26 December 2010


Part I

Jilli, Cassie, Barb, and Abbey were in the small break room of their office, laughing and scheming on their post-work Friday night adventure. They were having such loud fun that Carol heard them two offices away. Carol was far less fun than she looked, and her temper was shorter than her tolerance for those who misbehaved, especially at work.

Carol stepped through the break room door, scowling, "Haven't you gaggle anything better to do than to interrupt those of us who actually work for a living?"

"C'mon, Carol!" laughed Cassie.

"Yeah," chimed Jilli.

"We're just making plans for this evening," smiled Barb. "You're welcome to join us, if you wish."

"And just what type of plans are you hatching?" asked Carol.

"It's Friday night, Carol!" laughed Abbey. "It's two-for-one ladies' night cocktails all night at the T and A Lounge!"

"The strip club two blocks over from our office? That's no place for decent women!"

"Who says we're 'decent'?" laughed Jilli.

"Let some geezer buy me drinks all evening... he might just get lucky... who knows?" laughed Cassie.

"Nothing but a hotbed of trollops, harlots, and pimps, cavorting about naked," scowled Carol.

"It really is a fun time, Carol. They treat us well and it's safe," said Barb, sounding a little disappointed. "But I take it you won't be going..."

"Ha! Not even at gunpoint!" Carol sneered as she retreated to the exit.

"You know, you'd be a lot more fun if you could ever get that enormous stick out of your arse," quipped Abbey. "Then again, there are those who like it that way!"

"Eeewww!" came a chorus of disgust from Jilli, Barb and Cassie.

"Don't knock it if you haven't tried it," laughed Abbey.

"Again, eeewww!" answered Cassie.

Carol escaped to the solemnity of her spartan office with a mutter of "strumpets" as she closed the heavy oak door behind her.

After Carol finished her work at precisely 5:00 pm, she closed and locked her office door, making her way to the lift. The women from the break room were collecting themselves by their little cubes, giggling in anticipation of their big night out. Once out front of the building, Carol stepped into her waiting taxi to wisk her to her modest townhome.

Carol sat in her chair, the room lit only by the flickering glow from the television as she surfed the mindless blabber, when a low, disembodied voice seemed to moan out the truest agony of Hell itself. Squinting to see into the shadows, Carol peered into the darkness, not realizing she'd stopped her channel surfing, landing on a chat show where the obviously gay host was bantering with an overinflated, scantily clad starlet on the joys of giving men oral sex. Louder and seemingly closer, the disembodied voice howled and screeched, causing Carol to hug her knees to her chest in an attempt to hide behind herself. "If you are in such discomfort, I suggest you go elsewhere!" she called to the darkness. "I have no remedy for you here!"

Suddenly, the spectre of Carol's long dead spinster Aunt Mary appeared to crawl out of the chat show host's mouth as he pantomimed his technique, screeching and clawing her way through the pixels on the television's picture tube. "No..." Mary moaned. "You have no remedy for me at all!"

"Who do you think you are, entering my home this way?" cowered Carol.

"You knew me in life as your own mother's only sister," wailed the apparition.

"Mary? It can't be you! I saw you interred not less than ten years ago!" cried Carol.

"My body was put to the Earth because I had nothing to give to the living."

"No... you're not real! You're just a figment floating through a bad dream! That's what I get for watching late night telly..."

The spectre's hellish howl shook Carol's chair and rattled the window. "You must heed my woes, child, before you're damned to the same fate!"

"May we do this some other time? I'm really not..."

"NO!" bellowed Mary.

"Then, tell me, dear Aunt, if it really is you, what put you in such a state?"

"When we were children, Sister Brigid caught your mother and myself... touching our privates. She reached for us both, but your mother slipped past her. I wasn't so lucky. Sister Brigid took me over her knee and walloped me to the point where I couldn't sit for days. With every stroke of her heavy hand, she warned me that if I were to ever touch myself or allow any one else to ever touch me there, I would be consumed by the never ending fires of deepest Hell for all eternity." Mary emitted another agonized wail. "I died a vigin, never knowing the loving touch of another, never bending to carnal urges or needs!"

