27 June 2010

Missy and Robbie

Missy woke before dawn, catching the alarm just as it started it's annoying squeal. She turned to see the alarm hadn't disturbed Robbie, angelicly sleeping under his muss of red hair. The only thing scruffier than Robbie was their terrier mix dog, Snarf, curled up at Robbie's feet. Missy toyed with the thought of waking Robbie, rolling him over, onto his back, so she could mount him and ride until they both shook in pleasure. A quick glance at the clock told her she'd have to wait until later to feel him inside her, if she was going to make it to work on time. Missy hated working the early Saturday shift. What trade they did get were usually old and craggy and demanding. She preferred working Saturday afternoons, if she had to work a Saturday at all. The trade was busier, mostly pints and chips, and there was almost always a football match on the telly. People were just generally happier on Saturday afternoons.

The kettle screaming on the cooker woke Robbie. Missy had put the kettle on and then gotten in the shower. Robbie lumbered into the kitchen to pull the kettle and make Missy's tea. He thought of stepping into the shower with her, grabbing her perfect hips and taking her passionately from behind. His penis bounced between his legs in approval, but Robbie knew Missy needed to get to work on time if she wanted to keep her job. He didn't want her to lose her job because of him, especially when she was the only one working. He stepped into the bath to let her know her tea was on, the sight of her in the shower, all wet and soapy, head back rinsing her luscious black hair, only fuelled his desire for her.

Missy stepped out of the shower and was handed her towel by Robbie. She saw his smile and his erection, feeling her nipples harden at the sight. The image of her taking him in her mouth flashed through her mind, and she licked her lips at the thought of his spunk in her mouth. She wrapped the towel around her to dry herself, standing on her tip toes to kiss him on the cheek as she exited the bath. She needed to hurry and get dressed before her libido overpowered her will. Robbie gave her an understanding smile and wrapped a towel around his waist in an attempt to keep from further tempting Missy. Robbie sat on the couch in the lounge and flipped on the telly, aimlessly surfing the channels, trying to get the image of Missy's face in beautiful orgasm out of his mind. He knew from the look on her face in the bath that she wasn't turning him down, that she wanted him as much as he wanted her, and she was just putting the idea on hold. And to Robbie, Missy was truly worth waiting for.

The dog bounced in to the lounge, climbed up next to Robbie and sat herself down, her left paw held up to him to shake. Missy was only a few steps behind Snarf, dressed in tight jeans and a V-neck t-shirt, ready to go to work. Robbie then went back to the bedroom, threw on his kilt and a t-shirt so he could let Snarf out to the back garden to run. He returned to the lounge to see Missy sitting on the couch, sipping her tea, her long hair still wet from the shower making a growing wet spot on the back of her shirt. Robbie sat next to her, taking her hair in his hands and, without a word, started to braid her hair. Missy took the elasticated band from around her wrist that she was going to use to simply tie her hair back and handed it to Robbie, allowing him to neatly finish the braid. She kissed him, wishing she could continue kissing him, got up from the couch, collected her purse and left the house to go to work.

Robbie fixed himself a cup of tea, collected Snarf from her patrol of the back garden and pondered his Saturday. He also hated Missy working Saturday mornings. Used to be, Missy would wander the house naked on the weekends, rarely dressing at all between Friday and Monday. Her sexual appetite was enormous and she would instigate many encounters in a day. Working Saturdays hadn't diminished her lidido, just lessened the opportunities. And on the busier days, she'd be too tired to have, or enjoy a romp with Robbie. Thanks to the economy, there wasn't much work for Robbie, if at all, and Missy's parents owned the pub where she was working. She hired on there because a pretty girl in a revealing top is always a more welcome sight behind a bar or waiting tables than a 198 cm tall, muscular 17 1/2 stone, scruffy looking Scot.

Robbie finished his tea and finished getting dressed. It was a beautiful Saturday morning and he wasn't going to let it go to waste. He couldn't have sex with Missy, and a wank would just make him more frustrated, so he dropped his keys, cash, and mobile into his sporran, collected Snarf, and headed out the door for a walk in the hills. Once they'd crossed the bridge at the far end of the village, Robbie unhooked Snarf's lead. She wouldn't go far without Robbie. She'd been with him her entire six years, even longer than Missy.

