04 July 2010

Now That's a Holiday - part 2

"I never get tired of watching you please Anna," smiled Brad as Trish climbed onto the bed next to him. "It's just so fucking hot."

"I'm glad you enjoy it, Loverboy, 'cause next to this thing," Trish lovingly placed her hand around Brad's cock, "she's the best fuck I've ever had. Sometimes I wish I had a cock like this so I could fuck her like you fuck me." Trish stroked Brad's cock and gave it a little squeeze.

"Well, Baby," Brad smiled, "if you had a cock, I wouldn't be in bed with you now..."

"If I had a cock, I'd fuck your arse until we both exploded." Trish licked the tip of Brad's cock.

"Sorry, my love, but no. Not even in fantasy. Nothing anal, not now, not ever."

Trish gulped down half the length of Brad's meat into her mouth and slowly retreated. "Yeah, I'd rather suck you than fuck your arse, anyway," she said before diving back down on Brad.

Meanwhile, Anna was slowly impaling herself on David's erection. "My stars! I love this thing inside me!" she moaned as she lowered herself on him.

David gently cupped her breasts and rubbed his thumb over her hard nipples. "I love to watch you..." he paused as she finished her descent on his cock. "Oohh, yeah! Your pussy is so hot, Babe! And so tight!" He closed his eyes and slowly raised his hips to push even further inside her. David then took his hands from her tits and slid them down to her hips, landing a thumb next to her clit.

Anna's shivers were almost immediate. She started to raise herself but David's grasp on her hips was firm, and his constant push kept his cock as far into her as it could go. He slowly worked his thumb on her clit. Anna's eyes closed and her mouth opened in pure delight. "I told you I love watching you," he smiled as he quickened his rubbing of her nub.

Her gutteral moans and groans got heavier as Anna grasped her tits and pulled at them in pseudo rhythm to David's diddling.

"There she goes again," Trish said as she popped Brad's cock from her mouth. A wicked grin appeared on her face. "Wanna join them?" Without waiting for an answer from Brad, she hopped off the bed and moved towards the door. "I do."

Brad followed her into David and Anna's room and got there just in time to see Trish standing a foot or two from the bed, in full view of both Anna and David, with her fingers quickly working her swollen clit. He moved up gently behind his wife and whispered in her ear "Grab the edge of the bed and hold on."

Trish quickly complied and, as soon as her hands touched the bed, Brad grasped her hips and shoved his hard cock deep into her hot, wet pussy in one slow, full push. Once all the way in, Trish immediately started pushing back to each of Brad's thrusts. It wasn't long before all four were moaning and grunting in fuck all orgasmic bliss. Their orgasms were so close together, it was as if they all came at once. Anna collapsed on David, planting kiss after kiss on his face between breaths and I love you's.

Trish had moved herself onto the bed while Brad was pounding her from behind. His orgasm was so intense that he just melted over his wife's back and rolled next to her side at the foot of the bed. The heavy breathing and random giggles slowly gave way to the gentle sounds of all four sleeping, curled up on the bed in David and Anna's room.

The rain finally gave way shortly after sunset, the meteor shower was due within an hour. Brad, Trish, Anna, and David were all sleeping happily.

Quite some time later, Anna loosed herself from the pile of lovers on the bed and groggily padded to the bathroom to pee. Not bothering with the light, she sleepily sat down on the toilet seat and began her pee, recalling the day's sexy events in her mind with a contented smile. With her pee done, she reached for the paper to wipe herself. It was then that she realized something was terribly wrong. Anna's shreik woke the rest and they all tumbled to the bathroom to see what was the matter. A flick of the light answered that question. Sitting on the toilet seat where Anna believed she was sitting, was David. Standing crowded in the door were Anna, Trish, and Brad. Anna knew that it was her sitting on the toilet, but the sight of her body standing in the door with her friends made her shreik again.

"Dude, what's wrong?" was sort of Brad's voice coming from Trish's body. "Wait, a sec!" looking around, eyes widening, "this is fucked up..." And they all started talking at once. Moments later, after clearing out of the bathroom and all sitting on the bed they'd made love on earlier that afternoon, they concluded that they had each somehow, in their slumber, switched bodies with their respective spouse.

Brad, in Trish's body, looked at his own body and smiled. "This is what you get for wanting a cock to fuck Anna with."

Anna, in David's body, smiled sheepishly, looked first at Trish and then at Brad, "Really? Oh, Baby, I love you, too." And David's body was hugging and kissing Brad's body.