"But you were very tidy," complemented Carol.

"Chastity be damned!" cried Mary, her spectral hands pulling open her spectral robe, showing a spectral body completely devoid of gender. "I am cursed to wander the Earth... to view what I refused... to attend what I never knew in life... to witness the joy and beauty in the simple act of sexual love in it's myriad forms."

"Well, that shouldn't be all that difficult. Have you ever seen the Internet?"

Carol felt the heat of Mary's hellish breath and caught it's foul stench in her nose as Mary pulled close to her face. "Damn you, child! I'm here to save you, not quibble and joust! You must learn to let others in! You must give way to sex, before you die a lonely, unfulfilled spinster! Heed my warning! You must heed..." Mary began to recede into the television, into the advert for intimate lubricant. "You must heed..."

Mary was gone, leaving Carol alone in the darkened room, balled up and quivering in her chair, wide eyes staring at the static on the television screen.

Part II

Carol woke in a start, the opening guitar riff of Billy Idol's 'Cradle of Love' sceaming the her head. Opening her eyes, she saw a pixie-like girl, in pigtails, tied-front blouse, super short kilt, kneesocks, and Maryjanes, skipping somewhat at the end of Carol's bed to the blaring music.

"It's about fucking time!" yelled the smiling pixie over the loud music, "it's time to play!" With a touch of her hand to Carol's, the room disappeared in a swirl of brightly coloured lights. Without feeling like they'd moved even one centimeter, the lights fell away, leaving Carol and the pixie standing in a warm, soft, soundless, green meadow.

"Who are you? What do you think you're doing? What is going on?" Carol shouted at the pixie.

"Don't you recognize this place?" asked the smiling girl in a happy giggle.

"It looks to me an empty field, you simpleton!" countered Carol. "How would I recognized it?"

The simple laughter of innocence filtered over the rise, catching Carol's attention. Carol wandered to the edge of the rise, the siren call of children's laughter beconing her to come ever closer. As she neared the top she could see three young children happily dancing in the grassy field, their long hair, one blonde, one brunette, one red, flowing in the breeze, catching the sunlight, as the trio twirled and danced, wearing nothing but their smiles.

"Is this a little more familiar?" asked the pixie.

"Those children!" whispered Carol, both shocked and somewhat amused, pointing at them, "They do seem a bit familiar..."

The pixie touched Carol's hand and, suddenly, they were in the middle of the children's circle as they continued to giggle and dance. "Children!" cried Carol. "Children!"

"They can neither see nor hear us as these are merely reflections of times long gone," comforted the pixie. "Our mission is simply to observe, not interact."

"These children... they are my sisters and... myself!?! How can this be?"

"They are having fun, aren't they?" asked the pixie.

A genuine smile came to Carol's face. "It was brilliant fun, indeed."

"So, there are times when dancing about naked is alright, then?" countered the pixie.

"But this was a different time! A time of innocence! There's nothing sexual about this in the least bit!"

"To which I strongly agree! Children are a product of sex and should never be participants!" the pixie's eyes flashed a deep, inner rage, her voice almost a growl. After a quick recovery, smiling, she continued "Then, again, the topic of my conversation was just dancing about naked. You're the one who brought sex into the mix. Though they can go hand-in-hand, there can be times though, such as this, when the mere act of dancing naked in an open field with your sisters is nothing at all... just dancing." The pixie took Carol's hand in her's, and the scene started to disolve like a watercolour in the rain, transporting them without motion to a locker room communal shower.

"If we have to appear here and re-appear there, would you please do me the favour of warning me before we travel?"

The pixie just giggled.

"And what type of place have you brought me to now?"

The pixie was looking intently along the wall, more focused on what she was looking for than Carol's questions.

"Excuse me... well, that's good! I don't even know what to call you..."


"Alright, then, Beatrix, where have you brought me?"

