25 July 2010

Even in Dreams...

I feel her next to me in our sleep. We nuzzle and nestle together, naked and intertwined after the beauty of our love making. Waking only momentarily, I see her lying on her back, her breasts rise and fall to the slow rhythm of her breathing. I cuddle closer to her right side, my face nuzzling under her right breast, my right hand finding her left breast. Her delicate right arm falls behind my back, pulling me in closer. Again, I drift back to sleep, cradled next to my beautiful lover.

Slowly waking, I feel movement next to me. I haven’t moved much since last drifting away, except my right leg that was over her’s is now under her bent knee. I wake a little more, realizing the movement I feel is my love masturbating. How wonderful!

Not wishing to interrupt her, I give her left breast a slight squeeze. Her response is a moan of pleasure. I then move slightly to suckle her right breast, still giving the other a light, steady grip. Another moan, deeper than the first, her left hand quickening it’s pace between her lovely legs and her other lightly gripping the back of my head tell me she’s enjoying herself. After a few moments of suckling, I crawl up to her ear, planting light kisses upon her soft skin along the way.

Upon reaching her ear, I lightly suck in the earlobe, causing another deep moan. I whisper into her ear. I tell her how beautiful and sexy she is. I tell her how beautiful and sexy her masturbation is. I tell how wonderful I feel to be able to witness such a beautiful and sexy thing, all the while lightly massaging her breasts and kissing at her ear and neck. Her pace quickens and her breathing becomes more laboured and her moans, much louder now than my whispering, fill the otherwise noiseless room.

I begin to relate one of our favourite fantasies, the one where we’re alone on a tropical atoll, swimming naked in the warm water of the lagoon. She moans my name and pulls me closer to her, her left hand a blur as she reaches her point of no return. Her hips start to buck in rhythm to her own stimulation. Her moans of pleasure give way to yelps of passion. My name is uttered again, this time in a scream, as she announces her orgasm. Again, I whisper in her ear how beautiful she is and how much I love her. As her orgasm explodes, she throws her left arm around me and I return the embrace. She nuzzles her face between my breasts and holds on for dear life as her orgasmic convulsions slowly subside. All the while I stroke her hair and kiss the top of her head until she falls asleep in my arms.

I, too, am very wet, but satisfied in my lover’s pleasure. Besides, my turn will come soon enough…

The twilight of dawn creeps through my window as I slowly wake. The feeling of my lover nestled between my breasts instantly reminds me of the playful love we shared no too long ago. As my mind wakes, so does my arousal. I’m still very wet from simply watching my love masturbate. Okay, okay, so I helped a little. But, now, it’s my turn. I don’t wish to wake her, not just yet. Let her sleep.

With my left hand, I start to slowly trace a line from my right nipple to my pubes, remembering how we made love last night and how she masturbated just an hour or so ago. The usual tingling between my legs upon arousal was quickly being replaced by a three alarm fire! I can’t help it, I just love sex! My nipples visibly hardened as my finger crossed my belly, inching ever so slowly toward the promised land. I felt my legs spread a little and I didn’t even think about it. My right hand found my left breast just as it’s counterpart slid from my curly red pubes into the slick wetness between my swollen lips. My back started to arch as the blaze between my legs grew hotter, fueled by my index and middle fingers dipping inside me. I squeezed my breast as my fingers slipped ever further inside my silky slick hole. My thumb brushed my clit and that was the last straw!

My right hand brought my left nipple to my mouth and I began sucking like a starving infant. Meanwhile, my left hand is doing it’s best penis imitation and fucking my pussy stupid, while my thumb is trying to indent my clit. I completely lost control... I never actually had it.

Somewhere in the midst of this very wonderful self-fuck, my right nipple is put into the jaws of a Hoover. I only came out of the fog long enough to remember I wasn’t alone to start with and she must be awake now. Good. I pulled my fingers out of the lake between my legs and stuffed them into my mouth as I rolled over and stuck my cute little arse into the air, straddling my lover. Her hands were immediately to my breasts as we locked in a tongue battle to rival the very best. The fingers of both of my hands were all over my pussy. Rub inside, rub my clit, rub my lips, rub my pubes...

I woke up with a start from a sound sleep... 4 a.m. alone. I looked around my bedroom, got up, looked over the rail of the loft. My dog was sleeping in her spot next to the fireplace, no reason for me to worry. My nipples hardened a bit from the chill of the night air. Wide awake at 4 a.m., I flipped on the telly to see if there was anything on to zone me out enough to go back to sleep. Surfing through the endless channels of shite, I landed on one of those mindless little tittie movies that only comes on at night. I snuggled back into my warm bed, ready to be bored back to sleep by the movie.

As it would happen, instead of being bored back to sleep, I started getting into the movie. There was less than no plot, but the lead woman was almost always totally nude. She was gorgeous. She didn’t have those over stuffed silicone/saline tits that these movies usually show, either. In fact, from what I could see, they looked natural. As I watched her prance naked on my TV screen, my now warm again nipples started to harden again and I felt that familiar dampening of my fannythat I love so much. I brushed my hand across my left nipple and gave it a little squeeze. Instantly my clit tingled. I continued to watch but was less into what was happening with the movie than I was with just watching her naked. My fingers found their way to my now very wet pussy. I placed a finger between my lips to touch my throbbing clit and brought it back out wet. Immediately it went to my mouth. I absolutely love the taste of pussy, especially my own.

The movie then became a blur. I started masturbating. Slowly at first, teasing myself. Touching my nipples and lightly pinching them while rubbing my outer lips together. The woman on the screen was having a pool party and everybody was nude. My rubbing got more localized as my finger slipped inside my fannylips and my other hand was now cupping my left tit. I raised my left nipple to my mouth and gave it a good lick, while two of my fingers were gently, but firmly, sliding in and out of my ever wetter pussy. My attention was brought back to the movie just as the pool party was transforming into an orgy. Men with women, many women with women, and even one male couple.

A third finger joined the other two in my fannyand the pace was quickening. My left nipple, now very hard, was sucked into my mouth as I tried to inhale my own tit. My moaning increased as did the noises from the orgy on the telly. I glanced up just in time to see one of the men shooting gobs and gobs of cum onto the chest of our leading lady as another woman was there with her mouth wide open, taking in what she could of his wonderful spew.

The fingers that were in my fanny replaced the rock hard nipple in my mouth as I sucked my own juices from them. My other hand was feverishly rubbing my screaming clit. My feet pushed against the mattress, raising my arse into the air while moans of pleasure escaped from around my soaked fingers. My orgasm was building rapidly as I rolled over onto my belly and got up on my knees with my beautiful pussy reaching toward the telly. Both of my hands were now teasing and pulling and fucking and rubbing and spreading my aching fanny as I screamed in ecstasy into my pillow. I humped back against myself, rubbing my tits and very swollen, very hard nipples across my soft cotton sheets.

I reached the point of no return as I sat up, wildly rubbing my throbbing clit with both hands. I threw my head back and let out a throaty scream as I exploded in orgasm, my hands now rubbing my wetness all over my body. Trying to catch my breath, I fell onto the bed and rolled over onto my back, panting. I then curled up under my covers and fell back to sleep…