David, in Anna's body, shouted "No, no, no! Sorry, you two. Until we can sort this out, the sex is going to have to wait."

Anna replies, "Really? Take a look at the hard on I'm getting! Wow, so this is how this feels! It's fucking brilliant!" And she started to slowly stroke the growing penis between her legs.

"Oh my god, Brad! Yeah!" Chimed Trish as she started to stroke her new cock. "This feels so great! No wonder you're hard so often!" Her eyes flashed. "This thing is huge! I wonder if I can get it in my mouth." She leant forward, holding the head of her cock as pulled as she could get it, but was just shy of her goal. "Damn!" she frowned, "I wanted to suck it!"

"No, no! Anna, er, David? Fuck!" Brad stammered. "David's right! We have to hold off of the sex until we can sort this out." He stated with a bit of fear in his eye.

Trish smiled. "Touch yourself."


"Touch yourself. That's my pussy you're wearing. Touch it. You couldn't get enough of it when it was between my legs, so touch it."

Slowly, Brad's fingers were timidly working the soft, damp folds between his legs. His eyes closed and his nipples hardened. "I guess masturbation isn't totally out of the question," he smiled and quickened his fingering. "You've got to try it, Dave. I'm still not sure about sex with any of you lot, but this feels so good... so very good..." his voice trailed off as he, yet again, quickened his fingering.

Watching the rest of them pleasuring themselves, David couldn't hold out much longer. He first cupped his breasts and felt the mild sting of his nipples hardening. He licked his lips and slowly ran his hand down his flat belly to the blonde patch of pubic hair. He unconsciously opened his legs wider before he allowed his hand to descend further. As soon as his finger touched his clit, he barked "oh, shit!" And then continued exploring his new body.

After several minutes of glorious new masturbatory feelings, Trish suddenly leant forward again, sticking her tongue out. "I've gotta try," she said, almost to herself, still vigorously stroking her cock. After much effort, she was finally able to touch the very tip of her tongue to her cock. That was enough and she was rewarded with several spurts of hot, sticky jism in her mouth and on her face. She licked and swallowed and contuinued to stroke her spent cock. "Yes!" she cheered. "And I still love that taste!"

"That was so hot!" cried Anna as she cupped her balls just in time to shoot her load so hard, it landed on her shoulder down to her nipple. Two more spurts on her belly and she quickly let go of her balls, scooped up the cum from her belly and stuck her fingers in her mouth. "Yeah! Oh, yeah!" she mumbled through her fingers. "I still like it, too. Mmmm..."

Shortly after, Brad and David were writhing in their respective orgasms. David kept mumbling "this feels so fucking good" while his hands were busy diddling his pussy. Brad was reduced to mumbles of "oh, yeah" while his new feminine body convulsed in orgasm.

"Th... that's how it feels for you?" Brad finally stuttered. "I can barely think, let alone move. I feel like my whole body went super nova in tingles and convulsions. My fucking toes are still curled! No wonder you like to do that." He managed a smile.

"Yeah, well, I can see why you like cumming. My knees are weak and my eyes are blurry. Yeah, I can't wait to fuck you," smiled Trish.

"We still have some sorting to do here," coughed David. "I just had one of the best orgasmic feelings I've ever known. But, no offense, Love, I'm now a woman."

"No. No need to worry about offenses," said Anna. "We're all in this together. We all have to try to get accustomed to being in the body of the opposite sex. It's strange, though, that even though Trish and I are in your bodies, we still like the taste of your cum. The way you two are, you'd think we'd only want to eat and fuck your pussies."

"Sexuality is closely linked to the personality," Brad added. "When we got switched, our sexuality came with our personalities. Maybe."

"This is gonna be awkward," laughed Trish. "I loved both cock and pussy as a woman, and I so want to feel what it's like to fuck a pussy as a man." She smiled and winked at Anna. "And it's only the four of us here."

"I don't know if it's because I'm in your body, Anna, or what exactly, but I was as turned on to watch you two in our bodies wank and cum as much as I was turned on to watch Brad here orgasm." David patted Brad's upper thigh, very close to his pussy. "It seems that almost every movement I make sparks something sexual inside. Like practically everything turns me on. Is that what it's like for you?"

"Sometimes, Baby." Anna giggled. "Sometimes. Especially when I'm horny."

"I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm starving," announced Trish as she stood up to leave the room. "And I'm getting something to eat."

The rest chimed in with "good idea" and all marched downstairs to the kitchen.

