21 March 2010

Love Letter

Hello my Dearest Love,

I woke this morning with your kiss on my lips, your love in my heart, your scent in my nose… I couldn’t help but touch myself at the mere thought of you... your sexy eyes and wicked smile.

With my own wetness seeping from me, I whispered your name over and over as I cupped my full breasts and licked my hardened nipples. My legs unashamedly spread, spread wide for you, my nether lips glistening at the want of your kiss.

My back arched as my left hand ever-so-teasingly slow, travelled down my torso, across my soft, milky white skin, to my trim pubes, stopping momentarily on my mound as I pressed myself to myself, wishing for such intimate contact with you. I noticably shivered as my finger finally reached out and touched my so sensative, so swollen clitoris, as if for the very first time ever. Your name again escaped my throat as I gently circled my finger around my swollen nub, lubricated by the wetness caused by your image in my brain. I brought my finger to my mouth, to taste my wetness, believing that it was truly your’s, savouring the sweet, sweet nectar of the goddess.

But my need had other plans and wanted my finger back at my nub, it’s absence already painfully noticed. My hips involuntarily thrust to meet my finger as it landed on my clit, inciting a low moan. The hope that it was actually your finger, or better still, your mouth and tongue, fuelled the fire deep within me.

My right hand joined my left as my overwhelming desire for you and your touch grew tenfold in my body and mind. I gasped heavily for air as my hands and fingers flailed away between my outstretched legs, bringing me ever so close to the trembling orgasmic bliss that only you can induce in me. I released my right hand only to have it fall and clutch the crumpled sheets beneath me as I raised my arse in the air, humping my hand in desperate need of sweet relief.

Suddenly, as if a great switch has been pulled, my legs give out as my arse drops back to the bed. My fingers never lose contact and continue to stroke my excited sex, keeping me at the very edge of breathlessness. My right hand lets go of the sheet and cups my left breast, lightly pinching and twisting my hardened nipple. My wanton cries of excitement fill the empty room and echo in the recesses of my own mind as I lunge myself ever closer to the abyss.

You, my darling. This is all for you….

Tears begin to trickle from my eyes as the first overwhelming plunge of the tsunami overtakes me. I cry your name aloud as the spasms enfold me and take me under again and again. My fingers smear my wetness on my face, wishing above all that it was from you, whimpering your beautiful name as my entire body rocks in thunderous convulsive orgasmic wave upon wave…

It’s been some time now and I’m still unable to do much more than lie here, thinking of how incredible you are, how marvelous you make me feel. Even the slightest movement sends ripples of aftershocks from my nipples to my clit to the base of my brain.

I can’t wait to actually meet you…