18 April 2010

A Fortnight in Paradise - Part 1

As she boarded the plane, she couldn't help but feel excited. She'd saved a whole year for this trip and was still in a bit of disbelief that it was finally happening. A whole fortnight in sunny, tropical paradise.

She settled into her seat and pulled out the book she'd brought to read while travelling, Heinlein's Stranger in a Strange Land. Why not, eh? Just as she was turning the page, a person sat in the seat next to her's. At first she didn't bother to look. She figured she'd let the person get settled and then be polite and say hello.

"Excuse me," the voice said. "I'm sorry, I truly don't mean to interrupt..."

She turned to look and was face to face with a very pretty, very excited woman. "Hello," she smiled. "I'm Maggie..."

"Hello, Maggie. I'm Ellen. I see you've gotten settled in and all, but, you see..." she pointed to the man sitting in the seat across the aisle. "We've just gotten married and we'd really like to be able to sit together."

"He's cute," smiled Maggie.

"He's more than that," blushed Ellen.

Maggie smiled and collected her bag from under her seat. "Congratulations, you two," she smiled as she stepped out of the way.

"Thank you so very much," the man smiled. "I'm Jim."

"Yes..." smiled Maggie. She turned to Ellen. "Now you two keep yer hands to yerselves and none of that snoggin' tils ya get ta yer room..."

Ellen's face almost froze in fear, on the verge of tears. After a moment Maggie burst out laughing. "Oh, Ellen, love! Ya poor thing! I'm only joking! Snuggle and be in love! Happy marriage to you both!"

Maggie sat in Jim's former seat on the aisle with a still empty seat between her and the window. "The ailse's not bad," she thought to herself. "With six hours to Montréal, it might be better than the window..." and she returned to her book.

The flight attendant closed and secured the door and another started the seatbelt and oxygen mask speech. The empty seat between the window and Maggie did not get filled. Maggie smiled and slipped over to the window and peered out into the Irish night. She felt the renewed excitement as the plane taxied out the tarmac to get ready to take off. She always loved the rush of the take off and the ascent into the sky. She smiled to herself as she again peered out the window as the plane banked away from Ireland, over the Atlantic and to the west, the Galway city lights quickly falling away.

Maggie shook suddenly from slumber. A moment or two passed as she blinked her eyes, taking in her surroundings. She smiled as she realized she must have dozed while reading, as she was secure in her seat. The cabin lights were lowered for the night flight west across the Atlantic. She turned to the newlyweds to ask if drinks had been offered yet, but stopped when she realized they wouldn't answer her. They were locked together in a powerful kiss, a blanket covering them from the waist down. Ellen had taken the window seat, her hand was busy in Jim's lap under the blanket, while Jim was unsuccessfully trying to not look like he was squeazing her breast. Maggie smiled, recalling her earlier tease to Ellen, stretched in her seat and looked out her window, trying to allow the newlyweds what little privacy she could.

"Really? Here? Now?" came a hoarse whisper from Jim.

Maggie turned just in time to see Ellen take Jim's penis into her mouth. Maggie smiled. Jim realized Maggie could see and was going to stop Ellen, but Maggie shook her head and waved to say "it's ok". Jim's head fell back on his seat's headrest as Ellen continued. Maggie unconsciously licked her lips. Ellen continued for a few more moments then sat up in her seat. Maggie had adjusted herself in her seat to where she could watch, but if caught, could quickly go undetected back to her book. Ellen looked around for a moment, then opened the buttons on her blouse and placed Jim's hand inside before returning her mouth to his penis.

A groan of pleasure gave Jim away as he emptied his seed into Ellen's mouth. Maggie could tell Ellen was taking it all and enjoying every last drop as she held him in her mouth long after he'd finished his cum. She sat up and snuggled into him, pulling the blanket over his spent member, but not bothering to button herself back up. She smiled and winked at Maggie, then nuzzled more into her husband.

Maggie waited a few moments, then got up from her seat and went to the loo. She smiled at herself in the mirror as she fussed with her hair. She reached up behind herself under her top and undid the clasp of her bra. "That damn thing was just getting far too uncomfortable," she told herself. She wasn't lying, just not telling the whole truth. After manoevering the straps from her arms and freeing herself from the cups, she neatly folded the undergarment and placed it on the tiny countertop. As she sat to pee, she considered removing her knickers, but she wasn't ready to go through the hassle of taking off her jeans just to put them right back on. And she, unfortunately, couldn't leave them off and return to her seat. She warded off the whispering temptation to have a quick diddle by reminding herself that in just over eight hours, she'll be able to stretch out naked on a nice, soft bed in a tropical paradise and not have to hold back.

