25 April 2010

A Fortnight in Paradise - Part 2

Their kiss broke with them both needing air and feeling a little light headed. "I hope I see you later," sighed Maggie as she collected her bag, turned and, wearing only her sandals, stepped off the plane and out into the tropical mid-day sun.

Maggie stood on the grass airfield, allowing her eyes to adjust to the bright, warm sunshine. She fished her sunglasses from her bag and put them on. Besides her sandals, the eyewear was all she was wearing. Her excitement was almost overwhelming as she strode nude toward the hotel lobby less than 50 meters away. She breathed in the sweet warm tropical air, allowing it to not only fill her scent and her lungs, but also her mind. She could see several others in various stages of undress as she walked to the lobby. Knowing they could see her only fueled her need and desire.

The hotel lobby was large, spacious and open, and cooler than the outside sunshine. A beautiful woman with mocha-coloured skin stood smiling at the desk. Like the other women Maggie has seen since landing, she was certainly topless, though the desk hid the lower half of her body from Maggie's view, until she reached the desk. Maggie immediately checked and the woman was wearing very tiny white bikini bottoms. The woman caught Maggie looking and smiled. "Staff aren't allowed to be completely nude while on duty, Miss," the woman said in an island accented English.

"I'm sorry," said Maggie. "Should I cover up then?"

"Goodness no! Please don't... I mean... no, Miss, you are allowed full nudity anywhere on the island."

"Oh, please, stop calling me 'Miss', my name is Maggie..."

"Thank you Miss Maggie. My name is Cara. We've been expecting you. Do you enjoy your flight?"

"Yes, Cara, I did. Especially the last one... the one here..." Maggie drifted off, her train of thought suddenly captured by Cara's beautiful dark eyes.

"You're the last from the flight to check in, Miss Maggie. Would you like me to show you to your suite?"

"Of course, Cara. I can't wait to see my room. I saw photos on the internet when I booked my holiday, but I'm quite excited about actually being here."

Cara escorted Maggie out of the lobby through a side entrance, through a very lovely tropical garden with a small fountain. As they exited the garden, the very modern, stilted two story main structure came into view. "We only have 40 guest rooms at the resort," smiled Cara. "Each suite has both East and West balcony views, in case you want to see the sun rise, or set from your suite. The beach is about 100 meters beyond the building. As you can see, there are staircases at each suite, the lower suites sharing with the upper, and each suite has a staircase on both the East and West sides of the building."

"There only looks to be enough rooms here for guests, Cara. Where do the staff stay?"

"The structure where the lobby is is the old resort hotel. Our rooms are very nice. You have the upper suite here..." Cara pointed to the nearest staircase. When they reached the staircase, Cara stepped aside, allowing Maggie to go first.

As they climbed the stairs, Maggie was looking around, getting used to her surroundings. When they reached the top, Maggie stepped on to a beautiful balcony with several potted plants, a few chairs, and a chaise. The double French doors to the suite were wide open, allowing the breeze to flow through. Inside was a small apartment, with a small lounge, a kitchen, with the bedroom off to the side. Directly opposite the French doors she entered the suite from the West were the exact same doors and balcony, with the beautiful blue Caribbean as the view to the East.

"The bar here in the kitchen is stocked with top shelf rum, vodka, gin and whiskey, along with mixers. The fridge has juices, water and fruit, the freeze has plenty of ice." Cara continued to give Maggie the tour. "Here is the bedroom," she allowed Maggie through the double doors first. Maggie just stood for a moment, taking it all in. The king size bed was centered in the room, the ceiling fan hanging from the four meter ceiling silently whirring above the bed's canopy. Another double French door lead out to the East balcony. She walked through the door on the West wall into a magnificent loo with a giant tub and a glass enclosed walk in shower that could hold at least six people, another French door lead out to the West balcony.

"This is heavenly!" laughed Maggie. "I can't believe how marvelous this is!" She went into the bedroom and sat on the edge of the bed, the down-soft cover molding to Maggie's bum and fanny, reminding her just how truly excited she is. "This is amazing..."

"I'll leave you to get settled then, Miss Maggie. If you need anything at all, simply press 'O' on the house telephone and you will get a staff member."

"Do you have to leave so soon?" Maggie reached out for Cara. "Isn't there any one else to work at the desk?"

"You are the last from the flight to check in... I wouldn't be needed immediately at the desk." Cara smiled and sat on the edge of the bed, just within arm's reach of Maggie. "I hope you brought plenty of sunscreen. Your pale Irish skin isn't used to the intensity of the sun here. If you don't have sunscreen, I can make sure you do. You don't want to burn those pretty pink nipples."

