30 May 2010


On the bus ride home from work, all Rose looked forward to was getting home, getting naked, and getting into a nice warm bath. It had been an absolute shite of a day at work. She wanted nothing to do with nobody for how ever long it would take to feel better. She even toyed with the notion of borrowing some of her flatmate, Jeanine's, marijuana for the bath. As the bus made it's routine turn with three stops before Rose's, the sky let go in a torrential downpour, and Rose was without a coat or an umbrella. Rose's townhouse was at the other end of the street from the bus stop, and Rose's thin, white summer blouse was sure to be little more than a wet, clingy, see through mess by the time she made it home. And her bra didn't have much more material, either. Rose just shook her head and cursed under her breath.

Before she stepped off the bus, she glanced at her wristwatch. It was nearly half past six. Before Rose had left for work Jeanine had mentioned an afternoon date with some guy she knew from some.... blah, blah, blah... Rose really didn't care who he was or what he did, as long as he had Jeanine out of the house, and Rose could relax in her bath, she really didn't fucking care. Rose wasn't ten steps off the bus and she was soaked to the skin. She looked down and her nipples were as visible as if she weren't wearing a top at all. Lucky for Rose, thanks to the rain, there wasn't a single person on her usually pedestrain friendly street to come across between the bus stop and home. The large drops of cold rain steadily hit Rose as she walked home from the bus stop. She didn't bother to cover up or run, since she was soaking wet already. Even though she wasn't an exhibitionist, she was rather enjoying the feeling of being soaking wet and nearly naked. She'd heard someplace that running in the rain will actually make a person get even more wet. She didn't take it as fact. At this particular point in time, she just felt it was the perfectly dreary end to a perfectly dreary day.

As Rose put the key into the latch of her bright, welcoming red front door, she thought of nothing but the relaxing bath she was only moments away from. She stepped in and closed the door behind her. She listened as she hung her bag on the usual post in the entry. She smiled as she was greeted by the silence of an empty house. Still standing in the entry, she removed her soaked heels and then her blouse and then bra and knickers. Walking barefoot, wearing only her skirt, she padded to the back of the house to her wash machine, hung her blouse on a hanger, tossing her bra and knickers in the wash bin. She removed her skirt, adding it to the bra and knickers, and stepped naked into her kitchen to get a glass of wine to go with a taste of Jeanine's marijauna for her bath. She returned to the hall, but before taking the stairs up to the bath, she turned and, without looking, took three large steps through the door of her lounge. She stepped to the small table between the chairs to reach for the box that held Jeanine's stash. A movement in the corner of her eye made her turn to see Jeanine wearing only her knickers, and her similarly dressed homme du jour snogging like school kids on the couch. Jeanine's hand was happily working itself in his shorts while he was busily groping her tits. Hoping the two didn't see her, Rose was just turning to leave the room when the man fully saw her and smiled. Jeanine then saw her, too.

"Alright, love," he said in a thick East London accent. "I didn't know you were into this, but I'm flexible."

Ignoring his statement, and beyond caring that she was standing in her front room, wearing nothing but her jewelry and a slightly bewildered look in front of a man she'd never before seen in her life, Rose looked at Jeanine, "I thought by 'date' you would be out."

Not bothering to remove her hand from the man's crotch, Jeanine just smiled back, "We were going to go out by the river, but the telly said it was going to rain."

Rose laughed, "Tell me about it! It's pouring like mad out there! Practically ruined my fucking blouse!"

"Did you hang it right away?" asked Jeanine.


"Should be fine then."

"So, who's your friend here?"

The man spoke in a bit of a strain, since Jeanine was still stroking on his cock, "Caleb. You'll pardon me if I don't get up."

Rose took a sip of her wine and smiled, "Looks like the important part is." The two women shared a laugh. Abandoning hope of having a quiet evening to herself, Rose sat in the chair opposite the couple on the couch and took another sip of her wine. "So, Caleb," she continued, as if sitting about the house nude, sipping wine, while her flatmate gropes a man's penis is a common occurrence, "You're a bit far from home, eh?"

"I'm here for University. I met Jeanine through some mates there. I'm in the music courses."

"A musician? Good. You won't be bothered by a little smoke then." Rose reached into the drawer of the chair side table and retrieved a small, colourful, wooden box. Lifting the top, she reached inside and produced a well rolled joint. With a strike of a match, the flame to the tip and a big draw on the joint, Rose smiled as she held the smoke in her lungs. She didn't smoke often, but was happy to do so when she did.

As she stood to pass the joint to Jeanine, Rose exhaled and looked at the couple on the couch. "Am I going to be the only one here naked?" Rose handed the joint to Jeanine, who finally, if only temporarily, released her hold on Caleb's cock. This gave Rose a chance to take hold of the waistband of Caleb's shorts and give it a good tug. Caleb raised his arse from the couch, allowing Rose to pull his shorts out from underneath him, freeing his erection in the process. Rose unceremoniously dropped his shorts to the floor, stating "Now, young man, isn't that better?"

