08 August 2010

She Remembers by Sappho Lover Girl

As she lay’s there staring at the ceiling watching the fan circle, and circle, and circle, she becomes thrown in to her deepest thoughts. Thoughts of “Him”. The one man that makes her skin tinkle, her flesh burns with desire, her saliva starts running.

She remembers back to their day they shared together. His hands touching her flesh like as if her skin was made of satin. He holds her body next to his. She feels his warmth coming from his body as his hands feel all over her. He works his strong, yet soft hands down her quivering stomach towards her soft long legs and up again towards her inviting opening. He passionately puts his fingers in her making her feel thrusts of passion through out her body! She moans with utter excitement and ecstasy! He passionately kisses her soft lips with his. She feels his love go through her body like a burst of lighting. His tongue is massaging hers so softly and wet.

He moves from the side of her soft satiny body to the top of her. Is hard muscular body is now laying on hers. His chest is moving across her breasts lightly and passionately making her nipples erect. He kisses her more and more and then leans down to her breasts, licking, caressing and rolling her nipples around in his warm wet mouth. Her nipples become hardened and wanting more.

He then kisses her stomach and works his way down to her inviting, wet, wanting sweet opening! He enters her with his warm wet tongue and slides it around in her. Licking every part of her lips and erect clitoris.

She arches her back and lets out a passionate moan. He makes her feel like she is in a place no one else could be. She feels his mouth on her. His passion through her. His love in her.

He then pulls himself from that wet warm place of passion to her lips and kisses her deeply, intensely, and lovingly. As their bodies feel like one, he slowly enters her with his hard throbbing muscle. She moans and arches her back in ecstasy from him. He moves slowly at first to feel her insides griping him. She rubs her hands all over his body while he moves in and out of her. He makes her feel like there a body of one. They kiss deeply, strongly.

She starts to feel that special tingle come on through out her body. She starts to pull him in deeply to her. She’s there! Her moment has come! She grips him with such force, pulling him deeper into her! She moves her hips and grinds against him! She bellows out and orgasmic moan of pure raw ecstasy!

She then lay’s back in a content heart pounding way. She was just given a moment of pure enjoyment by the man she loves deeply. She doesn’t want this to end. She knows he can not stay. He must go. He has to be somewhere that neither of them wants him to be. She hates letting go of her lover, the man that just gave her so much love. She knows he must go. She lets him leave. Her heart is saddened by his departure from there passionate moment together.

She awaits his return. She will always run to him. She loves him madly, deeply, and passionately!

She knows he’ll check his compass and find his way back to her!

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