11 April 2010

My Torturess

I woke up as if coming out of a fog, like I was experiencing one of those antihistamine or sleeping tablet hangovers. It took more than a few moments to realize something was drastically wrong. I blinked several times to try to clear my vision, but the room that I was in was so dark that, even though my vision had cleared, I still couldn't see. My arms were somehow being lifted at my elbows and shoulders, and there was a leather strap gag in my mouth.

At first, my mind was racing and I started to panic. The air was hot and thick with the smell of stale sweat, sex, and a faint undertone of urine. My skin felt hot and sticky. I could tell that I was in an open legged sitting position rather than lying down by how uncomfortable my arms and legs were. Also, by the raising of my shoulders, I could tell immediately that my 36 Ds weren't covered by a shirt or a bra, and my legs were bound to the legs of what ever I was sitting on.

Suddenly, a huge big screen television clicks on and the room is suddenly illuminated. It took a few moments for my eyes to adjust to the sudden brightness. To my right I saw a blank concrete wall. To my left were two women, both bound in similar fashion as myself to large chairs with a cross beam on the back to secure our shoulders and elbows. These women also had leather strap gags in their mouths. Their hair was shorn and they were only wearing black knickers or small black bikini bottoms. If I had met either in a different situation, in a club or at a party, I might think them pretty, or even sexy. I then looked down at myself and saw I was similarly dressed. And whatever I was wearing wasn't mine to begin with. I shook my head trying to feel my hair, but it seemed mine was gone as well. All of us looked as though we had been perspiring for quite some time, way past the point of "glistening" to almost profusely sweating.

The picture on the television flickered and began showing the three of us bound in the chairs as we were with three nude men in black leather headgear masturbating in front of each of us. Each man looked to be completely clean of all body hair, muscular, but without the body-builder look, very well endowed, and uncut.

Normally, that would be a big turn on for me, the group sex and men wanking in front of me, but I couldn't remember the scene happening as it showed on the screen. I wasn't as quickly aroused by this scene as I normally would have been. By the looks on the faces of my companions, they weren't finding the scene all that sexy, either.

I turned to face the television just in time to see the woman to the far left getting her tits splattered by her wanking man's cum. On the video, her nipples visibly hardened and she even seemed to by trying to move herself closer to the man's erupting cock. Along with the woman in the middle, I looked to the woman at the far left as she saw herself getting cummed on, and her nipples were extremely hard and, even in her current situation, she looked as though she liked what she saw.

I, too, was getting aroused. My nipples also hardened as the next scene on the television was the man in front of me cumming all over me. He hit my left nipple first and then my right nipple. Now I understood why I felt sticky. He kept stroking his uncut 8 inches as he sprayed my chest and even hitting my chin with shot after shot of his cum. I, too, seemed to be trying to get as close to my man's cock as my bindings would allow. As I watched, my fanny was getting wetter and wetter.

The woman to the far left and I must have had similar ideas because, instead of watching the third man to cum on our companion between us on the television, we both turned to watch her reaction to the video. Her eyes widened as she watched herself on the screen. Was she horrified or was she turned on? Soon, her breathing and hard nipples gave her away, then she closed her eyes and titled her head back. Was she orgasming?

I was trying to remember just exactly how I got to be there. My mind wandered and, I don't know why, but I thought of the time that Tommy O'Riordan and I fucked in the lake that summer day with hundreds of people around us. His cock felt so big and strong and hard inside me. It may have been that cold Irish water, but it took Tommy forever to cum. I wasn't complaining. If anybody'd known what we were doing, they never let on.

"Salutations mes jolies, jolies filles!" an electronically altered voice suddenly came through the television speakers, bringing me back to the dank little room. Unfortunately, I didn't understand a single word. The voice continued "Si vous écoutez très soigneusement et faites tout que je dis, aucun mal ne viendra à aucun de vous." The woman to my far left looked as though she was nodding her head in understanding the voice.

Though still electronically altered, the voice suddenly changed. "Groeten mijn mooie, mooie meisjes! Als u zeer zorgvuldig luistert en alles doet die ik zeg, zal geen kwaad aan om het even welk u komen." The woman in the centre then nodded her head as if understanding the voice.

"Greetings my pretty, pretty girls," the voice changed to English. "If you listen very carefully and do all that I say, no harm will come to any of you." Now it was my turn to nod in understanding.

As soon as the voice was finished, yellow revolving lights lit up on the wall behind the television and a panel in that wall opened up. Three women came through the panel and then it closed. The women were all nude, naturally big breasted, had shaved pubes, and were wearing similar headgear to the men in the video. They lined up in front of each of us. The woman in front of me was beautiful and her skin was the light brown colour of cocoa. Without speaking, but certainly on que, each woman climbed up and knelt on the armrest of the chairs were we tied to. This put my woman's breasts right in front of my face, but just out of reach of my hands.

Electronic music started pumping over the television speakers. The music wasn't too loud, but merely kept the room from being silent. The woman on my chair leant into me and licked my ear. "Play along, Baby, and I'll make you cum," she said in my ear. By her accent, I could tell she was definitely an American.

She stood back in front of me holding a huge life-like cock-and-balls dildo, a couple of nipple clamps, and a small static electricity globe on the end of a short rod. She took the globe and slowly ran it across my nipples - first the left, then the right - bringing them to glass cutting points. After a few more excruciatingly luscious passes of the magic wand, she applied the clamps. I couldn't see my companions, but I knew something similar was happening to them. I squirmed a little in my seat at the mental picture of my companions being gone over in a similar way.

