21 November 2010


Mike and Lisa pulled into the drive at their quiet suburban home. After placing the gearshift in park and setting the handbrake, Mike reached out and softly patted the inside of Lisa's nylon covered thigh and leant in for a kiss.

"I had fun this evening," she smiled. "Sorry I was so bitchy about it earlier."

"I had a good time, too," Mike replied. "And I'm even happier that you had fun. Plus, it's not every day that we get to see Simmons put in his place like that..." They both laughed.

Once out of the car, they strolled up the few steps to their door. The glow of the TV in the front room window was the only light on in the house. They entered quietly, knowing that their neighbour girl, Brittany, might have fallen asleep on the couch, as it was well after 1:00 am. Mike smiled as he saw the girl, stretched out on their couch, the TV quietly running some late night infomercial, while Lisa crept down the hall to their five year old son's room. Ricky was fast asleep in his red and gold room, arms hugging his beloved ManU autographed football.

Lisa departed Ricky's room for the kitchen to retrieve a bottle of water from the fridge, where she'd found Mike had the same idea. She put her arms around her husband's chest from behind, nuzzling the side of her face into his back. Mike responded by patting her hand while finishing a quick swallow of water. "Ricky's asleep?" he asked.

"Like a stone."

"Did you want to wake her, then?" he smiled.

"Can't let her sleep on the couch. We could put her in the guest room, I suppose," replied Lisa.

"That would mean waking her," chuckled Mike. "If we wake her, I could drive her home and, when I get back we could..." he lifted his wife's hand to his face and wetly licked between Lisa's index and middle fingers, inciting a giggle from his wife.

Lisa responded by reaching down and grabbing Mike's burgeoning erection through his jeans. "Or," she vamped, "I could suck you off right here... but then you'd be too tired to drive Brittany home." Lisa then playfully bit his shoulder.

"Okay..." he replied.

Lisa slapped his upper arm. "You go make sure there isn't any shite piled up in the guest room and I'll go see to Brittany."

Lisa sat on the couch next to the sleeping girl. Brittany had watched Ricky since he was an infant and had occasionally slept over when Lisa and Mike had stayed out a little extra late. Ever since Brittany had been away to college, she wasn't able to watch Ricky quite so often, so Lisa was quite happy she'd agreed to watch Ricky this particular evening. The girl could've been out partying herself, but, instead, agreed to babysit with Ricky.

"Brittany..." Lisa said in a low tone, trying to wake but not startle the girl. "Britt, Love, it's Lisa. We're home." Lisa patted Brittany's thigh through the light throw she kept on the couch that was draped over Brittany's sleeping body.

Brittany roused with a groggy smile. "D'ya have fun?"

"Yeah, actually, we did. Enough to stay out past 1:00 in the morning. Was Ricky any trouble?"

"Only the demon he naturally is..." the two shared a laugh.

"Mike can give you a lift home, or you can sleep in the guest room, if you'd rather."

"I don't want to be a bother..."

"You say that every time and you know you're never bother at all. Besides, you know how much Ricky loves it when you have breakfast with him."

"Guest room it is, then," Brittany smiled and uncovered herself. She hadn't noticed that while she was napping on the couch, her demin skirt had ridden up and, as she pulled the throw from on top of her, she exposed her very skimpy knickers. Lisa was just getting up from the couch and saw Brittany's wardrobe malfunction with a smile.

"I have the same knickers in blue," smiled Lisa.

"I'm sorry, Lisa!" blushed Brittany.

"No need for sorry, Love." Lisa comforted the girl. With a quick look down the hall, Lisa lifted her skirt to show she was wearing the same knickers, in blue, along with thigh-high nylons and black garter. "See?" she smiled. On straightening out her skirt again, she asked "Did you leave one of your sleep shirts here?"

"I haven't worn a sleep shirt for a while now."

"Yeah, I hate wearing anything to sleep in, too. I'll leave a robe for you, in case you need the loo in the night."

Mike finished in the guestroom and had quickly looked in on Ricky before stepping into the front room. As usual, he completely missed the women exposing themselves to each other. "Am I giving you a lift home, or are we all having breakfast together?" he smiled.

Lisa slapped his shoulder. "As long as the guest room is ready, you're making breakfast for us all." Lisa then turned to Brittany, "I'll get you that robe, Love."

"Thanks, Lisa," smiled Brittany as she followed Lisa down the hall to the bedrooms.

