12 September 2010

Lust of the Vampyre

She stood in the mist, a singular figure silhouetted by the street lamp behind, unnoticed by the few souls trudging past in the gathering darkness. She smiled as she spied a young couple, lovers of heart and mind, but not yet of the flesh, bidding their fond farewell for the evening as he climbed into the cab. The girl waved from her doorstep as the carriage drove off, only to clutch to her heart that waving hand once the carriage rounded the corner, the horse's well shod hooves clacking on the cobbled street beyond. She turned with a start, peering into the mist toward the street lamp as if she'd heard her name called by a distant friend, but saw nothing, save the growing mist.

"Audra..." again she could feel her own name in a breathy whisper at her ear.

"Hello?" she spoke in hushed tones, "who calls me?" She waited a moment for an answer. "Benjamin? Is that you, my love?"

Suddenly, a very beautiful, very pale woman appeared as if of the mist itself, not more than a yard away from the girl. Without a word, she extended an ungloved hand to Audra, who innocently accepted it and walked with her into the mist, into the night.

The pale, gray light of dawn broke quietly over the small street, and morning passed in the neighbourhood without incident. Benjamin arrived at half ten to once again call on Audra, very much anticipating the luncheon arrangements they'd made the evening prior.The servant answering the door was an older woman Benjamin had not been made aware of, though this was his first daylight calling to the house. The servant allowed him entry, but explained in a thick Scot accent that her mistress had left quite early without a word of where she was going or when she would return, offering a seat in the parlour and a cup of tea if the gentleman wished to wait. Benjamin declined, instead requesting he be notified on Audra's return, handing the woman his card before stepping out into the chill October sun.

Audra woke suddenly, just as the last glimmer of sunlight extinguished in the west. She did not know or understand how she came to be in this place, but she was decidedly unconcerned and unafraid, a marked difference from her usual demeanour. She sat and straightened herself, lightly clasping her hands to her lap, sitting on the edge of the unmade bed as if patiently waiting for instructions on where or how to proceed. Without warning or sound, the woman again appeared, now next to the young girl, her pale blue eyes piercing to Audra's soul the seemingly bottomless depth of her need. Their sudden embrace quickly took Audra's breath away, the rapturous excitement filling her senses with dizzying wanton urges. Never before had another person's presence made Audra feel so intense, so alive, so real...

Unashamed kisses followed each other in an ever spiraling rush, tightening upon the two as if to forever bind them to each other. The kiss was broken long enough for the woman to open her chemise, offering her bare breasts to the girl. Another look into the woman's eyes, Audra felt she could see all of eternity and, without so much as a second thought, removed her own chemise, unblushingly reciprocating the erotic offer.

Their renewed embrace, skin to skin, ignited even deeper passions within Audra, passions she'd never felt before, passions she never wanted to end. They rolled together on the bed, the sounds of their increasingly laboured breathing harmoniuosly filling the otherwise quiet room, the last stitches of their clothes flung away in lust and need.

Audra immodestly opened her legs, allowing the skilled, probing fingers of the woman entry to where no other person had ever touched. Her eyes and mouth flung open, silently screaming her excitement, instinctively pushing back against the quickening intrusion, forcing the woman's fingers ever deeper within. A gutteral moan escaped her throat as the woman's lips encircled Audra's left nipple, sending Audra even higher in excitement and lust.

"Is this what you want?" the woman quietly asked as she stopped her ministrations.

Suddenly speachless, all Audra could do was forcefully nod her affirmation.

The woman leant in and kissed Audra's ear. "I am able to make this last..." another kiss... "forever..." The woman shifted so she could again look deeply into Audra's eyes, "I am also quite able to make this the very last thing you will ever know." Yet another kiss to Audra's trembling mouth. "Either way, this choice is your's and your's alone." With a smile, the woman licked her deep red lips, and the eternity Audra had seen in her eyes returned with the intensity of the universe.

"Please," Audra begged, "if death is what you are to bring me, then die I must." Audra stared into the eternity in the woman's eyes. "I do not fear death and will not keep mine from you, if that is what you truly need, so long as you allow me to die as a lover and not a victim." Audra pulled the woman to her, deeply kissing her soft, supple mouth.

The woman's hand had never left touch from Audra, only stopping in wait for the girl's reply. With that done, Audra was instantly returned to receiving the woman's expert manual affections, sending her again into the wild, rapturous unknown. Intense kisses could not keep Audra from gasping for air as the woman's fingers found that perfect spot within her. Without missing a stroke, the woman bent down to suckle each of Audra's engorged nipples, sending a scream of passion from deep within Audra. The woman smiled again as she kissed her way up to Audra's neck, Audra herself even tilted her head to give the woman better access to the soft, warm skin of her pulsing throat. The woman's fingers wiggled and skipped inside her as she settled in to kiss Audra's neck.

In that very instant Audra realized who, or better, what this woman was, and why they were both there.

Audra smiled as she felt the quick sting to her neck, heightening tenfold the sexual feelings already spinning her out of control. She held the back her unnamed lover's head, her hungry mouth at Audra's wounded throat as she felt her lifeblood pumping out in warm spurts with every beat of her excited heart, nourishing her first, and only lover.

Feeling herself ebbing, Audra knew the sweet, majickal orgasms were now gone. A tiny smile appeared on her face as she stopped trying to keep her eyes open, weightless and heavier than all there is at the same instant. A hard slap to her cheek roused her enough to open her failing eyes to her lover, still so very beautiful, even covered in Audra's blood.

"Kiss me again, my sweet murderess, before your deed has taken it's final toll."

"Hear me, dear Audra. Hear me well. I am able to let you live..." a bloody kiss, lovingly given and accepted, "...forever. I will be the mother of your rebirth. All for you that was before now will be gone. We can make sweet love together for eternity, if you so wish. As I imparted to you before, this choice is your's and your's alone. You must decide quickly, though, sweet Audra. Your lungs will soon collapse and your heart will fail. Once that occurs, you are irretrievably gone to me and this world."

Audra smiled, blood from the last kiss smeared on her innocent face. She tried desperately to focus on the woman's chill blue eyes. "Please... tell me your name..."


"Yes, Idonea. I want you. I want you like nothing I've ever known..."

Idonea smiled and brought her own wrist to her bared fangs, slicing the skin, allowing her own blood to flow freely, and placing the open wound to Audra's mouth. "Drink, my love. Drink and you will be healed. Drink and you will live. Drink and you will become like me..."

She stood in the doorway, a singular figure unnoticed by the few souls trudging past in the harsh light of the city at night. She smiled as she spied a young couple of lovers, violently sexual against the fourth floor window in the building just across the street where her house used to stand. She retrieved her mobile from her oversized purse. She smiled again, unashamed to show her fangs. "Idonea, my love! What have you got planned for this evening?"