Just as she was finishing, there was a light knock on the door. "Out in a moment," she said, loud enough to be heard, but to not sound annoyed.

Maggie smiled to see Ellen waiting at the door to the loo. Ellen still hadn't bothered to completely button up. "Feeling better, are we?" smiled Maggie.

"Getting there," smiled Ellen as they traded places in the tiny space.

Maggie returned to her seat, thinking she might catch another little nap before the plane was to land in Montréal. A few moments later, Ellen returned from the loo. Instead of taking her own seat, she sat next to Maggie. In her hand was Maggie's bra. "This is far too pretty to forget in a plane lav," she smiled. "Are you feeling better now?"

"Not as constricted, actually," Maggie smiled and placed her bra in her carry bag.

"Sorry about earlier, but I just couldn't wait."

"You needn't apologize to me, love. I wouldn't have cared if you both got starkers and did it in the aisle."

"Would you have joined us?"

"Another place... another time.... perhaps..." Maggie flashed a wicked smile and partially regretted not having that diddle in the loo.

"Are you stopping in Montréal?"

"No, I change planes for Florida and then another to the Caribbean. I'm having a fortnight in paradise."

"Lucky you! After the winter we've had, we could all use a break. Are you sure we couldn't convince you to stay over for one night?"

Maggie chuckled. "You are sweet, and lovely, and the offer is quite tempting..." she could tell Ellen was truly wanting Maggie to stay with her and Jim. Maggie's thoughts flashed back to a beautiful threesome she'd had a few years previous and smiled. Ellen and Jim could be fun, but as much fun as that could be, "I have a scheduled check in time. I'll lose my deposit and room if I don't show up in time. How long are you and Jim in Montréal?"

"Five days. And then off to visit his family in Chicago for another week. Then it's back to dreary old Manchester..."

"You don't have time to play with me then, love. You need to concentrate on each other. Besides, it's your honeymoon. You don't want to give him any extra for at least a month or two," both women chuckled. "It's a lovely thought, though, and if I didn't have this schedule..." Maggie kissed Ellen's cheek.

Ellen moved herself closer to Maggie, close enough for a kiss, and looked her in the eye, "We could..." Ellen's comment was cut off by the plane's Captain announcing their imminent arrival to Montréal.

The hurry and scurry and wait in the Montréal airport for her next plane was quick. Though a little too quick than she'd hoped. Maggie had planned on changing her clothes and getting a meal, but barely had enough time to eat while going from arrival gate to the next departure gate. She decided to change in the tiny loo in the plane on the way to Clearwater. With just over two hours in the air, she'd have little else she'd need to do.

Maggie found herself slightly regretting not accepting Ellen's offer. The early morning flight bound for Florida was smaller than the one she'd been in from Ireland. This time, she was happy to be on the aisle, since the plane was very full and felt very cramped. Her seat mate was an older woman going to visit grandchildren she'd not seen in almost five years. Across the aisle were two businessmen who were so involved in planning their upcoming meeting, Maggie could have offered them both a lapdance and a blow job and neither would have taken the time to acknowledge her. And, as if by some form of higher decree, when on a crowded plane, there's always that one crying baby. Maggie immersed herself in her book and tried to not think of Ellen and Jim.

About half way through the flight, Maggie retrieved her bag and went to the loo to change. There wasn't much room in the loo, but Maggie wanted out of her clothes and into something much more comfortable. She removed her jeans and knickers and with a little water and a hand towel, she freshened up a touch. She removed her top. This time, she made sure all of her clothes were placed in her bag. She didn't want to leave anything in this loo. She wasn't certain she'd get anything back. She pulled out the halter top, ankle skirt and sandals she'd planned to wear on the rest of her trip.

Suddenly, there was a knocking at the door and a male voice sounding a bit annoyed "Are you going to be in there all the way to Florida?"

Maggie, still starkers and feeling very impish, opened the loo door and smiled to the man "No, sir. I don't plan on being in here all the way to Florida. But, the sooner I can put my clothes back on, I'll be able to take my seat." Just then, the loo opposite became available. "You may want to try that one instead. Sorry, it doesn't look to have a naked girl in it. Enjoy the rest of your flight." And with that, she closed the loo door in the man's face. Once the door was closed, Maggie sat back on the seat and burst out laughing. The look on his face when he saw her completely nude was utterly priceless. The little thrill it gave her was truly worth it. She didn't recognize him from the other passengers sitting near her, which she thought was too bad. She was hoping she could see if he was with a woman and if he could make eye contact again.