Mike and Lisa, happily tired from their evening out, cuddled up together, but fell asleep before any serious groping could start. Brittany settled comfortably into the bed she'd periodically slept in since she was fourteen, the first bed she'd ever slept nude in, and listened for a moment. When she didn't hear any noise coming from Mike and Lisa's room, Brittany snuggled in, somewhat disappointed. "I guess they fell asleep," she yawned to herself and fell asleep, as well.

It took a moment for Brittany to realize where she was, but once she'd recognized her familiar surroundings, she knew the exact route she needed to take to the loo. She entered through the hall door and closed it behind her. She didn't realize until she was already sat down that she'd forgotten her robe, and, at the same moment, that the door into Mike and Lisa's room was wide open, giving either a clear view of her. She sat there for a moment, frozen in mid-pee, not daring to take the three steps to reach and close the door. Did she see one of them stir? She balled herself up, hoping it would make her less visible, but couldn't contain the stream she needed to release. She ducked her head and reached for the roll, regretting the last pint of soda she'd drank. Just then, she heard the door close and the light flicked on, momentarily blinding her.

In front of her was Lisa, equally as nude. "I'm sorry Lisa," she whipsered. "I'm sorry I didn't check the door and I'm sorry I woke you."

"It's alright, Love," smiled Lisa. "You didn't wake me. Finish your pee. I can wait a minute. Besides, I think I'm the one who left the door open."

Brittany finished and tidied herself. She noticed that Lisa was watching her rather intently, but figured it was just because Lisa also needed to pee and wanted Brittany to be done. Brittany flushed, washed her hands, and reached for the door, stepping out of the way so Lisa could sit.

"You don't need to leave yet, Love," smiled Lisa. "With Mike and Ricky, I'm the only girl most of the time..."

Brittany smiled back. "I could see how that could make you feel a little out numbered."

"Very much so, at times, my Dearie," smiled Lisa through her pee. "Is your trim for a boyfriend, or do you just like keeping your pubes that way."

"Ummm..." Brittany stammered, slightly blushing.

"Sorry, too much?"

"No... no, I just wasn't expecting that question," Brittany giggled and looked down to her dark, close trimmed pubes. "I would suppose it's for me... mainly. I don't really have a boyfriend at the moment."

"Girlfriend, then?"

Brittany blushed a little more.

"A girl doesn't trim the hedges if she's not letting anyone in the garden."

"My college roommate dared me to shave it not too long ago," Brittany explained with a heavy sigh as she leant back against the vanity. "She'd seen me one night after coming out of the loo and said I needed to 'clean up'. I didn't quite understand what she meant at first. That is, until she showed me she was clean shaved."

Lisa finished her pee and tidied up, reaching behind Brittany to wash her hands. "I've never shaved mine, I'm nervous about the blade and getting cut. Does it feel odd?"

"No," said Brittany, taking Lisa's still damp hand and placing it on her stubbled pubes. "It just feels... close."

Lisa's eyes widened as she caressed Brittany's mound. "Mike would fucking cum in his shorts if he saw this! If he saw me like this..."

"I was kind of nervous about shaing it off, too, at first. If you want, I can help you keep from cutting yourself."


"Sure," smiled Brittany.

"Brilliant! Let's do it now, so I can wake Mike up and show him," Lisa moved Brittany off of the vanity to reach for her shaving gear.

"Won't the sound of the running water wake Ricky?"

"That child? You know damn well he sleeps like a stone," smiled Lisa, handing Brittany the shave cream.

"And if Mike wakes up?"

"He'll just have to watch and wait his turn," Lisa laughed and winked at Brittany. "He was feeling a bit randy when we first got home this evening..." her words trailed off as she put her hand in the water to test the temperature. "Should I sit up here or on the toilet?"

"Next to the sink would be best, I guess. Closer to the water. Are you sure you want to do this?"

"Fuck yeah. Load me up with that shave cream."

Brittany shook the canister and sprayed Lisa's pubes. She set the can down and began to rub the shave cream into Lisa's pubes and folds, having her sit up and open her legs wide so she wouldn't miss a spot.

Lisa was enjoying the prep a little more than she thought she would, the warm water and soapy shave cream being massaged into her was fuel for a smoldering heat that was growing stronger. Brittany wasn't working like she was trying to turn Lisa on, but she wasn't straying away from Lisa's more senitive areas, either. The warm, wet, pubic massage under Brittany's soft and gentle hands was causing all sorts of imaginings to stir in Lisa's mind.

"Do you and your college friends shave each other a lot at school?" asked Lisa, a little breathier than she wanted.

Brittany blushed a little, but didn't stop her rubbing. "What makes you ask that? Am I not doing it right?"

"Just curious... you seem to have... I don't know... a touch?" Lisa was trying to not sound as interested as she was.

