06 June 2010

A Fortnight in Paradise - Part 3

Maggie woke alone in darkness, only a tiny light shining from the bathroom. She felt as if she were on a cloud, from the softness of the duck down comforter under her. It took a few moments for her to realize where she was, because she didn't recognize anything from her point of view and couldn't quite remember how she got where she was. She moved to the edge of the bed away from the light in the bathroom. After a few blinks, her eyes became more accustomed to the darkness. She stepped to the French door leading to the East balcony and stepped through. She was immediately caught by the brightness of the stars that hung in the sky. It seemed they were so close, almost touchable, so beautiful it made Maggie catch her breath. She walked over to the balcony and remembered her fantastic orgasm there. Her and Cara. She looked down to the floor and saw Cara's white bikini bottoms still lying where she had dorpped them. Maggie's pussy became wet and she smiled.

The waning sliver of Moon was in the West and the Caribbean to the East was almost black, with faint shimmers as it mirrored the stars in the sky. Maggie bent to pick up Cara's bikini bottoms, and smiled. She brought the garment to her face and inhaled. Cara's scent was still strong on the fabric, eliciting another smile from Maggie, her body remembering the orgasm as well as her mind.

Maggie turned, Cara's bikini still in her hand, and returned to her suite through the French doors of the bedroom. Instead of going back to bed, she went into the kitchen and retreived a bottle of cold water from the fridge. The light from the fridge illuminated the kitchen and lounge in an eerie, unreal glow. Maggie closed the small fridge and turned to the counter that separated the kitchen from the lounge. She set Cara's bikini on the counter and took another sip of her water. She toyed with the garment, remembering how it clung so sweetly to Cara's hips as she rounded the check in desk. Maggie hoped she'd be able to do far more with Cara than just mutual masturbation.

Finishing her small bottle of water, Maggie left Cara's bikini on the counter as she returned to the bedroom, crawled up on her downy cloud and returned to sleep. Her contented smile lasted the rest of the night.

Morning came much earlier than expected, as Maggie was awakened to the sound of a door bell. The person ringing the door bell was obviously trying to wake Maggie, since the chime sounded every 30 seconds. Maggie shook the sleep from her head and rubbed her eyes as she stepped to the main door. Half way to the door she remembered why she couldn't earlier remember how she got to bed. Her hangover was just getting to full bloom as she opened the door.

"I so hoped you'd answer the door naked," smiled Linda.

Despite the full Moscow Ballet dancing to a strong hip-hop beat in her head, Maggie managed a smile, truly enjoying the sight of Linda in her tiny green bikini bottoms standing in her door. After a few moments, Maggie giggled, "I'm so sorry. I have absolutely no idea where my brain just was. Please come in. You look lovely."

"You wouldn't believe how many of these bikini bottoms I've invested in. Barely covers my clit, but I have to wear some form of bottoms while I'm on the clock."

"Sorry, but what time is it?"

"Almost eight..."

"In the morning?"

"Yes!" Linda laughed. "I heard about the performance you and Cara put on yesterday. I would've loved to have seen that!"

"Only if you intend to join..." Maggie motioned for Linda to come in to her suite. "I was sound asleep, but I don't want to waste a minute of my holiday, hangover or not!"

"Well, good!" smiled Linda. "It just so happens I'm here to invite you to breakfast. The bartender makes a killer Bloody Mary. There's also a large assortment of fruit, muffins, yogurt... it's a great breakfast spread. So, you have five minutes to get your adoable body into the shower and get ready. No arguments, Shoosh!" Linda clapped her hands for emphasis.

Other than her whirlwind tour when she arrived and a quick pee in the middle of the night, Maggie hadn't really seen the bathroom of her suite. "Oh my stars!" she exclaimed as she stepped into the shower. "The shower's larger than me wardrobe at home! You have to come see this!"

Linda knew the inside of the resort's guest rooms well, so the shower was not the attraction that made her comply with Maggie's request. Linda arrived just as Maggie was bend slightly back at her waist, allowing the water to rinse through her hair, her arms behind her head, full breasts stretched and her nipples taught. "I don't come calling on every resort guest we get." Linda was telling the truth. She was rarely anywhere on the island without Frank. She always felt it was safer for everyone that way.

"The thought never occurred to me. Why are you telling me this?"

Linda slipped off the tiny bikini bottom to reveal her moist lips, hinting at the pink within. "Today is my 45th birthday and I want to spend it being slightly naughty and doing something I've never done before." With that, Linda stepped into the shower with Maggie and kissed her.

Maggie happily accepted Linda's kiss, hugging and kissing her back. As their tongues mingled, their hands began to explore each other. When Maggie felt Linda's fingers searching between her legs, Maggie opened her legs a little to accept Linda's hand. Maggie broke the kiss, "I can't believe you're 45! I'm not even 30 yet and you're far more beautiful than me!"