Once she was comfortably dressed, Maggie took her bag and exited the loo for her seat. Her seat mate complimented Maggie on her new outfit. "You may think it a bit shocking, Dear, coming from an old woman like me," the woman said. "But when I was your age, I absolutely hated wearing clothes. You couldn't pay me to stay in them. I'd be naked as often as I could... days or weeks at a time, if I could." She chuckled. "The postman loved it..."

"I'm sure he did," smiled Maggie as she kissed the older woman's cheek.

The plane's Captain announced their imminent arrival in Clearwater, so Maggie and her seat mate readied themselves for landing.

With two hours between planes, Maggie sat in the small coffee shop overlooking the runway and out to the bay. She'd finished her tea and was bored with her book, so she collected her bag and strolled into the loo. She checked the other stalls and she found herself alone. She took the farthest stall from the door, stepped in and got undressed. "Ok," she said to herself as she neatly hung her skirt and top on the back of the stall door, "this isn't a big comfy bed in a beautiful resort on a secluded Caribbean island... but I don't fucking care right now..."

Her mind took her back to witnessing Ellen and Jim. How she would have loved to been under Ellen as she sucked Jim's cock. She wondered how Ellen kept her pubes and how marvelous she would have tasted. Maggie imagined her with Ellen, under Ellen, locked in a passionate 69 while Jim thrust himself into Ellen's love canal from behind, the wet sounds of sex mingled with the moans and cries of excitement filling the room. Maggie's fingers deftly parted her inner lips while her other hand cupped her heaving breast. Her excitement built quickly as her imagination had Ellen working magic between her wide spread legs while Maggie licked and sucked Ellen's beautiful clit, and sometimes coming in contact with Jim's hard, thrusting cock.

Maggie's orgasm hit her before she could finish the fantasy, but she truly didn't care. Her inner walls began squeezing the two fingers she was thrusting in time to her fantasy Jim, already soaked to her wrist. Her breathing came in gasps as her body involuntarily shook in ecstasy as she rocked unsteadily on the toilet seat. She greedily tasted herself on her fingers as she tried to take back control of her breathing.

Maggie peered out the stall door into the empty loo. She smiled at herself in the mirror as she stepped from the stall to the sink. After fussing with her hair, she pulled a few papertowels and wet them, giving herslef a quick all over rinse.

"Oh! Excuse me!" came an American Southern accented voice from near the main door.

"Sorry! It's ok," smiled Maggie. "I'm sorry, I'll step back into the stall. I didn't think any one else would be coming in here quite so soon."

"Honey, if you don't mind, I don't mind!" the woman giggled. "It does get warm here in Florida..."

Both women laughed as Maggie quickly finished her rinse. "Would you happen to know the time?" she said as she turned to fully face the other woman in the loo.

"Almost 11:30," smiled the woman as she clearly gave Maggie a full look. "I hope you don't have to leave too soon. I was just getting to enjoy the view."

Maggie placed her hands on her hips and made a few exaggerated turns, mimicking a model. "I'm so glad you approve. Unfortunately, I need to be at my next gate in less than ten minutes, so..." she stepped to the stall where her clothes hung, "I must be going..."

Maggie pulled on her skirt and then her halter, without closing the stall door, then pulled her bag from the hook, checked herself in the mirror, and started for the main door. The other woman held out a card with an Internet address. "Please check out my page when you have time..." she opened her blouse and flashed Maggie more than just a very wicked smile. "I know you'll enjoy it. Have a good flight, miss..."

Maggie thanked the woman and put the card in her bag. If the web page was anything like she thought... yes, she would enjoy it!

Maggie got to the gate just as boarding was announced. She was surprized that there were only five other passengers in the queue to board the plane, and only one was a man. "Maybe there are already people on the plane and this is just a stop," she thought. As she queued, she could see out the large window to the tarmac to a very small jet and she smiled.

As she exited the building, a rush of air blew through and lifted her light skirt well above her waist. Any one looking would know she wasn't wearing any knickers. The thought of any one seeing her gave her that happy tingle between her legs. With a plane that small, though, there'd be no masturbating in the loo. But the thought that others might know she's masturbating did give her a wicked smile. She heard the flight attendant tell previous passengers to take any seat they wish. As Maggie climbed up the steps, the pretty flight attendant held out her hand to help Maggie climb the few steps up. Just as Maggie was nearing the top, another gust of wind took her skirt up again. And she knew the flight attendant saw everything. "Absolutely lovely," Maggie heard her say with a smile.