My squirming brought the globe down between my legs. "Oh, please," I found myself thinking, "please make me cum!" I raised my covered mound to the globe, only to have it pulled away just before it reached my clit. My eyes widened and I growled through my gag and raised myself again. I was rewarded with a twist of my nipple clamps. Tears welled in my eyes as I sat myself in the seat.

My torturess ran the globe across my stomach and between my legs several more times, without ever touching my screaming clit. I thought I was going to explode! I begged her with my eyes to please touch my fanny - to please make me cum! She saw my pleading and laughed! She ever so slowly drew little ever expanding circles on my belly with the globe. As it neared my nipples, she would take it away. As it neared my fanny, she'd take it away. She'd get as close as she could and then, with a giggle or full out laugh, take it the fuck away! I was starting to lose my sexual arousal to my Irish temper.

Then, she again climbed onto my chair, this time rubbing her shaved mound on my face! "Take out the fucking gag!" I screamed. I was able to move my lips some and as she pressed against me, I caught her hard clit with my bottom lip - just for an instant.

"Baby," she whispered in my ear, "if I didn't have this job to do, I'd let you do that all night, only to stop long enough to let me do that to you."

My torturess then hopped off the chair and planted the globe directly on my clit and turned it up! Yes! I squirmed in my seat as my binding would allow, pressing my covered fanny to the electro-static love toy, enjoying finally being touched where I wanted - where I needed. I was but a millisecond from cumming when she pulled the globe away. She set the globe on the floor to the side of the chair.

I thought that might be the end of the session, that I was tortured enough. However, my torturess reached between my open legs and started working my fanny through the fabric of the knickers I was wearing. Her deft fingers playing with my outer lips, then gliding across my inner lips, but never touching my aching clit. She moved the fabric aside and quickly plunged her middle finger deeply into my soaking wet canal, knowing full well that I was more than wet and ready enough.

She fucked me with her finger for only a few strokes. As she withdrew her finger, I could see the wetness, my wetness, on her finger. She brought that finger up to my nose. If I hadn't been gagged, I would have sucked it. Instead, my torturess wiped some of my wetness above my upper lip so I could continue to smell my excitement, my arousal, my surrender, my sex.

I stared into her eyes as she replaced her middle finger inside me and added her index finger with it. I wanted her to make me cum. I wanted her to see me cum. Once, twice, thrice, but she again pulled out, quickly stuffing her fingers that were soaked with my wetness into her mouth.

She then reached down and ripped the knickers from my body, finally exposing me completely to her. Somewhere, in the back of my mind, I wanted exactly that. I wanted to be completely nude, I wanted to be completely nude in front of her. I wanted her to see me. I wanted everyone to see me. I looked down and saw that what little bit of red pubes I had had been as cleanly shaven as my companion's heads. My first reaction was "That's gonna itch when it grows out."

As I contemplated my newly shaved fanny, I saw the head of the cock-and-balls dildo being roughly shoved up into me. It actually took a second or two to feel it entering me. When the sensation finally caught up, it felt great! I immediately started to buck against it, to try to bring it further into me, to get her to really fuck me with it.

As she fucked me with that beautiful love toy, she varied her speeds - slowing when I got closer, speeding up to get me higher. She'd bring me to the brink, but back off just before I'd cum. Then she stopped altogether, so that she could climb back up onto my chair, her feet on either side of my hips, her fanny hovering close to my harder than ever nipples. She started to masturbate, quickly rubbing her flattened fingers across her visibly hard clit. It only took a moment or two before she started to pee on me!

I'd never been into this kind of sex play before, but I knew a couple who had. As her hot urine hit my skin, at first I felt weird. But as the urine flowed down my body and across my clit, it sent me even higher than I'd been just moments before! Still pissing, she pressed her fanny against my chest just below my tits, and started rubbing her pissing fanny against me. I was hoping she'd cum so she might let me, but when her pee stopped, she only rubbed herself on me for another second or two before she dismounted the chair. She grabbed the end of the dildo and pushed it harder into me, once, twice, and then quickly - far too quickly - pulled the toy free, unclasped the nipple clamps, and stepped behind the television.

I looked to my left to see my two companions were being treated similarly, the one closest to me also having a dildo and nipple clamps removed. The woman to the far left was still having her fanny assaulted by a similar toy, her head back in ecstasy, only to be similarly stopped short of her orgasm with her torturess joining the other two behind the television.

Suddenly, the applause track from a bad TV sitcom played and repeated, played and repeated, the yellow revolving lights came back on, and the opening in the wall behind the television allowed our torturesses to leave the room, and then closed behind them.

I looked again to the other women in the room. The middle one was slowly shaking her bowed head, the one at the far end was weeping. Both had been stripped of their knickers and both had had their pubes shaved.

"Excellent, mes chéris! Votre exécution était vraiment excellente! En quelques quelques moments, nous aurons vos attaches enlevées et vous aurez la masseuse de personnel à votre service complet." the electronically altered voice again came through the television speakers. The woman to the far left seemed to immediately brighten.

And, again as before, the voice changed. "Uitstekend, mijn darlings! Uw prestaties waren echt uitstekend! In een paar ogenblikken, zullen wij uw verwijderde banden hebben en u zult personeelsmasseuse bij uw volledige dienst hebben." and the woman in the middle also seemed to brighten.

Lastly, I understood "Excellent, my darlings! Your performance was truly excellent! In a few moments, we will have your bindings removed and you will have the staff masseuse at your complete service."

Suddenly, the television descended into the floor, the room was bathed in dim but sufficient light, and three men dressed in crisp white uniforms with blue latex gloves like hospital orderlies entered the room from the opening in the wall.

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