"I am truly 45, Maggie, but I don't feel old! I feel sexy and alive!"

"So you should! Look at you!"

Linda blushed a little. "Would you mind granting me a birthday wish? Would you be my first woman to have sex with?"

Maggie took a step back in disbelief. "You've never been with another woman?"

"The closest I've ever been is a room mate and I years ago used to watch each other masturbate. I loved her so much. I couldn't wait to see her naked, and for me to get naked with her. I'd cum so many times then lick my fingers clean, savouring the taste, wishing and wanting to taste her, but she wouldn't even kiss me. I knew by our kiss on the plane that you might... that you could..." Linda's voice trailed off and she stared into Maggie's green eyes.

Maggie stepped back to Linda and softly, gently kissed her. Moments later, she broke the kiss saying "I'd love to grant such a beautiful wish."

They stepped out of the shower and towelled each other dry. Still in the bathroom, Maggie took Linda's hand. "Did you have sex with Frank yet today?"

"Yes. Why...?"

"Mmmm... good." smiled Maggie as she continued to explore Linda's body. "What did you do? Don't spare the details..."

"I woke him up a couple of hours ago. I was already horny, so I massaged his cock until it was good and hard..."

"Mmmm... I like hard cocks, too... go on..." whispering in Linda's ear as she fondled her breasts.

"I like being on top, so I pushed him back and slid him into me. It wasn't long before he grabbed my tits... I love it when he grabs my tits while he's inside me... I rode him..." Linda's breath was becoming more laboured, just remembering the feeling of the lovemaking she had with Frank. Maggie's fondling and kissing and carressing didn't deter any from Linda's excitement, either. While Linda was talking, Maggie manoevered her to the large vanity. Linda continued, lost in her remembering, "I came so hard on him... he was so deep in me... his thumbs were tweaking my nipples..." Linda's thumbs went to her rock hard nipples, mimicking her description of Frank's gestures. Maggie had dropped down between Linda's open legs, quite intent on the story, and enjoying watching the fluid actually build up and leak from Linda's open pussy. "I had to have cum four or five times all over Frank's cock..."

Just then, Maggie stuck her experienced tongue into Linda's wet opening and began to lick and kiss and suck. Linda actually screamed as soon as Maggie's tongue touched her. In the same instant, Linda's hands went to the back of Maggie's head. Maggie only licked and sucked harder, iliciting a small squirt of fluid from Linda as she trembled and convulsed to the floor. Maggie wasn't quite ready to stop, though. Her tongue danced around Linda's hard, exposed clit as she inserted two fingers into Linda's spasming pussy. Maggie could feel Linda's thighs trembling as she continued to wiggle and twist her fingers inside Linda, causing Maggie to don a very wicked smile.

With both hands firmly on Maggie's shoulders, Linda tried pushing Maggie away, panting "enough", but Maggie was still persuing that one last orgasm to truly put Linda over the edge. Can't have your first lesbian experience on your 45th birthday and not have the best orgasm ever to go with it. There's some rule written somewhere about that. It didn't take long for Maggie to find just the right spot and Linda emitted a powerful scream, along with a huge stream of fluid. Maggie retrieved her fingers to lick them clean. She then cuddled Linda as she whimpered and shook in post-orgasmic bliss on the clean, cool tiling of the bathroom floor.

Linda, practically sobbing, smiled "I've never cum like that before in my life."

Maggie kissed her and cooed "Happy birthday."

Both women burst out laughing.

"I'm sorry I interrupted your story... how did you finish it with Frank?"

"I did my absolute favourite thing to do with him. I slid off of him, my pussy dripping all over his cock. I licked him clean of my juices and then sucked him until he came like a gusher in my mouth. I so love the taste of his cum. Really. I love to swallow every last drop. If I can't suck him off at least once a day, I can get pretty cranky..." her voice trailed off, smiling.

"Mmmm... the last man I was with, I felt the same way. I just couldn't drink enough of his cum. We had nothing else in common. It didn't last."

"I'm sorry, Honey. Was he supposed to come with you on this holiday?"

Maggie burst out laughing. "Tommy? Fuck no! I'd have so much more fun with his wife!"

"Well," giggled Linda, "if you get thirsty for cum while you're here, I might share a little Frank with you." And she kissed Maggie.

They lay together on the floor for a while, just touching and light kissing, smiling and staring into each other's eyes. The silence was broken by a hunger rumble in Maggie's belly. "As much as I enjoyed eating your delectable pussy, sounds like my belly is in need of more sustenance. I seem to recall something about breakfast?"

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