on her bunk next to each other and watch each other masturbate. They never made it to the point where they could touch each other. Sad. I hugged her and kissed her. She could taste herself on my lips. "We've only just started, Love," I said, taking her hand as I stood up from the couch.

I lead her outside to the pool. We swam and lazed about for a while. We sat back on pool lounges and talked, mostly about sex. As we talked, I noticed she was touching herself. "Don't worry, I'll do far more for you than just watch." I reached over and slid between her legs. She increased her rubbing. I moved my face closer and laid my head on her thigh, inches away from her blonde paradise. She spread her legs and her lips and continued to diddle her swollen clit. I could see her wetness between her lips and could smell her musky aroma and that was all I could take. I slid up and kissed her fanny. Her moans and sighs and gasps encouraged my kisses to become more passionate. I kissed her fanny like I would kiss her mouth. A few brushes, then fuller with the lips, then open mouthed with my tongue.

Once I began kissing her fanny, her hand was removed and placed on the back of my head. As I switched from kissing to licking, the pressure from her hand increased slightly. I continued to lick her sweet wetness and the pressure from her hand increased a little more. I had been purposely staying away from her clit. I wanted to tease her and make her orgasm build to the most explosive she'd ever had by mouth. Once I started licking and sucking her swollen, aching clit, she ground my face to her with both hands and bucked to the rhythm of my tongue. The neighbours three blocks away heard her cumming, if they were home. My face was wet to my shoulders when she was done. I absolutely love doing that. I came right with her.

"Let me do that for you now," she begged. We kissed and she tasted herself on my mouth. "I want to please you, Siobhán, I want to give you orgasms. I want to give you what you gave me."

Like I was going to say "no".

I kissed her again and sat back on the lounge. I opened my arms to her for a hug. As we embraced, I whispered into her ear "Do what you wish, my love." We kissed a while longer. She started to move down my neck with her mouth, slowly across my breasts, down to my belly. She slid back some on the chair and wrapped her hands around my thighs as she lowered herself to my waiting, wanting, ready, aching, wet, wet, wet fanny. I spread my legs for her as she lowered her mouth to my little pink slit. I could feel her breath from her nostrils across my patch of red pubes. Her lips touched mine, lightly at first. I could feel her become more at ease with having her face between another woman's legs as she began to kiss and lick at my wetness.

It didn't take her long at all before she was lapping at my fanny like she'd been doing it for years. She was enjoying it almost as much as I was. As she kissed and licked and sucked at my fanny, I could feel that familiar, wondrous feeling start to build. I clutched the arms of the lounger as she dove herself into me, licking and sucking at my lips and then, finally, at my screaming clit. She put one hand on my belly and one under my arse as the waves of my orgasm crashed through me. Darlene continued to lick and suck at my clit sending wave upon wave upon wave of pleasure through me until her face absolutely glistened with my wetness.

The rest of our afternoon was spent in my bed, making love, resting, and making love some more. As we lay there, lost in our bliss, Darlene noticed it was well after the time her husband usually arrives home from work. She sat up and straddled my hips, her still wet fanny sitting on the skin of my belly. I slid a finger into her as she reached for the phone and dialed up her home number. She called out of love and courtesy. She tried not to sound orgasmic on the phone as I slowly fingered her sweet fanny while she spoke to her unknowing husband. The last thing she said to her husband was "I love you, I'll see you in a little while. Oh, by the way, I found you a little present."

continued in Mac's Birthday