Cara barely touched Maggie's left nipple with the tip of her index finger, causing a jolt of sexual electricity to run from Maggie's nipple to her clit to the base of her brain. Maggie visibly shuddered and almost orgasmed from the slight touch.

"Are you alright?" asked Cara, genuinely concerned.

"Yes," Maggie managed between gasps. "It's just that I've been so turned on for the entire trip..." Maggie told Cara about Ellen and Jim, the man at the loo door, masturbating in the Clearwater airport loo, the woman in the Clearwater airport loo, and especially about the plane to the resort. Cara watched Maggie as she spoke, how the telling of the tale brightened her and how she seemed, if possible, even more excited. It excited Cara, too. "I'm so wet... all I want is to cum..." and Maggie put her hand between her legs, ready to give herself the orgasm she so desperately wanted.

Cara smiled, stopping Maggie and taking her by the hand. "You didn't travel all this way just to pleasure yourself on a bed, no matter how lovely this room is. I'm sure you can just as easily pleasure yourself at home on your own bed." Cara stood, pulling Maggie up from the bed as well. Cara walked around the end of the bed with Maggie in tow. She lead Maggie back through the lounge and through the East French doors to the balcony, stopping at the balcony rail. "But when was the last time you pleasured yourself with the Caribbean as your view?"

It was then that Maggie understood where she was. She turned to Cara to kiss her, but Cara had stepped away to collect two of the deck chairs on the balcony. As she returned to the rail, she placed one chair behind Maggie and set the other next to the first. Cara smiled at Maggie and unceremoniously dropped her bikini bottoms to reveal her cleanly shaved mound. "I saw you looking earlier... is this what you wanted to see?"

"You're marvelous," smiled Maggie as each woman sat in her own chair.

Cara lifted her feet to the top rung of the balcony rail and Maggie followed, almost instinctively. "I've been wanting to do this all day, too, y'know," smiled Cara as her hands began their self loving caresses. Maggie, again, followed, almost mirror like, almost knowing where each of Cara's movements would take her, even though Cara herself didn't know where the next touch would be... breasts... inner thighs... neck... belly.... shoulders....

Maggie was the first to seek her wetness. First, a light finger over her very hard, very excited, very sensative clit. Then, a brush over her outer lips, only to draw back between her very wet inner lips, back to her engorged nub, the slow rub ever quickening. Maggie's other hand wasn't idle. Her thumb brushed over her tight nipple as her hand cupped and massaged her breast. At this point, she had no need of fantasy. She looked to Cara who was expertly pleasing her own self, lost in half-consciousness as she fingered her wetness and licked at her own very hard nipples. As if on queue, both women withdrew their fingers from inside themselves, brought their nectar to their mouths and sucked their fingers clean, only to replce them and work even quicker on their fingering.

It was the sexy sounds of their whimpering and moans that began to draw a crowd on the ground and balcony directly below. Their audience was respectfully quiet as the two continued to finger themselves harder, climbing ever higher in their ecstasy, taking themselves, and each other, to the rapturous climax they both now needed more than life's breath itself...

Cara was the first to peak, her gutteral cry gave way to a stream of wetness and near epileptic convulsions. She hugged herself, alternately rubbing the wetness of her nectar from her hands and from between her legs deeper into every part of her beautiful mocha-coloured skin.

Maggie was barely seconds behind. She felt the electric explosion deep within her and out to every point of her body. Her toes curled as the electricity continued up the back of her trembling legs, only to race up her spine, arching her back, pointing her harder than hard nipples to heaven, as the cry of release sent tears streaming down her face, her fingers already smearing her wetness from her nipples, up her chin to her greedily sucking mouth.

Moments took millenia to pass as Cara and Maggie tried to focus on each other and the exquisite event they had just shared. It was only when they reached to hug and kiss that they noticed they'd been watched. The applause of their audience was joyous and strong.

Maggie's giggle broke their kiss. "Does this happen often here?"

"Not that I've been aware of. And I've worked here for over three years," laughed Cara between quick kisses.

"Did you say there's water in the fridge?" asked Maggie.

"Yes. And juice and..."

Maggie stopped her with a kiss. "Water now, Love, then vodka. The bar is open. And your money's no good here, the house is buying all of your rounds."

Maggie gave Cara one more kiss and then grabbed the rail to steady herself as she slowly rose from her chair. She turned and noticed several people standing just on to the balcony from the stair. She gave a little curtsey to laughter and more applause. Maggie grabbed Cara's hand and they both walked to the suite, beautifully nude and glowing from their shared orgasm, hand in hand, waving to their voyeurs.

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