28 March 2010

Mac's Birthday

The bedroom was awash in candle light. Incense of Rose, Jasmine and Myrrh scented the room. Soft music lilted through the air. She greeted her lover at the door wearing only black silk stockings, black heels and her pearl necklace. Her luxurious natural blonde hair in an elegant do - pulled softly back into a comb. Her make-up was impeccable down to the fuck me red lipstick on her pouty lips. The bedspread was pulled and folded to reveal the cream satin sheets sprinkled with red and yellow rose petals that adorned the bed.

His eyes dilated and his face smiled as he took in her beauty. He reached for her, but she managed to side-step his advance. "Uh-uh-uh," she scolded, waving her freshly manicured left index finger back and forth in the air. "You are far too overdressed for this room, Monsieur." She pointed toward the bathroom. "You will find what you need to wear in there." She gave him a pat on the rear to scoot him along. He looked back at her with love, and lust, as he slowly rounded the end of bed. "Allez, vous."

This is where I come in.

He opened the French doors to the bathroom to find more candles, more incense and me standing there, dressed exactly as his very beautiful wife, right down to the smile on my face. The only difference - my natural red hair. The look on his face was absolutely priceless! Shock, excitement and a little "what am I supposed to do now?" all rolled into one. He looked back into the bedroom as his wife of three years rounded the end of the bed. She gave him a nod with a smile as she walked to him. He looked at her. At me. At her, again. "Yes, Love, tonight," she kissed his cheek, "your favourite fantasy. Happy Birthday."

Darlene and I had been planning this evening of sex for Mac's birthday for almost two months - ever since she caught him masturbating to some girl-girl pics on the internet. He didn't know she had caught him, she spied him through a half-opened door. She waited until he was done and then downloaded the pics he was so enjoying and printed them. This evening, we were dressed exactly as the beautiful women in the pictures. The penny may not have dropped for Mac, but we knew.

Darlene and I had been friends for about a year or so. We had never had sex, although she had been the star of a few fantasies of mine.

When she brought this idea up, we were both naked in a dressing room we were sharing at the mall while shopping. All I could do was smile. How could I say "no"? We made love for the very first time that day at my house, while planning Mac's surprize.

Mac was so excited, I really thought he was going to cry. Darlene pointed him in the direction of the tub, which was filled with hot water and more rose petals (we went through three dozen roses that day!). Mac fumbled to get out of his clothes.

"Slow down there, Son, you've got all night," was my bad imitation of some one trying to badly imitate John Wayne. We all giggled like children.

"Breathe, Baby," was Darlene's encouragement.

Mac is an average sized man, but he is a big boy. Darlene had warned me that Mac's penis is about ten inches long by a good two and a half inches around. Yes it is. He was fully erect before he was all the way out of his pants. I was already damp with anticipation for the evening, but seeing his beautiful penis at attention made me just that much wetter. And Darlene's beauty was purely intoxicating. I was so horny for this evening, I masturbated the entire night before just thinking about it. Before Mac stepped into the tub, Darlene and I each gave his beautiful member a little kiss.

As Mac slipped into the bath, Darlene and I embraced and gave each other light kisses. Just a little warm-up show before the main event. Mac gulped and I gasped as Darlene cupped my left breast and gave the very erect nipple a quick lick. She let out a slight moan at our reaction. I reached out and gave her right nipple a pinch. They each let out the same "oohhh". I could see Mac touching himself in the tub as his wife and I fiddled with each other. "Now, now, now, young man," she chided, "you don't want to cum just yet. We have far more things to do, y'know." Darlene went over to the tub and helped him out while I got him a towel.

We patted Mac dry and lead into the bedroom. Instead of putting him on the bed where he wanted to be, we sat him down on the chair next to the bed and tied his arms down. His beautiful erect cock was just out of his reach. I knelt down and gave his cock a little lick and kiss. I could taste his salty pre-cum, which made me want to swallow him whole. That would have to wait, though. I was there to help put on a girl-girl show with this man's wife, as if I really needed some encouragement.

This is the part I was waiting for all evening. Yes, sex with men is fun, but another woman...

Darlene and I sat on the edge of their king-sized, satin and rose covered mattress. We stared into each other's eyes and I truly forgot Mac sitting less than two feet away, hog-tied and ready to burst. I had an extremely good idea why Mac loved this woman so. Intelligent, beautiful, witty and, my stars, does she ever love sex!

We slowly started to touch. Fingertips to arms, shoulders, chest, neck, hair... all the while staring into each other's eyes. As my fingers found their way to her breast, she closed her eyes, tilted her head back and gave out a low, throaty moan of pleasure. I saw her already excited nipples harden before my eyes. Darlene raised her arms out from her sides, inviting me in to her embrace.

Our first few kisses were quick pecks as we tightened our embrace. Then they slowed as our exploration of each other continued. Her mouth is such a treat to kiss. Thank goodness the lipstick we used that day was the industrial no-smudge type, but it still let the sweet taste of her mouth come through. As our tongues intermingled, I heard Mac give out a low moan of pleasure and approval.

My hands cupped Darlene's C-cup breasts as I bent down to suck her very hard left nipple. Again, her head went back and another, louder, lower moan escaped her throat. I licked and sucked her left nipple long enough to get it soaking wet with my saliva, only to immediately attack the right in the same way. Mac was becoming more verbal.

I pulled back from Darlene's tasty titty just in time for her to plunge her right hand between my spread legs. "Oooh, you are so very wet," she cooed. I fell back onto my elbows as she drove her index finger deep inside my fanny. She quickly removed it and reached over to Mac. "Want some, Honey?" I thought his head would fall off he nodded 'yes' so fast, his mouth wide open, begging for her finger with my wetness. "So do I," she said as she quickly turned back and plunged her face onto my throbbing clit.