"I hope you're hungry," laughed Anna. "Because those steaks we were saving for tomorrow night's supper are going to be tonight's supper!" With agreements ranging from yummy noises to "fuck yeah," everyone just started helping in the kitchen to prepare the meal. The steaks were broiled to medium rare, the red wine was opened to air, the salad was thrown together, the veggies were steamed. When all the tasks were finished, they all sat down at the table, still nude from earlier activities, and tried to discuss their unique situation.

"I don't know about the rest of you..." started David.

"Yeah, mate. I know," added Brad. "I keep looking in the corners for Rod Serling." Which produced a well needed laugh for them all.

"Shit!" David swore as he continued to laugh. "Even laughing jiggles these," he cupped his breasts. "I feel like I'm as horny as I was as a man, times... oh... say a hundred million or so!" He chuckled. "Anna, Babe, how did you keep this bottled up?"

"You're assuming that I did," laughed Anna. After a brief pause continued, "But truthfully, I feel extraordinarily horny, too. I just thought it was the testosterone." She looked down to see that her cock was once again beginning to grow. "See? I've never known you to get this hard so many times in one day."

"I can't really put how I feel into words," sighed Brad. "I'm überhorny, too. It's just that I'm having to supress this constant urge to touch myself and just not stop."

"Well," chimed Trish, "I'm liking it! I'm horny. I've got a cock - and a big cock, mind you. And aside from the body switch, I still feel like me. I'm so glad I still like the taste of cum." She squeezed her growing member with a smile and a sigh. "I could really get used to having this thing."

"I, for one, still do not want it up the arse, Darling," snapped Brad. David and Anna flashed quizical looks at each other, then at Brad and Trish.

"I was just joking, Brad. Shit! I never liked it as a woman, I'm not going to try it as a man."

"Would one of you two mind explaining?" asked Anna.

"Before we joined you earlier this afternoon, I had made a comment that I wished I'd had a cock like Brad's so I could fuck you, Anna - as you were as a woman - like he fucks me. Fucked me? Oh, well. Then he said..."

"I then said," interrupted Brad, "that if Trish had a cock, I wouldn't have been in bed with her. To which she replied 'If I had a cock, I'd fuck your arse until we both exploded.'"

A chorus of "eewww."

"Yeah, I know," Brad continued. "She had my cock in her hand and mouth at the time and she was trying to be cheeky and sexy. It just didn't fall in the right slot."

"I was joking," protested Trish.

"So you were wishing for a cock before this switch-o change-o thing happened?" asked David.

"Yes, I was. What about it?" replied Trish, obviously feeling accused. "I've had that wish a few times, especially after having such good sex with Anna."

"No, no. I'm not blaming you for any of this," soothed David. "Sorry if it came out that way. I'm just trying to work the puzzle. Tell the truth, being in this body really has me extremely turned on and I'm liking it quite a bit. I just don't know what to do here."

"If I were still in my own body, I'd love to fuck you," Anna said to Trish with a smile. "This may freak David and Brad out a bit, but I still like the taste of cum, too, and I'd really like to suck your cock."

Trish was gently stroking her half-erect cock. "I won't ever turn you away, My Love, no matter what body you're in. You know that." Trish and Anna shared a loving kiss.

David couldn't believe what he was seeing. He also couldn't believe that not only was he ok with it, it was turning him on even more. He watched with love in his eyes as the two male figures embraced and kissed. "Anything you did sexually, Anna, I want to try. I'm in a woman's body and I want to feel everything." He turned to face Brad. "I know I still like women, too. Are you alright with that?"

"Yes I am, believe it or not. But right now I have this overwhelming urge to have that cock," he pointed to Trish, "deep inside me. I want to feel it cum. I want to feel how a woman - this woman - feels when I cum, too. Does that make sense?"

"Completely. All I can think about is sex! I was never turned on by cocks, or men in general even, but right now, it's the biggest turn on there is!" David felt himself getting wet between his legs. "There'll be plenty of time later for you to suck each other off. Right now, I want to get fucked."

David grabbed Anna's cock and pumped it a couple of times, causing Anna to sit up straight in her chair. David swung a leg over and straddled her thighs. "Fuck me, Baby. Please fuck me like we like to fuck." David and Anna both took hold of Anna's fully erect cock and guided it towards David's now dripping pussy. He felt the spearhead at the gate and slowly lowered himself onto it with a deep, guteral groan.

"Oh my god, this is so incredible!" quivered David, "Brad, you've got to try it..." his voice trailed off as he slowly raised and lowered himself onto Anna's cock.