Being flatmates for over three years, Rose and Jeanine had seen each other, and been quite comfortable with each other nude. They'd never touched each other and would never admit to ever harbouring any sapphic feelings towards the other, though they had both given it a wonder at separate times in their relationship.

As Jeanine reached to pass the joint to Caleb, the women locked eyes and Rose took the tiny, lacy string that was Jeanine's knickers' waistband between her fingers. Jeanine didn't wait for a tug to raise her arse for Rose. Rose pulled the garment down, revealing Jeanine's cleanly shaved mound, and damp, pink fanny. As Rose got Jeanine's knickers to her knees, Jeanine raised her feet so Rose could pull her knickers totally from her body. Jeanine lightly bit her bottom lip. Rose licked her lips. Caleb watched tranfixed. Rose took the joint from Caleb as she wrapped Jeanine's knickers around his hard shaft.

Rose turned and stepped back to the table where her wine was sitting. She took a couple of quick puffs of the joint and then a sip of her wine. When she turned back to the couple, Jeanine was just taking the head of Caleb's penis into her mouth. Rose stepped back to the couch, directly in front of Caleb. Jeanine was slowly moving her mouth up and down Caleb's erection. Rose looked Caleb in the eye. "Her mouth feels good, doesn't it?"

"God, yes..."

Rose's wicked smile got even bigger. "I have an idea..." She straddled Caleb's open knees, close but not too close to bother Jeanine. "Sit back and enjoy."

Rose leant in, leaving some, but little room for Jeanine, put the lit end of the joint into her mouth and blew smoke into Caleb's inhaling mouth. After only a few moments, Rose backed away from Caleb who was doing his very best to hold on to not only the smoke, but also the orgasm that was edging closer and closer. Jeanine sat up, smiling, but keeping a hand to Caleb's saliva slick shaft. Without a word, Rose and Jeanine came together, lips touching, as Rose gave a dose of the pungent smoke to Jeanine. Rose's eyes went wide as she felt her nipples touch Jeanine's skin as their lips continued to touch. Rose pulled back enough to pull the near to spent joint from her teeth, tossing it to the open fireplace, only to close back in to kiss Jeanine.

Jeanine did not back away. Instead, she accepted Rose's kiss and opened her mouth to continue. Their kisses were sweet and wet and lustful. Jeanine kept her pace on Caleb's shaft with one hand and massaged Rose's breast with the other. Rose fondled Jeanine's heavy breasts with one hand and reached for her own fanny with the other. She raked her nails through her trimmed pubes, teasing her already excited clit. On the bus, she'd thought she might masturbate in the bath, but didn't think she'd be doing this instead.

Jeanine broke the kiss and moved up and backing Rose away from Caleb. Rose first thought she was kindly being asked to leave so that Jeanine and Caleb could be alone to finish what they'd started. That is, until Jeanine reached her hand between Rose's legs, the heel of her palm resting on Rose's swelling clit. Rose instantly froze, a huge smile appeared on her face.

Keeping contact with Rose's dampening folds, Jeanine stood long enough to manoever herself over Caleb's erection, and, still facing Rose, slowly impale herself on his hardness. Rose watched as Caleb's penis entered Jeanine, as she took him all the way in and pressed hard as she took him to the hilt, a look of sheer bliss on her lovely face. Jeanine started to grind on Caleb's cock and he grabbed her hips, pulling himself even deeper into her. Rose dropped to her knees between both sets of legs and reached in to thumb rub Jeanine's very visible, very hard clit. Jeanine lightly placed a hand on Rose's head, stoking her hair to one side and then the other. Rose used her other hand to massage Caleb's full scrotum, noticing he was also clean shaven.

Jeanine's grinding set the slow, even pace. Rose then moved in and took Jeanine's clit into her warm, wet mouth and gently sucked. Jeanine practically screamed as she came almost instantly. It only took a few moments before she was shaking so badly that she had to roll off Caleb and back on to the couch, leaving Caleb's mast standing tall alone. Rose looked at Jeanine, who was not quite yet ready to return her attention to Caleb, so she moved in and took Caleb's cock into her mouth, tasting Jeanine's nectar as she did. Jeanine smiled as she watched Rose lick Caleb's shaft clean and then lick and suck the purple bulbous head.

"I wanna see you fuck him," Jeanine said to Rose. "You need to feel him inside you."