She surprized me so much, I screamed. First out of surprize, then due to the magnificent orgasm she was giving me. My head was spinning and my muscles were tensing and she just kept on going, her tongue just lapping at my fanny, darting in and out, teasing my clit, eating me like I was her favourite meal. The muscles in my love canal were convulsing as her tongue held on to my opening. I screamed in orgasm again when she pinched my nipples and licked my throbbing clit simultaneously. I grabbed the back of her neatly done head and ground myself into her face as she, too, started moaning.

As I recovered my breathing, I noticed Mac's laboured breathing as he vainly tried to touch himself. I turned to Darlene. "I love it when you do that," I panted.

She smiled "I love to do that - for you." She smiled at Mac. "And for him, too." Darlene then reached over and swallowed Mac's erect cock. He didn't need much stimulation at all, poor bastard, before he was cumming as hard as I was. And she swallowed every bit of it.

She kissed me so I could taste him. She then turned back to Mac "I hope you know we're just getting started," she said, kissing him. He swallowed hard, still restrained in his chair.

"Does this mean it's my turn to do to you what you did to me?" I giggled, knowing full well she wasn't going to let either Mac or me out of that room before we both made her cum. She nodded a little 'yes' and leaned back on the bed, spreading her sweet, tanned thighs and exposing her blonde fanny to Mac and me both.

Some women shave their pubes all off and end up looking like a three year old. I only have sex with adults, thank you. Others let it grow and grow and grow. Sorry, girls, that's not making up for the rain forest. I like to keep mine nicely trimmed and coiffed. Darlene trims hers close around those very tender lips, but doesn't shave it clean, and keeps her patch a little full, but, being blonde...

I quickly took my place between her tanned legs, and between her and him, and started doing what I love best. I simply adore giving oral sex. I like to give it to men, I love to give it to women. There's just something about making your partner cum with your mouth, in your mouth, on your face, dribble it down your neck and spread it all over your tits that is beyond sexy to me. I could and would do it every day and never tire of it. Especially a fanny as beautiful and tasty as Darlene's. I could spend hours pleasuring her.

As I ate his wife's blonde fanny, Mac, still hog-tied, was giving me encouragement, coaching me in a way. I just smiled and continued to please this magnificent beauty with my tongue, occasionally following coach's call, just so he didn't think I was ignoring him. It was his birthday.

Darlene was lost in the vortex of pre-orgasm. You know that place. You've cum once, twice, maybe three times but haven't hit the big one yet, knowing and feeling it building itself up inside you, ready, willing and wanting to just fucking explode. I teased and tortured her in that place. Not letting it build too much too fast and not letting it drop away. Keep her just this side of exploding for a little while.

Suddenly, there was a hand behind my head, pulling me into her and I could hear her between her moans. "Please...Siobhán! Oh, Baby! Please make me...cum..."

I still teased her, but not very long. I could hear Mac moaning, as well, "yes..." I threw it into overdrive. I ate my lover's fanny like I'd never get to again. She started bucking and it was all I could do to hold on, but I wasn't going to keep her from paradise any longer. Her moaning grew louder and her bucking more rhythmic and I was doing my best to crawl up Darlene's soaking wet fanny. She exploded in orgasm and pulled me up to her before her convulsions slowed to hold me as she came down.

I looked over at Mac. He had a huge smile with tears running down his face. "That was so wonderful. That was just so wonderful!" he sobbed. I knelt down and sucked in his newly revived penis. "Ooooh!" he squealed. I pulled off him and untied his hands. He started to reach for himself, but I stopped him.

I whispered in his ear "It's your turn, Birthday Boy, go fuck her eyes out. I want to watch and touch myself..."

Mac stepped over to his bed, and his wife, his penis standing proudly in front of him. Darlene gently grasped his cock and lowered her mouth on to him. He threw his head back in pleasure, but this, as good as it was, was not what he was there for. He pulled back from her and climbed over her, gently pushing her back on the bed. When they were in position, his hands lifted her arse and he slid himself completely into her wet and wanting fanny. The moans and groans and ohs and oohs and ahs coming from the bed told me they were right where they wanted to be. Watching, I sat back in the chair and started masturbating.

I opened my eyes and Mac had Darlene on all fours while he's standing behind her, ramming that wonderful cock of his into that wonderful fanny of hers. She sat up on her knees and reached for me. "Come make love with us." Mac turned, fully in her, and reached for me as well. I slid over to the bed in front of Darlene and cupped her right breast. She pulled me under and we kissed passionately, all the while Mac's rigid cock was slowly sliding in and out of her soaking fanny from behind. She pushed into me even closer, so I could feel her pubes mingling with mine. I could actually feel Mac sliding in her, I felt his balls sliding across my legs. I grabbed Mac's arse and pulled him closer, as if he were inside of me. Both Mac's and Darlene's hands were pulling me closer and Mac's rhythm intensified. Darlene broke our kiss, threw her head back in a silent scream. I bit her neck and she tightened her grip on me as the sound for her massive orgasm came out in one long, low moan. Mac was growling like a wolf as his load shot deeply into his wife. I maneuvered myself to lick Darlene's fanny as it spat Mac's wilted cock out. I drove my tongue into her as his massive cum load was seeping forth. I took some in my mouth and swallowed their combined juices, letting the rest flow down my chin and onto my neck.

We all then fell onto the bed in a panting heap, kissing each other and giggling. The rest of the evening was spent enjoying Mac's birthday present from his wife.