"Step over here, please," Beatrix said as she excitedly waved Carol in her direction. "C'mon!"

Carol stepped next to Beatrix between two of the shower heads, looking at Beatrix as if she'd lost whatever kind of mind she had. Beatrix smiled. "I love this part," she said, just as the showers kicked on. "Now, listen."

Suddenly, a dozen nude teenaged girls stepped into the shower, a fifteen year old Carol amongst them, laughing and talking, completely comfortable in their nudity.

"This is my old school! I recognize those girls!" smiled Carol. "But you told me to listen. What am I listening for?"

"Wait for it..."

"If only I knew how to tell her," came a girl's voice echoing through the room is if through a loud speaker, "...how beautiful she is to me... how much I wish to know her love..."

The schoolgirls continued their showering without pause to the voice. Beatrix stepped over to a girl across from them, across from schoolgirl Carol, and started running her hands over the girl's body, caressing her breasts, bending down to taste her...

"Stop that this instant!" cried Carol.

"What?" giggled Beatrix. "I'm only acting out what you wanted to do!"

"Me? No, I think you're mistak..."

The loud speaker voice continued "How I would love to touch and taste her... to feel her beautiful body next to mine... skin to skin..."

"You don't recognize your own voice?" laughed Beatrix. "I think it's beautiful that you wanted to love her... and tragic that you never did." Beatrix then stepped through the shower room wall, only to step back through, laughing, "Come with me!"

Carol sheepishly followed Beatrix into the service walkway behind the shower room, to a scene where three teenaged boys were peeping through holes in the wall to the girls on the opposite side. All three boys had their pants to their ankles and were heartily masturbating. "Look at them," cooed Beatrix, grabbing at her own breasts. "So full of hormones and lust! Unafraid to pleasure themslves..."

"Can we move on, please? I want nothing of this!" grumbled Carol.

"Oh, but you need to see this! These beautiful boys on the brink of explosion, their lovely hard cocks in their own hands... oh, how I'd love to suck each one of them off!" She grabbed at her kilt covered crotch, "They're so close..."

The boy furthest away from Carol's viewpoint grunted and a thick stream of semen shot from his penis, followed closely by two more equally heavy shots. The boy, falling back to the wall behind him to brace himself, smiled and tried to catch his breath. The two other boys let go moments later, with similar happy reactions. "That's the sexiest thing a man can do," breathed Beatrix, running her hands through the streams as if to catch even one drop.

"This is perverse and unclean!" cried Carol.

"This is real and natural!" laughed Beatrix. She turned to face Carol. "Look at them! See how good they feel? For the sight of some beautuful girls and a well deserved wank... ahh, but you do know a little something about masturbation, don't you?"

Carol was so focused on Beatrix as she uttered her statement that she didn't notice they'd once again moved to a place instantly recalled. "We needn't be here," stated Carol, almost panicked. "I know of this and wish it to be gone."

"What's the matter with Carol, then?" Beatrix teased.

As Carol turned away from Beatrix' gaze, she inadvertently turned to face her younger self as she sat nude on the edge of her college dorm room bed, facing her room mate as they both masturbated.

"Look at yourself!" laughed Beatrix. "Look at how beautiful and happy you are, Carol!"

Carol turned quickly, only to come face to face with her masturbating room mate, close enough to kiss and yet sixteen years away. Carol turned again, to face away from both images, "Take me home, Beatrix, please!" she begged, tears streaming down her face. "I can't stand to see this! She would never let me touch her or even kiss her. She broke my heart in innumerable, unimaginable pieces, Beatrix! I truly can't bear anymore of this..."

Carol was standing in her own bedroom, the green light of the digital alarm on her nightstand showing 2:00 am, tears still streaming down her face. Carol quickly, frantically, looked around her room. She was alone. Breathing heavy and feeling light headed, Carol crawled back into her bed and tightly hugged her pillow.

Part III

Loud, bellowing laughter woke Carol. Opening her eyes, she saw that her modest room was transformed into an amphitheatre, and she was amidst an orgy that would make Caligula blush. At the end of her bed stood a pudgy, gnome-like creature, covered in body hair, with an electric smile, wearing only a flannel over his enormous, erect penis.

