09 January 2011


I sat near the gate, mindlessly flipping through the magazine I’d just bought. Her plane was due in about half an hour, but I kept looking out the window as if it would just suddenly, miraculously appear. She’d only been gone a week, but it had felt like centuries. She'd asked me to stop by her house, make sure the mail was collected, feed the cat, and such. So, for a week I had wandered nude through her house and swam nude in her pool, wishing she were there with me.

The plane arrived and taxied to the gate. I walked over to the doors and waited for them to open and for Carly to appear. I was tingling all over. My heart raced as I caught the first glimpse of her face as she walked through the gate. I moved to her, and she to me, and I felt every nerve ending in my body scream for her. Not caring about the others around us, we hugged and kissed, our kiss was long and full of passion. Our tongues danced together as our breasts mashed together in our embrace. We broke our kiss and started toward the baggage claim, arm in arm, happy for her to be home.

I had arranged for a cabbie friend of mine to meet us so neither one of us would have to drive. He was patiently waiting in the pickup area. We climbed into the back seat as he put her suitcase in the boot. My cabbie friend, Seamus, hadn’t even gotten into the taxi before Carly and I were kissing passionately in the back seat. Seamus smiled into the rearwiew mirror, unstartled by our actions, thoroughly enjoying what he saw.

Carly and I share the same feeling toward clothes. They are nice, sexy and not always necessary. When dressed, Carly is more of a jeans and t-shirt girl. We were both wearing our favourites that day, Carly was in her favourite jeans, white t-shirt and a blazer. She only wears a bra when she ‘has to’ and this particular day just wasn’t one of those days. Her incredible breasts were straining at the cotton of her t-shirt and her nipples were hard and lovely. Meanwhile, I was wearing a slinky black dress that I couldn’t wear a bra under if I wanted to. My nipples were equally as hard, wanting so desperately to be in her mouth. Once Seamus had pulled away from the terminal, Carly and I were exploring each other with our hands and locked in a sensuous kiss. Her blazer and t-shirt were off before we were to the highway and my dress was off right after that. She managed to get her jeans unbuttoned but before she could get them off, I straddled her legs.

Our hands were rubbing and kneading each other’s breasts, rubbing our nipples together as our kisses became more and more passionate. My knees were on the seat on either side of her legs, the more we kissed and the more we rubbed, the hotter and hornier we got. My clit was swollen and begging to be touched. Carly broke our kiss, smiled, and moved me back over onto the seat next to her so my head fell into her lap. I reached up and started sucking on a nipple and she put her hand to my aching fanny.

I licked and suckled like a nursing baby as her hand worked over my fanny. Her fingers stroked my pubes before caressing my labia, stroking and spreading the lips open and closed over my hard, swollen clit. I could feel I was wet to my knees as she tickled my clit with her finger. That welcome, familiar warmth was building and spreading inside me as I cupped the breast I was sucking. I felt a finger enter me. I moaned and started to push against her to get her finger further in faster as the heel of her hand landed on my clit. Another finger entered me and I was on fire.

I kept hold of her breast with my mouth and hands as she stroked her fingers in and out of me, the heel of her hand applying just enough pressure to my clit. I felt myself burning deep inside as my moans vibrated her swollen nipple in my mouth. Her other hand was caressing my breasts, bringing me closer and closer to exploding. I opened my legs as wide as I could, pressing my clit against her hand, pushing against her fingers, hanging on and sucking her breast for dear life as my orgasm flooded through me like a tidal wave. Carly brought her fingers to her mouth sucking my nectar from them. I sat up and tasted myself on her mouth as she kissed me.

Seamus was just pulling the taxi into Carly’s drive as she removed her jeans. Seamus stopped the car and stared into the rear view mirror for a moment, smiling. Still nude, I leant forward to ask the fare just in time to see Seamus ejaculate into a towel. "I don’t think I could’ve made another mile," he smiled. "This one’s on me, ladies." After a moment, Seamus put himself together and got out of the taxi, walking to the boot to retrieve Carly’s suitcase. Carly and I collected our clothes and got out of the taxi, still completely nude.

Once inside the house, Seamus placed the suitcase inside the door, said his good-byes and closed the door behind him. Carly and I were already halfway to the bedroom, smiling, hand in hand as Seamus closed the door. In the bedroom, I laid her down on the bed and went through the room, lighting the candles and incense I’d placed there earlier in anticipation of her return. I had truly missed her this past week and tonight I was going to show her just how much.

Back on the bed, we kissed and rolled in each other’s arms. Skin to skin, breast to breast, mound to mound. I held her and touched her and caressed her and kissed her and stared into her eyes. I rolled her on to her back and started to nibble at her neck. She likes that. I moved my way down her beautiful body, nibbling and planting kisses, her fingers laced through my hair. She squirmed as I kissed inside her hip on my way down to her thigh and then to her knee. I raised her leg and hugged it to me as I licked behind her knee. I looked at her and smiled.

I kissed my way back up her leg, alternating between each thigh, kissing and nibbling towards her magnificent fanny. I planted a kiss square on her labia and her fingers once again intertwined in my hair, stroking my head in an attempt to guide me into her. I was going to tease her, bring her ever so close and keep her there. I continued to kiss, but only with my lips to her lips. This was teasing myself, too. I wanted so badly to put my tongue deep inside her and drink every drop of her sweet juice.

Her fingers combed through my hair as I continued to kiss and tease her. I could feel her wetness building on her lips, and on mine. I slowly started to lick her. First around the outside of her, her thighs and pubes and around, closing in on the center of my attention, her hard, swollen clit.

She bucked as the tip of my tongue touched her clit. I reached around her hips to hold her. We were both in for a wild ride. I started licking her everywhere, her lips, her entrance, her clit. She started to thrust her hips to meet my tongue. With my fingers, I spread her open to reveal her pink flesh within. I sucked on her clit and I thought she was going to buck us both right off the bed. I wrapped my lips around her nub and sucked and licked and sucked. Her hands her holding my head as she ground herself into my face. She was calling my name as I released the suction from her clit and dove my tongue into her entrance, licking as fast as I could, as she about drowned me with her orgasm.

I didn’t stop there.

As she was squirming and convulsing under me, I inserted two fingers into her. I wiggled and pumped my fingers inside her, sucking her clit in time to my fingers. Her orgasm soared even higher, grinding her fanny to my face in rhythm to my fast fingering, yelping her pleasure. With one last throaty scream, Carly pushed my face away from her fanny. I removed my fingers from her spasming canal, offering her nectar to her on my soaking wet fingers. I crawled up and held her in my arms, her tear streaked face cradled to my breast, as she convulsed in her orgasm.

I kissed the top of her head and whispered "I told you I missed you".