Maggie chose her seat near the rear of the cabin, facing the back. The only man was sitting on the opposite side of the aisle, at the front, facing front.

"Ladies, and sir, if I could please have your attention," the flight attendant spoke at the front of the cabin. "My name is Linda and I'd like to welcome you all to today's flight. We shouldn't be more than 90 minutes in the air, but if any of you feel like napping, I have some pillows in back."

"Is there any way I can get a drink on this flight?" the man asked.

"Yes, we have top shelf vodka, rum, gin, whiskey and scotch, plus mixers and ice. Once we're safely in the air, just let me know which you would like. Oh, and if you're not in the mood for spirits, I have sodas and water, as well," she smiled. She gave the obligatory seat belt and oxygen mask speech. The plane started it's taxi out the tarmac, and Linda took her seat at the rear of the cabin, across the aisle and facing Maggie.

The take off was smooth and easy. The tiny Clearwater airport rushed away from Maggie's window view like a falling stone. A few moments later, the captain's voice came through the speakers, "We've levelled off and are at our cruising speed, so you can get as comfortable as you'd like. Linda has drinks if any one would like. Personally, I'd like a cold orange juice. Enjoy your flight with us."

Linda took a sealed orange juice bottle up to the cockpit for the captain. As she emegred from the cockpit, the man in front stopped her "Could I have a rum and cola please?" Maggie thought he sounded pleasant enough. Then he added "Considering our destination, I'm surprized you're as dressed as you are," and he started to chuckle.

Maggie thought Linda was going to slap him. But, instead, with a very big smile she said. "I'm so glad you brought that up, sir. Since the resort is clothing optional, this jet is owned and operated by the resort, and we will be landing on the resort's private jetway, this flight is also clothing optional. That is what the captain meant by 'get as comfortable as you'd like'". Linda stepped to the back of the cabin and fixed the man's drink. "Would any one else like something to drink while I'm fixing his?" she called out to the others in the cabin. Maggie turned to see if any one else was placing an order just it time to see two of the women removing their tops.

"I'd like a vodka and tonic, if I could, please," asked Maggie as Linda was returning to the back of the cabin after delivering the man's drink.

"Of course you may," answered Linda. "Please let me do one thing first, though," she smiled as she unzipped the front of her flight uniform. She was wearing a very skimpy bikini under her uniform. Maggie watched with a smile as Linda removed her uniform and placed it in a cupboard. Linda fixed Maggie's drink and sat in the seat in front of Maggie as she set the drink on the table between. Linda watched Maggie for a moment as she sipped her drink.

"Absolutely lovely," Maggie smiled, hoping Linda would understand she didn't just mean the drink.

"Will you be getting... any more comfortable?" asked Linda with a very wicked smile.

"From what you saw earlier, I'm sure you know I'm pretty comfortable already."

"Yes, I know. I was just hoping..." Linda reached behind herself and untied the strings holding her bikini top. She placed the top on the table as she slowly rose to check on her other passengers. As she did, her beautiful tanned breasts came within inches of Maggie's face.

Maggie took a hard swallow of her drink, waited a moment, and removed her halter top. As the air of the cabin kissed her exposed breasts, Maggie felt the familiar tingle between her legs. She was much more turned on than when she saw Ellen giving her husband Jim that blow job on the first flight. More turned on than exposing herself to the man outside the loo on the second flight. More turned on than being seen nude in the airport loo after masturbating. Without hesitating, she stood and slipped her skirt off, leaving her in only her sandals. She reached up to the overhead compartment and placed her clothes in her bag. "I won't be needing these for a while" she thought as she sat back in her seat and got comfortable.

"May I join you?" a husky woman's voice came from behind Maggie. She turned to see one of the other women, topless and in tiny knickers, smiling and stretching out her hand to shake. "I'm Claudia. I see you didn't waste any time."

"Hello. I'm Maggie," she said as she shook Claudia's multi-ringed hand. "I know... I've been wanting to do this since I left Galway..."

"Ain't it great? I go every year around this time. I love it! I met my fourth husband on a trip like this two years ago! He couldn't take his eyes off my tits! Not even to look at anybody else!"

"That's interesting," Maggie lied, but felt obligated to continue the conversation. She felt strangely like she was back in the pub in Galway, pouring pints and listening to people ramble on about nothing in particular. "Is he not with you on this trip? Your husband?"

"No. Sadly, he passed about six months ago. He had a massive heart attack..."

"I'm sorry..."