"Hi Carol!" he smiled.

"What is the meaning of this? Who are you?"

"Second question first, I'm Ron. I'm the 'Spirit of Sex in the Now'," he said, complete with finger quotes for his title. "And I'm here to get you back in the mood, baby!" he laughed as he slapped her quilt covered thigh.

"What on Earth have you done to my home?"

"I haven't done anything to your home," he smiled as he looked around. "This is just reality, kid. Sex is all around us, everywhere, every day! And this is just this part of town! Look at 'em all... sucking... fucking..." he pointed to one particular group "I have no idea what to call that!" he laughed. "They're in love... or just horney... sharing the ecstacy of sex. Ya gotta love it!"

"You're American, aren't you?"

"Not really, I just sound like I'm from the Bronx. I'm from... well... everywhere!" he laughed.

"What is it that you want from me?"

"From you? Your momentary attention and maybe a smile," he said extending his hand to her's. "But the bigger picture is what I want for you, Sweety. You see, you are sexless. You have the physical body of a hot, modern thrity-five year old woman, but you don't enjoy it! If I had a body like your's, I'd be doing just about anybody! Wait, I already do that... but, back to my point... you don't enjoy your body. When was the last time you enjoyed touching yourself... bringing yourself to orgasm? Or... better yet.... when was the last time you let somebody else bring you to orgasm?"

"I'm not on trial here!"

Ron quickly turned around to face Carol, a barrister's wig on his head, "But you are on trial here! You're on trial for your life and your soul and, well, Baby, you're not stacking a lot of points in your particular favour."

The room changed. Carol and Ron were in the middle of the stage at the T and A Lounge. Ron's barrister wig was gone, as was his flannel. Two very nude, very sexy women were gyrating at either end of the stage, cash of all sorts stuffed into their thigh high garters, and a large, very appreciative crowd of both men and women were cheering them on. "Yeah!" yelled Ron, a huge smile on his face, "this is more like it!" With a couple of strokes of his huge erection, he let loose a fountain of semen that gushed like a fire hose over the entire room.

"Was that really necessary?" asked Carol.

"Yeah, it was! I feel so much better! Now we can get to work!" He smiled, stepping off the stage, his huge erection undaunted by the recent release, "Let's see... I know they're here..." he took Carol's hand and they were suddenly at a table occupied by two men working on total inebriation, along with Jilli, Cassie, Barb, and Abbey from her work. All, save Barb, seemed to be having a wonderful time.

"I don't know why you keep pining over her, Barb," cooed Cassie. "She's never going to respond to you. She has no soul to warm up to. She is the Ice Queen."

"I know she has a good heart! I truly do!" replied Barb, half smiling but with a gleam of true hope in her eye.

"Maybe somebody broke it so badly that she doesn't want it to ever be put back together. D'ya ever think of that?" asked Abbey.

"You know we all love you," smiled Jilli with a hug and a quick kiss.

"I know... I know..." replied Barb. "And I also know you've been wanting to get your tongue ring between my nether lips for quite some time," she laughed as she grabbed Jilli's breast.

Carol walked around behind and to the left of Barb's seat. She crouched down so that the two women were at eye level. "Who is it that she longs for, Ron?"

"You really don't know? Haven't you ever seen the way she looks at you? How, even though she knows you'll flat-out deny her, she continues to invite you to... well... here?"

Carol looked amazed. She faced Barb and saw her smile and laugh with her friends. She watched as Barb enjoyed the view of the women dancing on the stage. After a moment or two, Carol was caught up in the camaraderie of the table, feeling as if she were part of the little group, laughing and enjoying the evening, until she tried to reach over and kiss Barb and fell completely through her.

"Enough of your damned trickery, Ron!" Carol shouted, only to find herself on the floor of her own bedroom.

