14 November 2010

A Fortnight in Paradise - Part 4

The air was soundless. The pale Sun hung small and low in the grey sky, illuminating the bleak landscape in a near twilight, the infinite emptiness stretching out in every direction as far as the horizon and beyond. A heavy exhale produced a thickening, strangling fog...

Maggie awoke with a start. She recognized features of her suite in the dark, comforted by their presence.

"I'm sorry, Love," came Cara's voice from the easy chair by the Eastern French doors. "I didn't mean to wake you so quickly."

"Bhí mé bhrionglóid droch..." Maggie groggily mumbled, rubbing the heal of her hands on her eyes like a sleepy child.


Maggie realized she'd answered in Irish. "Sorry... It's nothing... How long have you been here?"

"Not even five minutes. I wanted to show you something spectacular. You sure you're ok?"

"Most certainly!" Maggie smiled, happily waking with the sight of her friend. "What time is it, by the way?"

"Just half five..."

"Bloody fuck!"

"Now, now, Miss Eloquence, I don't sneak into every girl's room in the small hours, y'know," smiled Cara, thickening her Island accent for emphasis. Both women laughed.

Maggie crawled across the bed toward Cara. "Well, my dear, if I must get up at this wretched hour, may I, at least, have a taste of your sweet, beautiful lips?"

Cara took Maggie's freckled cheeks into her soft, mocha-coloured hands, gladly accepting Maggie's kiss, and returning it with warm, smiling tenderness. The two kissed for a few moments, enjoying the intimate bond that had grown deep between them.

It was Cara that broke their kiss, smiling and waving her fingers. "We have plenty of time for that later. I need you up and out on the balcony... trust me!" Cara had gotten up out of the chair and walked to the French doors facing the East balcony while she was speaking, her sentence culminating with the wide opening of the doors. She turned back to Maggie still seated at the edge of the bed. Cara slipped off her tiny bikini bottoms, a leopard print, and flung the garment at Maggie. She stepped further out on the balcony, spinning and waving her arms above her head, her entire body in beautiful motion under the starlit sky, her constant smile glowing back at Maggie. As Maggie rose, smiling, Cara extended her arms back to Maggie, wriggling her fingers in a beckoning motion, "C'mon, you, or you'll miss it!"

Maggie stepped out to the balcony and felt a warm morning breeze saunter past, filling her nostrils with the scent of the island paradise, mixed with Cara's clean, fresh scent. She smiled as she took Cara's hands, stepping out to the two chairs still placed by the rail. As the women sat in their respective chairs, Maggie looked to the East and understood Cara's insistance. The black star speckled sky had turned and had begun to lighten in churning lavenders and pinks, the dark drawn line delineating night from dawn creeping ever Westward.

"Have you ever had an orgasm with the sunrise?" smiled Cara.

Before allowing Maggie to answer, Cara crawled under Maggie's leg that was already propped up on the rail, placing herself directly between her pale open thighs. Taking both of Maggie's breasts into her soft hands, she leant in for a soft, sensuous kiss.

"Don't watch me," smiled Cara, breaking the kiss, "watch the sky."

Cara began by kissing Maggie's neck. Maggie responded by stroking Cara's hair. Cara slowly kissed her way down Maggie's chest, stopping to lovingly suckle each nipple to pure, sexy hardness, before descending lower, past Maggie's navel. "This is the way to see the Sun rise..." she smiled before kissing Maggie's excited nether lips.

Maggie instantly arched her back at the touch of Cara's mouth to her pussy, the electricity jolting through her as Cara flipped Maggie's "on" switch. Cara let go of Maggie's breasts to, instead, hold and caress her milky thighs. Maggie's hands instantly replaced Cara's, bringing each nipple up to within licking distance, before dropping her head back in moaning extacy.

Cara stopped. "You need to keep watching the horizon..." she barked before returning to her self-appointed task. Maggie grabbed hold of her knees, to help keep them open for Cara's access, and to help keep herself facing forward, the Eastern horizon clearly in her vision. She didn't want Cara stopping again. Maggie felt one and then a second finger snake their way inside her as Cara's tongue skipped and danced circles around and over and under Maggie's rock hard clit, edging her ever closer to the peak. Cara quickened the pace of her fingers, alternating the pressure on Maggie's clit between her thumb and her tongue, while applying pressure just above Maggie's pubis, to externally stimulate Maggie's g-spot. Maggie started to convulse as her body readied itself for her release causing Cara to level the plateau and keep Maggie on the virtual edge.

Maggie reached down to try to rub herself, only to have her hand brushed away by Cara. With her breathing coming in heavy gasps, Maggie knew she couldn't hold on much longer. She tried moving herself in the chair to get Cara to quicken her pace and let Maggie finish, but Cara only looked up to Maggie and smiled. Maggie's eyes were pleading with Cara, unable to make much more than a whimpering sound.

"I promise..." she cooed, "it will be worth it."

In that very instant, Cara quickened her fingering and wrapped her lips around Maggie's clit with the suction of a Hoover. Her timing couldn't have been any better. The Sun broke the Eastern horizon, the light hitting Maggie like a lighting bolt square between the eyes just as Cara pushed her into rocket fueled, electrifying, trembling, toe curling orgasmic oblivion.

Moments later, with the Sun fully above the horizon, ready to make it's scheduled trek through the sky, Cara held Maggie as she trembled in her post-orgasmic aftershocks, kissing her chest and neck and tear-streaked face. She cooed and caressed her, bringing her safely back to reality, staying enfloded with each other as Maggie's breathing relaxed and slowed.

"I told you I wanted to show you something spectacular," smiled Cara.

"That, you did, my Love. That, you certainly did."

The two got up from the chair and walked hand in hand, with giggling kisses, back into Maggie's suite.