As they wandered through the wooded hills, they came across a meadowy spot overlooking the river. Robbie smiled as he sat next to the lone standing stone in the clearing, remembering the incredible sex he and Missy shared at that spot, re-igniting his erection. He retreived his moblie from his sporran and checked for a signal. Seeing he had a strong signal, he took a quick photo of the standing stone and sent it to Missy. If she was in the mood he was hoping she was in, she'd understand the message.

Work was annoyingly slower than usual. Missy sat at the end of the bar, sipping on a tea that had gone cold. If business didn't pick up, there'd be no reason for her to even be there. They'd only done two breakfasts in as many hours, and Missy couldn't get her mind off the many different sexual scenarios she wanted with Robbie. She noticed her mobile on the shelf behind the bar, the light flashing indicating a message. She smiled a crooked smile and picked up her mobile. Robbie's message was received and well understood, causing Missy's fanny to dampen. Missy hopped off the barstool to hunt down her Mum, who was the main cook of the pub. Missy found her out the back door of the kitchen, smoking a cigarette. After explaining that it was costing the pub more money to pay her than they were taking in at the moment, she'd save them the money and check out for the day. Before Mum could come back with a reply, Missy kissed her cheek, collected her purse and her mobile, and went to the loo in the pub, locking the door behind her. In two swift moves, Missy had pulled her t-shirt off over her head and removed her bra, freeing her breasts and hard, begging to be sucked nipples. She picked up her mobile and, facing the mirror, she took a photo of herself and quickly sent it to Robbie, telling him to stay where he was. She pulled her t-shirt back on, her nipples straining at the material, and dropped her bra in her purse. She was out the front door of the pub and on her way to the clearing in less than a minute.

Robbie received Missy's message with a cheer, his reply was a quickly taken photo of his erection.

The sky was darkening as Missy hurried herself through the wood, her need for Robbie increasing with every step. Robbie sat patiently next to the stone, watching the sky fill with clouds, hoping the rain would stay away long enough for he and Missy to get home. Missy stopped when she saw the clearing come into view. She couldn't see Robbie, since he was sitting on the far side of the standing stone. She did, however, see Snarf stretched out on her back, snoozing next to the stone. She smiled and dropped her purse to the ground. she kicked off her trainers, the soft moss on the ground felt cool beneath her feet. She in turn peeled off her jeans and her shirt, leaving her standing in the wood wearing nothing but her smile and tattoos. She folded her clothes and slipped them into her purse, then stepped back into her trainers so she wouldn't have to worry about completing the walk to the clearing.

Snarf lifted her head and then got to her feet when she saw Missy step into the clearing, bowing and stretching as Missy approached, her short, stubby tail twitching back and forth. Missy smiled and patted Snarf on the head as she removed her trainers, setting them and her purse on the ground next to the dog. Robbie was unaware of Missy's arrival as he sat on the far side of the stone, lost in imagining what Missy may have in her mind for him.

Missy rounded the stone and Robbie instantly caught she was there, and if the smile on his face were any bigger, it would've cut the top of his head clean off. He bagan to stand to greet her, but she put her hand to his shoulder to keep him in place as she knelt in the soft grass next to him. They shared a smile and several kisses. Missy reached up Robbie's kilt to find exactly what she wanted, his penis hard and ready for her.

Missy helped Robbie out of his shirt and removed his sporran, Robbie was already working the buckles on his kilt. As Missy turned back to Robbie after setting his shirt and sporran down, he was spreading open his beloved tartan, exposing his beautiful hard penis. As she reached to touch it, she felt herself get wetter in her need. A few more kisses and Robbie reached behind Missy, his fingers finding her wet opening, begging them to enter. Missy pushed back on to his fingers, drawing them deeper inside her as she bent to take his hardness into her sex hungry mouth. Robbie gently eased two fingers in and out of Missy, coating them in her nectar, as she savoured the taste of him in her mouth. A few more strokes by Robbie and Missy couldn't take it anymore, wanting and needing to replace his fingers with his cock. Missy quickly shifted herself over him and before he could say anything, she had impaled herself on his rock hard shaft, taking him to the hilt in one quick insertion.