Part IV

Carol woke with a shadow over her face. She looked around her room and saw nothing but blackness. Not middle of the night darkness, but pure, empty, voided, blackness and felt chilled to her bones. "I've already been visited by the past and present. That only leaves the future. I need to ask... are these visions you show what may be, or what must be?"

There was no answer, only a boney finger appearing out of the blackness, pointing to the pages of a calendar quickly advancing. The hand slammed down on the calendar, transporting Carol to an old neighbourhood grocery at the check out queue. In the queue in front of her was an old woman with her back to Carol. She had in her basket several tins of cheap cat food, a box of tea, and a tin of crisps. The check out girl smiled, but her thoughts were broadcast through the store, "Who does she think she's kidding? All these tins of cat food... she don't have any cats." The girl smiled again as she continued to tally the woman's purchase, her thoughts, again, loud and clear, "I'd bet she hasn't seen a pair of tits as nice as mine, that didn't hang to her knees for at least a million years. I should pop mine out and give her a good eyeful... let her see my pretty, pink erect nipples... I do so love to show me tits! But the manager said he'd fire me if I did that again on duty..." The girl bagged the puchase and asked for the total, the woman's trembling hands took the payment from her old, battered, once fashionable purse and handed it to the girl, taking her bag of cat food, tea and crisps and making way for the exit.

Carol turned and looked into the shadows, "What was that?"

The manager arrived behind the check out girl. She turned to him quickly. "I kept me tits in!"

"I know you did," he smiled. "You're not in trouble. You know, in the twenty years I've been at this store, I've never known her to have ever been involved with any one. Sad, really. She was quite beautiful once."

An icy hand touched Carol's, bringing up a cold wind and storm around her, transporting her to a small, one room flat. The time had changed, it was night, there was only a small light on by a cupboard at one end of the flat. Carol was suddenly hit by a horrible stench.

"Oh, it reeks in here!" she choked, stepping toward the light. A crack of lightning illuminated the flat and Carol saw over a dozen cats in a huddle next to some sort of mass on the floor. Another crack of lightning showed that it was a body. The body of the woman they'd seen in the grocery, lying there, face down, surrounded by the cats. Carol, finally adjusted to the dim light of the flat, saw the cats weren't just surrounding her, they were eating her dead body.

Carol spun around, looking for a glimpse of who this woman was, though, very deep down, she knew it was herself. She looked around again, this time for some one to answer her, "If this is to be me, if I continue my ways, then I truly know deep in my heart that I must change! That I will change!" Carol ripped her bedclothes from her body, leaving her standing in the flat, fully nude. "I will have and enjoy sex! I will love others and allow others to love me! Please! Allow me to change my ways and erase this scene! I will share love and keep love and make love! With men and with women!" Carol covered her eyes so she wouldn't have to see the carnage. "Please, dear spirit, if you are still with me, I beg you!"

Carol found herself standing in the middle of her room, completely naked. Through her window, the sky in the East showed signs of the coming dawn. She caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror, she was herself in her correct body and time. She smiled at her reflection, blowing it a kiss.

Part V

Carol skipped around her room for a moment, including a perfectly executed cartwheel, happily feeling the air on her skin. A noise in the alley behind her home caused her to move to the window. She peered out to see below a couple of teenagers, one boy, one girl, rummaging through the bins. She opened the window, grasping the bottom and put her head through to the open air, her naked breasts exposed to any who would look. "Oi! You two! Do you know what day it is?"

"It's Saturday, Missis," the girl called back, her boyfriend happily getting an eyeful of Carol's breasts.

Carol smiled to herself, "That was one hell of a night, then!" unable to hold back a giggle. Returning her attention to the two by the bins, "Then you know very well there isn't anything in those bins to salvage. Wait there, just a moment." Carol reached over to her purse, recognizing it as the one in the old woman's hands. "No cats for me... ever!" she smiled and pulled out a small bundle of neatly folded € 20 notes. Without counting them, she tied a small hair tie to them and returned to the window. The teenagers were still there. "Here," she called back, once again leaning out of the window for all to see, "take this and get yourselves a proper breakfast... and a room where you can get cleaned up." Carol tossed the bundle of cash down to the girl's waiting hands.