Anna grabbed David's tits and slowly started to flick her thumbs across his stiffening nipples. They stared into each other's eyes and began passionately kissing. David's motions started to quicken and their combined moans were getting deeper and heavier.

"I can't believe how great this feels," moaned Anna. "It's so tight and so hot and so wet! No wonder you love this so much!" Anna kissed David again. "I don't ever want to stop!" After a short pause and heavy breathing, she said, "We need to slow down a little, I don't want to cum right away. Would you mind laying back on the table?"

Another couple of kisses and David slowly stood, Anna's cock emerging from David's pussy glistening with wetness. David backed up and placed himself on the table to take Anna missionary. Anna followed, and as soon as David was situated, Anna plunged her cock deep into David's willing and wanting pussy, causing them both to moan loudly.

Trish and Brad weren't just sitting idly watching. They, too, were hotly involved. Brad was kneeling on the floor between Trish's legs with her cock in his mouth. He was using his hands to cup her balls and stroke the length that his mouth couldn't accomodate. His eyes closed in ecstacy as he hummed his delight over her cock.

"I never knew cock tasted so good," Brad said as he came up for air. "I really like this..." and he moaned as he took Trish's cock in his mouth and started bobbing up and down.

"No, no, no, no!" Trish cried as she pulled Brad up from sucking her cock. After several kisses, she said "I know we both loved it when you came in my mouth, Baby, but I need to fuck your pussy. Lay down next to Anna - er, David, ok?"

Brad hotly kissed Trish and then got on the table next to David, but so they were facing the opposite way. Brad was in awe of the view he had of Anna's cock sliding in and out of David's slurping, sloshing pussy. He turned back just in time to see Trish gently stroking her cock and getting ready to mount him. Brad quickly opened his legs, almost hitting David in the face. David put his arm under Brad's knee and swung Brad's leg over his shoulder and held on as Anna quickened her thrusts, causing David to start to squeal.

Trish guided her cock into Brad's pussy and slowly inserted it, inch by inch, as they both moaned and cooed in pleasure. Brad grabbed at his breasts and kneaded them as Trish pushed her cock in to the hilt and held it there. Brad turned his head and lightly bit David's hip and upper thigh.

After several minutes of the loud sounds of ecstatic lovers, Trish and Anna both sped up their thrusts to where they were pounding Brad and David. David's face was contorted, eyes closed, mouth wide open, one hand caressing Brad's tits, the other grasping the table edge for dear life. Brad was playing with David's tits and belly, his legs up and over Trish's shoulders.

"Yes, I'm gonna cum!" bellowed Anna.

David followed quickly with "Yeah! Baby! I'm gonna cum, too! Cum in me! Cum in me!"

Brad was breathing heavily, "Yes! Yes!"

Trish added "Oh yeah, Baby! Here! Fuck, yeah! Here!"

"I can feel it! Oh, shit yeah! Oh..." cried David as Anna started to shoot her hot load deep in David's pussy. But Anna pulled out before completely fininshing her cum only to send one last hot squirt directly at David's swollen clit. She quickly dove down and licked and sucked her load from David's still spasming pussy, covering her face with their mixed juices and sending yet another wave of convulsions through David's body.

Trish bucked once more before pushing as hard as she could, holding her squirting, throbbing, splattering cock deep in Brad's spasming pussy. Brad was moaning "so fucking good" over and over as Trish collapsed on top of Brad, kissing and fondling his breasts between heavy breaths.

Anna crawled up on top of David, kissing his mouth with her cum drenched face. He eagerly accepted her kiss with open mouth and busy tongue, licking and sucking their combined juices from her face and mouth.

Trish eased back onto her chair, her cock sloppily exiting from Brad's well fucked pussy. As Trish slid into her chair, Brad slipped off the table and back to kneeling between Trish's legs, inhaling her wet, messy, deflating cock in his mouth.

"If this is permanent," said David, to no one in particular, "after this, I think I can be ok with it..." He licked his lips, realizing he was tasting sperm. "Yeah, I can be very ok with it..."

Brad finished cleanng Trish's deflated cock with a grin. "I never knew cum tasted so good." He looked up at Trish, still gently stroking her softened cock, "When this gets hard again, I want you to unload in my mouth. Is that ok with you?"

"Like you have to fucking ask," laughed Trish as she pulled Brad up to kiss him.

Anna, wiping the last of her cum from her face and sucking it off her fingers, smiled at Brad and David. "Are you two going to be ok with me and Trish still enjoying each other? 'Cause I still love the feel of a cock and taste of cum in my mouth."