Missy liked being on top of Robbie, and Robbie liked Missy being on top. She grabbed his hand and sucked her juices from his soaked fingers while his other hand went to her gorgeous breast. With his penis burried deep inside her, the taste of herself on his fingers, her orgasm hit hard the instant his fingers pinched her hard, sensative nipple. Robbie quickly let go of Missy's nipple to put his arm behind her as he took the same nipple in his mouth and sucked. Missy held Robbie hard to her breast as she pushed herself harder on him, pushing his cock even deeper inside.

Large, cold, heavy raindrops started to hit the ground, the stone, and Missy and Robbie. Robbie grabbed Missy's hips as she leant back, allowing the rain to haphazardly pelt her breasts, as he pistoned in and out, and back into her ever tightening, spasming fanny. Missy continued to tremble and quiver on him, her orgasm ebbing and peaking with every stroke of his cock. Missy didn't know or care how close Robbie was, since the hot explosion of his spunk deep within her was not only welcomed, but would certainly push her own orgasm over the egde.

The rain did nothing to cool Missy and Robbie off. In fact, it made the scene even more erotic for the both of them. Robbie picked Missy up by the hips, off of his cock, bringing her soaked, well trimmed fanny up to his face. Missy let out a scream of excitement and joy as Robbie's tongue touched her diamond hard clit. He licked and sucked as she yelped out her excitement, her orgasm shifting gears into overdrive. Robbie so loved pleasing Missy orally, getting her sweet nectar all over his beard and face. Moments later, Robbie quickly slid out from under Missy. She was already bracing herself with her elbows to the stone thanks to his holding her to his face. He quickly stood behind her and grabbed her hips. She instantly pushed her arse in the air, offering herself to be taken from behind, as the rain began to fall harder.

Robbie teased Missy, stroking the bulbous head of his cock from her clit to her arse several times before ever so achingly slow, began to enter her tightening fanny. Robbie held her hips firm to keep her from bucking back, to keep her from going too fast. He knew she'd already orgasmed several times over, and would continue to orgasm, as long as he could stay with it. He didn't want Missy's overexcitement causing his orgasm to happen too soon. He was enjoying this far too much. Missy fought back, though, trying to get him as deep inside her as she could, as quickly as she could. Several attempts were greeted by his holding her firm, and a laugh that said he was now in charge. Robbie further teased her by just barely entering her and then pulling back out. Before she could utter another protest, Robbie, his hands still firmly on her hips, lifted her feet from the ground and pushed himself into her as far as he could push, holding her suspended as he quickly withdrew, only to push in and up again. Missy, braced as best she could against the wet rock, yelped and screamed her excitement, which gave Robbie free license to continue his insertions, as the rain continued to fall.

Missy convinced Robbie to allow her to turn back around, to face him, with her back against the cold, wet stone. With her legs around his waist and her arms around his shoulders, she kissed his face and mouth as he pistoned himself in and out and in to her over and over and over. The stone was smooth on her back and Robbie's cock was hard inside her and the rain was making everthing wet and sexy. Robbie's orgasm was building fast and Missy could tell he was close to unloading his spunk. Just as quickly, she decided that she wanted it in her mouth and told Robbie so. He withdrew from her, allowing her to drop to her knees before him, her mouth quickly engulfing his throbbing manhood. She tasted herself on him, a taste she enjoyed and would never tire of, a taste that only made her want his seed even more.

Robbie felt his knees weaken as he tried to hold on, even if for a second or two before blasting his spunk in hot, wonderful spurts into Missy's wanting mouth. Missy took what she could swallow, only to have her mouth filled and refilled every time she swallowed. Robbie slumped to his knees and then fell to his back, causing his cock to become dislodged from Missy's mouth, sending a shot to her face and another to her chest, which dribbled quickly down to her nipples as it mixed with the rain. As Robbie's erection deflated, she took him again in her mouth to get the last few drops of his spunk, and then curled up next to him, her head on his recovering chest. The couple lay there, smiling in the rain, enjoying their togetherness in the place where they had made love for the very first time.

Time passed and the rain began to let up. Snarf had come out of her hiding place in the wood. She wasn't silly enough to stay out in the rain.