Rose looked at Caleb, as if he was going to offer any objection, and then climbed up above him to position herself to lower on to him. Jeanine reached in and took Caleb's cock in her hand to steady it for Rose. Rose felt the head slowly spearing into her, deeper, the shaft filling her up, stroking her inner self. She couldn't keep a slow pace as Jeanine had done, instead she was thrusting her hips and moving back quickly, fucking him hard and fast. Caleb couldn't decide if he wanted to play with Rose's tits or grab her hips to help with the thrusting. Soon, Rose was coming, making her thrust harder. Caleb made up his mind and grabbed Rose's hips, holding her down so he could push deeper into her. It was then that she felt Jeanine's nipples on her back and her hands on her tits from behind. The two women started to kiss, but were interrupted by Caleb grunting, "I'm so fuckin' close!"

Jeanine practically lifted Rose from Caleb. Once cleared, they both went face first to his glistening rod. It only took but a few licks from the two women to transform Caleb's staff into a pulsating fountain of spunk. Jeanine and Rose laughed as Caleb unloaded all over his chest and belly, and their faces.

After a dozen mammoth spurts, Caleb fell back on the couch and his penis began to wilt, both happily spent. He didn't care that the front of his body was covered in his own spunk. He simply felt so very good. Rose and Jeanine, though, were not quite ready to stop playing, and with Caleb out of the game, they turned to each other, each with a wicked smile. Jeanine wiped some of Caleb's spunk from the side of Rose's face, only to spread it all over Rose's tits. Laughing, Rose did the same to Jeanine. The laughing subsided to giggling that gave way to sensual moaning when Rose started to lick and suck Caleb's spunk from Jeanine's nipples.

Somewhere after Jeanine was clean of the salty goo, Rose gently pushed Jeanine back onto the couch, continuing to lick, suck and massage Jeanine's large tits. As she lay back, Jeanine opened her legs and Rose crept between them, her hand finding Jeanine's slick, wet opening and smoothly shaved mound. Rose massaged Jeanine's wetness into her as she used the heel of her hand to give pressure to Jeanine's already excited clit. Jeanine hugged Rose to her as Rose inserted two fingers into Jeanine, wiggling and twisting, gently massaging Jeanine's tightening slick inner walls. This time, Rose kept her pace as she methodically, excruciatingly, pistoned her fingers in and out of Jeanine's ever tightening canal. Jeanine's breathing became shorter, more laboured as she closed in on the orgasm that was building inside her. Rose then kissed her way down Jeanine's body until her mouth found Jeanine's wet slit.

After a few light kisses, Rose licked and kissed and sucked Jeanine's fanny as she sped up her fingering. Jeanine's hands both went to the back of Rose's head, which Rose rightly took as a request to suck Jeanine's hard excited clit and speed up her fingering. The relative silence of the room was suddenly shattered by Jeanine's yelps and cries as Rose continued to finger and suck Jeanine. Jeanine's orgasm was intense and hard, and as she held Rose to her. Rose's sucking gave way to kisses, her fingering giving way to petting.

"Fuck," was all Jeanine could manage as she gulped and tried her best to even her breathing.

"Wow," came quietly from Caleb, though his flaccid penis didn't display the appreciation of his statement.

Rose got herself to her feet to go get a few sips of her wine. Jeanine grabbed Rose's wrist, smiling, said "Oh, no you don't, Dearie," and pulled Rose back down to the couch. Jeanine went directly to Rose's trimmed fanny, spreading her wet lips with her thumbs and inserting her long tongue into Rose's wetness. Jeanine wrapped her arms around Rose's thighs for better leverage and began licking and sucking Rose with wild abandon. Rose instantly felt the explosion start deep within her as Jeanine skillfully tongue fucked Rose's cavity. Unable to contain her excitement, Rose moaned and thrashed to Jeanine's loving. She hooked her legs behind Jeanine's back to try to pull her in even closer.

It was when Jeanine removed her tongue from Rose's canal, only to replace it with two fast stabbing fingers, that sent Rose over the edge. She grabbed her own tits, pinching her already achingly hard nipples, and thrust her hips at Jeanine, meeting Jeanine's fingering stroke for orgasmic stroke. She then pushed so hard she clenched Jeanine's fingers and wouldn't let them retreat. Her toes curled as she flung her legs up, trying to keep Jeanine's fingers in place. She felt as if she couldn't get enough air as every muscle in her body twitched and trembled...

Rose came to a few moments later, the body tingle of her quick black out slowly subsiding, her head happliy swimming in post-orgasmic endorphin and mild marijuana buzz. She again found her feet and, with a little wobble, managed to cross the small room to sit in the chair next to her still waiting glass of wine. With heavy breaths, she took a sip of her wine while looking at Jeanine and Caleb, each collapsed on the couch. "After the day I had," she said to the room, "my intention was to take a nice, warm bath with a little smoke and some wine, relax, and possibly masturbate." All three shared a smile. "I may still get to a bath..."