David looked and Brad, then Trish, then back to Anna. "Fine by me. I know I still want to eat pussy. Brad?"

Brad laughed and spread his legs, "It isn't going anywhere. But, you know I'll be wanting to do the same."

Several hours passed as they discussed their situation. Anna and Trish feeling spent and tired opted to go to bed to sleep. Brad and David agreed. Without any discussing, plan, or even invitation, they all piled again into the same bed and, after kisses all around, cuddled together and fell asleep.

Brad was the first to wake the next morning. It only took a second or two to realize that he was still in Trish's body. With a smile, and without waking any of the others, he moved into a comfortable position and took Trish's sleeping cock in his mouth. Like a child with a new toy, he eagerly licked and sucked Trish's growing member as far into his mouth as he could. "Trish can take it," he thought to himself. "Which means this body can take it. I just need to keep trying. I can't believe how much I really like this..."

It didn't take very long before Brad's eager fellatio woke Trish. It only took the time to rub her eyes to realize that she was still in Brad's body, and receiving a morning blow job. "Oh, baby," she groaned, "you really like doing that, don't you?"

Brad answered by taking as much of Trish's cock in his mouth as he could. With a smile in his eyes, he started to bob up and down with his mouth and moaning his enjoyment.

Trish suddenly felt the cum welling up in her balls as Brad cupped them and continued his sucking and bobbing. "Brad, baby... I'm gonna cum..."

Brad didn't stop.

By now, both David and Anna were also awake. David was lying between Anna's legs, her cock in one hand, the other exploring the folds between his own legs, intently watching Brad and Trish. Anna had a hand in David's hair, just lightly stroking, but also intently watching Brad give his first blow job.

"Brad... Baby..." Trish breathed, "I'm gonna cum! Do you want me to cum in your mouth?"

Without removing Trish's cock from his mouth, he moaned his agreement and pleasure. David, just taking Anna's cock from his mouth, moaned "yes".

Before David could get Anna's cock back into his mouth, Trish screamed in orgasmic joy "Here! Oh, fuck! Yeah!"

Brad, not knowing exactly what to expect, immediately started to swallow. He felt the hot, salty, tingly feel of Trish's cum bathe the inside of his mouth. He swallowed again, only to have his mouth filled up yet again. He couldn't believe how much cum there was, or how much he truly enjoyed the feel and taste of it in his mouth. That's when he felt how hard his nipples were and the orgasm beginning in his pussy. Even after Trish's load was completely shot and swallowed, Brad continued to suck Trish's deflating cock. It was only then that he finally let Trish's cock fall from his mouth. "Damn! That was great!"

"Yes it fucking was!" agreed Trish. "Come up here and kiss me. I want to taste it, too!" Brad crawled up Trish's body and they passionately kissed.

Seeing Brad take all of Trish's cum, and his true enjoyment of it, David looked up at Anna. "Are you ready?" he smiled and, without waiting for and answer, took Anna's rock hard cock into his mouth.

"Oh my stars! This feels so good..." Anna moaned as David took as much of her cock in his mouth as he could. Trying to deep throat her, David gagged a little, but quickly recovered.

David let go of Anna's cock long enough to look up at her and smile, "I am so turned on... I can't wait for you to cum!" With that, he went back to trying his newly acquired blow job skills.

"Shit..." Anna moaned, "this feels so fucking good!"

"Don't stop, mate," added Brad, intently watching his best friend sucking cock for the first time. "It tastes so fucking good, you'll never want it to stop."

Anna grabbed the sheets with both hands. David was bobbing up and down on Anna's cock like he'd been doing it all his life. He gently cupped Anna's balls, releasing a low, gutteral sound from Anna. David knew it wouldn't be long now. He was so turned on, his pussy was dripping wet, and all he could think of was Anna's sperm shooting into his mouth.

"Oh, Baby!" Anna screamed. "I'm gonna... I'm gonna...

David felt the first spurt of semen on his tongue and almost came, too. He swallowed as quick as he could, as his mouth was filled yet again with another and another hot, salty spurt. He released the squirting cock from his mouth and two more shots hit him underneath his chin and dribbled down his neck.

"Yeah!" smiled David before he took Anna's cock once again in his mouth, gently sucking the very last of her cum from the tip. "I'll be doing a lot more of this," he smiled as he licked the cum that had dribbled down Anna's cock from his fingers.

"Fuck yeah," agreed Anna. "We can do this all day if you want..." her voice trailed off as her head fell back and hit the pillow. "Oh, fuck, yeah!"