"Yes, actually, a couple of other girls and I would shave once every couple of weeks. That way it wouldn't grow out as fast." Brittany held up two razors that Lisa had pulled from the cupboard. "You're ready?"

Brittany took the straight razor and easily scraped the major part of Lisa's pubes from her mound, as Lisa peered on in rapt fascination. Brittany then took the new triple blade disposable and started to scrape in Lisa's more sensitive areas. "Now is not the recomended time for moving."

Lisa looked down between her wide spread legs and saw Brittany knelt between, intently focused on her task. Lisa felt Brittany's fingers pulling skin taut and then scrape off the hair... another pull, another scrape. An eternity passed as Lisa tried to not even breathe while Brittany shaved her without so much as a nick. Brittany tapped the razor in the sink under the water and smiled at Lisa. "Are you okay?"

Lisa smiled back.

"Good, 'cause it's far too late to stop now. I'll get the other side next." Brittany knelt back between Lisa's legs to continue.

"She has to be aware of what she's doing..." thought Lisa as Brittany's fingers went back to pulling and moving Lisa's womanly lips. Lisa knew that Brittany had to see that Lisa was getting wet and her clit was swelling, as she resumed her pulling and scraping, cleaning away Lisa's dark pubic hair.

"D'ya like it so far?" Brittany asked from her squat position between Lisa's open legs.

Because of their positioning, all Lisa could see of Brittany's face were her smiling eyes peering over Lisa's now hairless mound. At that moment, Lisa wanted Brittany to stop the shaving, instead to concentrate her efforts in a more oral fashion. Lisa bit her lower lip, attempting to fend off her blossoming desire. "How much more is there?" she asked.

"Your labia are clean. I just need to get this last little bit around your clit. I saved that for last because I didn't want to accidentally excite you. And shaving around there almost certainly will..." Brittany looked into Lisa's eyes. "...unless you'd rather I leave a cute little patch there for you."

Lisa swallowed hard. "Please finish it." Lisa managed a smile through her excitement. A flash of an idea ran through her mind - after Brittany finished shaving her, she'd crawl up on Mike and sit her newly cleaned self on his face, waking him with her sex so he could please her with his expert tongue. Falling further down the path of her fantasy, she began to give way to her body.

"Lisa... please hand me that flannel so I can clean up the excess shave cream." Brittany's request shattered Lisa's fantasy, bringing her back to the real world, but leaving her even more excited. Lisa handed Brittany a dry flannel that was sitting next to the sink. "It'll feel better if you run it under the warm tap first," Brittany smiled.

Lisa complied and soaked the flannel, handing the dripping cloth to Brittany with a lost smile. Brittany took it and placed over Lisa's whole pubic area, then, with the heel of her hand at Lisa's weeping opening, she pushed and rubbed and wiped every last dollop of shave cream from Lisa's excited fanny. Lisa's gasp told Brittany that she'd excited Lisa more than she'd thought. Instead of pulling her hand away, she continued to massage the warm flannel against Lisa, pushing her excitement even more.

After all of the shave cream was completely cleaned off Lisa's skin, Brittany saw Lisa's hard pointing clit and damp lips. She looked up at Lisa's face over her newly shaved mound and saw her glassy eyes and open mouth. Brittany stood to place the flannel in the sink and saw her own hardened nipples in her mirrored reflection. "Now that the cream is gone, I need to make sure I got it all," smiled Brittany before descending between Lisa's willing open legs.

A quick visual inspection told Brittany she'd done the perfect shave for Lisa. That visual inspection also told Brittany that she'd truly excited Lisa. In a split-second decision, Brittany stuck out her tongue and licked Lisa from her dripping wet entrance to her hard protruding clit. Lisa responded by grabbing the back of Brittany's head with a gasp, bringing her even closer into Lisa's open fanny. Brittany reached up and, finding Lisa's left breast, lightly pinched Lisa's tight, firm nipple. Brittany could feel the tremors starting in Lisa's thighs and new Lisa was close and wanting to orgasm. She focused her suction on Lisa's clit, continuing her nipple pinch, and adding two wiggling fingers into Lisa's slick wetness.

Lisa's orgasm was fast and hard, soaking Brittany's face and neck with her nectar. Brittany stood, smiling, her wet fingers in her mouth.

A light knock on the door from the bedroom, along with Mike's voice, brought them both back to reality. "Lisa? Love? Are you in there? Are you okay?"

"Out in a second, Baby," Lisa managed. She looked into Brittany's eyes and smiled. "I want you to come with me." Before allowing Brittany to ponder a reply, Lisa stepped over to the door and opened it.