"Thank you, Missis!" they both called back. Then the boy added "You know we can see you're naked!" the girl punched him on his arm.

"Yes! I do! I hope you're enjoying it as much as I am!" Carol closed the window and crawled back in bed, but not to sleep. Her hands caressed her body, her so long untouched body, giving her a shiver. Her nipples instantly hardened as she brought each up to her mouth to lick. She spread her legs open wide, wider than she had in years, allowing her hands to comb through the jungle of pubic hair that had been left unkempt for so long from lack of sexual need. "I'll need to tend to that... later..."

Pictures of what Beatrix and Ron had shown her flooded through her mind as her fingers found she was very wet and ready. The clock's alarm sounded, tuned to some radio station Carol had never heard on a weekend. Instead of the usual news she heard throughout the week on waking, there was music. 'Alone' by Heart came through her radio, instantly falling in love with the song, and with pictures of Barb swirling through her head, Carol rubbed her hard clit, openly crying out as she felt herself penetrated by her own fingers for the first time in so very many years. She sucked her nectar from her fingers, only to put them back, pistoning them in rhythm to her rubbing her sensitive clit. She flipped herself over, arse in the air and face burried in her pillow, both hands exploring and manipulating her flowing wet fanny. Sitting up, she rubbed her wetness all over her body, not wanting to leave even one little centimeter uncovered, only to plunge her fingers back into herself for more. She fell back once more, legs wide open, three fingers of her left hand inserted, pistoning in and out of her wetness, two fingers of her right hand in her mouth, sucking every last drop of her nectar from them. Her much needed orgasm was hard and uncontrolable, swift and overwhelming, bringing forth laughter and tears, and, most importantly, the want to share this again and again with others.


Carol arrived to work Monday morning, at precisely 8:00 am, wearing heels instead of flats, a thigh exposing skirt instead of trousers, and a very low cut blouse, showing off the lovely and ample cleavage she had kept hidden for so long. Her newly coiffed, lovely dark hair was down and hung sexily to her breasts, instead of the über-tight bun she'd kept before, and that wasn't the only hairstyle she'd changed. She openly smiled as she unlocked her heavy oak door, but, instead of closing it, she purposely left it open. She watched as Jilli, Cassie, and Abbey took their seats, readying themselves for the start of the day. Her breath caught as she saw Barb.

Smiling an inner smile, Carol sat at her desk, picked up her phone and dialed Barb's extension. Barb answered with a little bit of fear in her voice. Trying to contain herself, to sound as she had in the past, Carol summoned Barb to her office. Carol's glee could barely be capped when Barb answered she'd be right in. Once Barb arrived at Carol's office, Carol looked up at her, unable to attempt an imitation of her former self, said "Please, Barb, do come in and sit down."

"Are you alright, Carol? You seem a bit... different."

Carol smiled a genuine smile, happy that Barb had noticed her transformation. "Yes, Barb, thank you, I am quite well. Probably the very best I've been in countless years. And, I must say, it is partly you I have to thank for this."

Barb looked a bit quizzical as Carol got up from behind her desk, walked to the door to close it. "I learnt something of dire importance over this past weekend, Barb... something so great that it has truly changed my entire look on life." Carol smiled at Barb as she sat on the edge of her desk, biting her lower lip, searching for the words she wanted to say.

"Before you tell me, Carol, may I ask you something?"

"Yes, please do. Anything."

"If I were to ask you to be my... well... we'll start at friends... if I asked you to be my friend, would that upset you?"

Carol's smile was much larger than Barb had hoped for. "I think there's something far more than mere friendship that we can share," Carol replied, reaching to get the kiss she'd failed to attain on her journey with Ron.

Carol found that by sharing her life, and love, with some one made her far more successful than any career or any salary could ever come close to. Carol and Barb happily continued their relationship as friends, as lovers, as partners...

Neither ever owned a cat.