17 October 2010

After Hours

The patrons had gone, the door was locked and the dwindling embers of the fire were slowly smouldering on the grate. This is one of my favourite times of day at the pub. I have time to reflect on the day, have a smile at the ever changing oddities that is tending bar in an Irish pub, sipping on a pint of my own, now that my work is done. The lights were dimmed enough that the Garda don't suspect any after hours selling of alcohol, but up enough that I don't stumble over the furniture.

Suddenly, my peaceful afterglow was shattered by the sound of knocking on the pub door. I walk over, leaving my mostly full pint on the low table by the couch, and, in a normal voice said "Sorry, the pub's closed. Come back tomorrow."

"I don't want a drink," a woman's voice replies, "I saw your light on. I think I'm being followed and need to get off the street. Please let me in."

Well, I'm no knight in shining armour, but, I am a woman and I can't turn this down. I unlatch the door and open it, saying "Only for a few minutes. If the Garda catches me doing this, I'm fucked."

"Thank you!" she smiled and quickly entered the pub, standing next to the door as I close and set the latch. "I promise, I only need a minute." She was breathing heavy and had a bit of a frightened look.

"Come away from the door and have a seat. I was just finishing the cleaning." I lied. I'd long been done cleaning and was just getting ready to settle in on the couch and have a nice pint of ale to top off my evening. I leant over to pick up my pint to discard it behind the bar.

"Please," she said, "don't waste your pint because I'm here. I've worked pubs and I know how special this time of night can be. That's how I knew you'd be here..."

Outside, from the street, came the sound of a car engine revving up, along with the unmistakable sound of teenage boys laughing and yelling.

She and I looked to each other, shook our heads and said, in unison, "football."

"Is that who was following you?"

"I think so," she blushed. "Sorry for the trouble."

"No trouble, Love. Where are you going by yourself this time of night, anyway?"

"I was at a friend's... one that I don't really know all that well to begin with. She'd invited some of her mates and me over for a little party. It was fun at first, but then a couple of them starting arguing. I wasn't in the mood for a row, so I grabbed my purse and slipped out the door while they were all focused on those other two cows. I went to the bus stop and waited for a while. That's when those boys in the car first showed up. I saw the pub sign and walked over here. You wouldn't believe the relief I felt when you opened that door."

"Well, the buses in this area stopped running about an hour ago. You'd have had a bit of a wait for the next one. Where do you need to go to get home?"

"Home is in Maam Cross, but I'm staying in the dorms at University."

"That's easy enough. I'll call a mate that works taxi. If we say you've had too much to drink, as a favour to me, he won't even charge you the fare."

"Sounds good, but I haven't been drinking."

"Well, I still have a full pint here... and it would be rude to drink alone... besides, my boss owes me a few pints."

I topped my pint and poured one for her. We sat at either end of the couch by the fire and introduced ourselves. Her name was Nola.

I'd been in my bra for over ten hours and it was feeling more uncomfortable the longer it was on. If Nola hadn't have showed up, I might've gotten comfortable enough to get naked on the couch. It wouldn't have been the first time...

"I don't mean to be rude, but I need to get this bra off," I said and started to get up to go to the loo.

"You could get starkers for all I care," smiled Nola. "I'm just grateful for your hospitality."

"Don't tempt me, Love," I laughed. "It wouldn't be the first time I've gotten... comfortable... in the pub after hours..."

"I will if you will," she smiled, reaching for the hem of her pullover top. Less than ten seconds passed and she was lifting her top over her head, revealing a very lovely, and nicely full, black lace bra.

"I wasn't expecting any kind of payment for letting you in... or for the pint." I stood there, trying not to look too happy on the situation.

Nola peeled off her pumps. "I hate being dressed," she said. "If you don't mind getting naked with another woman," she stood and started undoing the buttons on her jeans, "I would love it if you'd allow me to get naked with you." Her jeans were to her ankles before she finished her statement. Her knickers were the thong match to her lovely bra.

In one easy motion, I pulled my t-shirt over my head and reached behind me to unclasp my bra. Ladies, I know you know that feeling. Makes no difference your size, if you've been in your bra all day, it's sheer heaven when it comes off. I know my nipples hardened when the air hit them... or was it when Nola dropped her jeans? I sat back down on the end of the couch to untie my DMs so I, too, could get my jeans off. "For a girl who doesn't like being dressed, you certainly have lovely underthings," I smiled.

"If I have to wear something, it might as well be nice," she laughed. She pulled her bra off. Her nipples looked as hard as mine. She lifted her breasts, the way we all do when our bras are first off. I was too slow in moving my gaze, she caught me watching and smiled. "You needn't look away, I couldn't offer to get naked with a total stranger and be shy or ashamed by it."

I giggled some. "I guess I'm the same way. Being naked isn't something to be ashamed of." I stood and pulled my jeans, and knickers, down... just for emphasis."

"Your red pubes are stellar!" she smiled. "I got talked by a girlfriend a few years ago into getting that laser pube removal. I actually like it trimmed like your's. We broke up not long after that. Since then, I kind of regret being permanently bald."


"Yeah..." she blushed.

"Another thing to not be ashamed of," I smiled. "And, we all get talked into things by ex's."

Nola smiled and removed her knickers. No, there wasn't even a whisp of pubic hair.

We both sat back down on either end of the couch, half facing each other, sipping our pints and complaining about previous boy and/or girlfriends. We were so comfortable, we talked as if we'd known each other for years, and our shared nudity seemed completely normal. After a while, my pint was almost gone, and so was Nola's. I got up and poured each of us another. It was while I was behind the bar, in a place I am four to five evenings a week, that I remembered I was nude. I suddenly felt so sexy. It rushed over me almost like an orgasm. I'd been nude in the pub after hours twice before, both times alone. Only once, the second time nude, did I do anything sexual. Nola was sitting in the exact spot where I'd masturbated. I could feel myself getting wet.

The walk back across the room, a pint in each hand, I could feel my breasts sway slightly with each step. I could also feel her watching me as I walked toward her. It all felt so good. Our fingers touched as I handed her pint to her. I sat back down smiling.

"I wonder how many people have had sex on this couch," Nola smiled.

"I know of several, actually," our comfort level allowed me to reply before thinking. I smiled and took a big sip of my ale. 'Might as well,' I thought... "But all I've ever done is masturbate on it."

Nola lit up like a Christmas tree. "Really? How fucking cool is that? I love masturbating. I had a boyfriend once who would beg me to tie him to a chair and have me masturbate for him. I enjoyed it before that, but I think that little affair is what really got me hooked."

"Did he ever masturbate for you?"

"Quite often," she replied. "But I wasn't as into watching him as much as I was into being watched by him."

"What about your girlfriends?"

"I do enjoy watching women far more than watching men. Why? Do you feel like masturbating?"

"Yes, actually, I do..."