"Don't be sorry, honey. It was the best blow job of his life! He came so hard, I thought he was gonna blow my head off!" Claudia laughed and her tits shook like jello. Maggie couldn't help be laugh, too.

Linda returned to the back of the cabin and Claudia grabbed her arm. "Linda! Have you met Maggie yet? Isn't she just a cutie? She's gonna have all the guys after her. If you're still mixing, can I have a scotch and soda?"

Linda smiled at Maggie and then at Claudia. "Of course, I'll get it right away."

Claudia got up and started for her own seat and looked at Maggie. "See ya later, sweetie..."

Maggie returned to her drink, and to watching Linda. Linda could tell Maggie was watching. She turned a bit so she didn't have her back completely to Maggie. "Is this your first trip to the resort, Maggie?" Linda asked as she poured Claudia's drink.

"Yes, it is. I've been saving up for a year. And after the winter we've had in Ireland, I can certainly use some time in the sun." Maggie took a sip of her drink.

"Let me deliver this to Claudia and I'll be right back," Linda kissed the top of Maggie's head as she stepped by. Maggie smiled. She liked the attention, especially from such a lovely woman as Linda. On her return, Linda sat again across from Maggie. "Have you ever been in a clothing optional resort?"

"No... no, I haven't," smiled Maggie, almost blushing. "Why? Does it show?"

"Well, most women don't get completely nude on the flight their first time out..." she smiled a genuine smile. "And, you're the only one who is completely nude today."

"Oh, believe me, I have no problem with being nude... mine or any one else's. I love it, actually. It's the pure sense of freedom, I suppose..." Maggie giggled. "Plus, the rush that comes with it. I love the combined innocence and sexiness..."

"I know... the nudity is why I accepted this job. I can't wait for the part of the flight when Frank to asks me in one way or another to take my clothes off..."


"The man up front. He's my husband. He's also security for the flight. Security is rarely ever needed, but I love having him here. We both get so turned on by seeing the nude women on the flight, that when the flight is over, we'll really get into it..." she smiled and gave a little wave to Frank. Frank smiled and gave a little wave back. "I couldn't think of having any other type of job. I mean, where else can you be paid to do what you would truly like...?"

"Like being an exhibitionist?"

"Exactly! And get to do it around other exhibitionists?" Linda slowly waved her arm as if unveiling a masterpiece. "All of you are so beautiful! I'm so turned on, I can hardly stand it!"

"I know what you mean. It's taking a lot of self control to not go into the loo and touch myself." Maggie opened her legs a little, exposing herself even more to Linda.

"If we weren't so close to landing, I'd say go right ahead. And... you wouldn't need to go to the loo to do it..." Linda winked at Maggie. "I can tell you're not shy... and, if you'd let me, I'd love to help in any way I could..."

Maggie felt her excitement growing. Her nipples got harder and the tingle and wetness between her legs was getting almost unbearable. She was going to do her best, though, to wait until she got into her room. She leant closer to Linda. "When I booked this holiday a year ago, I promised myself that the very first thing I'd do is masturbate and give myself a huge orgasm as soon as I got to my room." She smiled. She was almost shaking, she was so excited. "At this point, I don't really care if every person at the resort is in my room watching..." she licked her lips and then sat back in her seat, sipping the last of her drink from around the few pieces of ice left in the glass.

Linda smiled, "That would be something I'd love to see..."

The captain's voice once again came over the speakers. "We're just a few minutes away from the resort, folks, so please let Linda collect your drink glasses and buckle up for landing. Any luggage from the airport in Clearwater will be delivered directly to your rooms tomorrow. Once the plane comes to a stop, you can go to the lobby and check in. I hope you have a wonderful stay."

Linda collected the drink glasses, stowed them in a cupboard, took her seat across from Maggie, and buckled up. She turned to Maggie and smiled. Maggie smiled back and then turned to look out the window, her head filled with possibilities.

After landing, Maggie let the other passengers disembark ahead of her, leaving her alone with Linda. "Thank you," she smiled and stepped to close the gap between the two. As they embraced, Maggie felt her need growing by leaps and bounds. The skin to skin, breast to breast contact is something she'd been craving for months. Maggie's kiss took Linda a bit by surprize, but she kissed Maggie back as they stood alone in the middle of the cabin of the plane. Their kiss broke with them both needing air and feeling a little light headed. "I hope I see you later," sighed Maggie as she collected her bag, turned and, wearing only her sandals, stepped off the plane and out into the tropical mid-day sun.

A Fortnight in Paradise part 2