02 January 2011

A Happy New Year's

We arrived at the airport just a little after 1:00 am, local time, on the 29th, to board a private plane for our New Year's destination. She had promised me "something special" for our first New Year's, but I never imagined this. Being the Pagan that I am, I had been hoping to see in the new year at Stonehenge. All she really told me was that I didn't need to pack very much. Even on the plane, she wouldn't divulge our destination, and believe me, I tried to get it out of her.

Once off the plane at the tiny nondescript, private airport, we got into the back of a limousine and were whisked away through rather light traffic to a condo on the beach. I couldn't keep my hands away from her. We kissed and nuzzled and cooed the entire way until we pulled up in front of a beautiful building. I could see the driver try to keep an eye on the road while he also tried to keep an eye on us. Somehow, he managed to do both.

As we exited the limousine, I tried to tip the driver, but he only smiled and waved me off, saying in very broken English that seeing us together was the best tip he'd had in a very long while. We gathered what little luggage we'd brought and climbed aboard the lift to the penthouse suite overlooking the ocean. She produced the key, and as the door opened, I was so excited, my already damp fanny flooded. She started to enter the suite but I stopped her.

"Wait!" I grinned."We can't go in there with clothes on. It just wouldn't be right."

She giggled "What?"

"This is New Year's and I'm going to spend it naked with you! Take your clothes off." I said as I stepped back and pulled my jumper up over my head. I wasn't wearing a bra and my breasts jiggled as I shook my hair. Her face lit up with her "you've got great breasts" smile. I kicked off my shoes and was unbuttoning my jeans and enjoying her watching me, but I wanted her out of her clothes, too.

I stopped. "If you just wish to watch, my love, you'll soon be watching me do myself right here in the hall..." I was so turned on, I plunged my hand into my soaked knickers to find my flooding fanny. I stuck my finger in my hot, wet hole with a moan. A second finger joined the first as I used my other hand to bring a nipple to my waiting mouth. If anything was going to get her out of her clothes quickly, this would.

She moaned and she continued to watch me while kneading her own breasts through her blouse. I moaned, too, stating that I was so very close to orgasm. Her blouse was unbuttoned and being thrown to the floor, revealing those marvelous breasts that I just adore, and she stepped to me and kissed me hotly on the mouth. I felt her breasts mashing into my own, that lovely feeling of skin to skin. She broke the kiss to whisper in my ear "I love it when you masturbate... please... don't stop." Her renewed kiss was even more hungry than before.

Moaning into her kiss, my orgasm hit. My fingers racing in and out of my hot wetness, my thumb pressing hard on my engorged clit, my body shuddered under her. She could tell, too, because she knelt down and pulled my jeans and drenched knickers down to my ankles in one quick, fluid motion. Just as quickly, her mouth was to my fanny, licking and sucking my tingling clit. I moaned her lovely name as she sent me even deeper in orgasm, my body convulsing in rhythm to the spasms of my orgasming fanny.

She guided me gently to the floor as my knees turned to jelly under the intensity of my orgasm. I was giggling and gasping for air when I tasted my own juices on her loving mouth as she deply kissed me. I couldn't help but smile as I broke the kiss and raised myself up on one elbow.

"You still have your jeans on," I managed. "Please take them off, I want you now!"

She pulled her jeans off as I untangled my feet from my own jeans, which were still unglamorously woven around my ankles. We tossed our clothes inside the condo and then I lowered my mouth to her beautiful, wet, delectable fanny. Her sweet lips and clit were swollen in lust and sensitive to the touch of my tongue. I licked and sucked her slowly, wanting to give her the enjoyment I'd just gotten. Plus, I just can't help it, I love tasting her nectar.

It didn't take very long at all for her to flood my face in her own trembling orgasm. I felt myself orgasm with her when she grabbed the back of my head and ground her well trimmed fanny into my hungry mouth. When I felt her convulsions quiet some, I raised my head to see her beautiful beaming face. "If this is what happens when we go away on holiday," she smiled, "we need to fly more often."

We picked ourselves up off the floor, pushed our luggage through the threshold, closed the door behind us and made our way to the kitchen. There were three things in the frige, a half gallon of orange juice, a bottle of champagne with a note attached, and a very large salad. She and I shared the orange juice while I read the note.

"Ladies... Enjoy the apartment, the view is spectacular. Happy New Year!"

She put the remainder of the orange juice back in the frige and we made our way to the bedroom. The bed was soft and comfortable, made even more so by sharing it with her. I was a bit tired, but I wasn't quite ready for sleep.

The next morning, she had left and returned long before I got out of bed. When I did get up, happily naked, I found that she had been to the local bakery and had brought some fresh cinnamon croissants. She and I had our coffee, croissants and juice, showered, dressed and, using the car that comes with the condo, we decided to see some sights and shop a little.

We wandered in and out of the shops, and ended up in a cozy little restaurant for lunch. I was feeling so wonderful and sexy with her, that I wasn't really into eating lunch. I just wanted to get back to the condo, take all of my clothes off and make love with her forever.

I was holding her hand as we both picked at our lunch. "I'm sorry," I giggled. "I just can't seem to get anything else in my mind but you." I lifted her hand to my mouth and licked the tips of her fingers. "If I didn't think the other customers here would mind," I looked around the room, "I'd make wild, passionate love to you right here on this table." I sucked two of her fingers into my mouth with a moan. Her eyes closed and her head tipped back just a little, a contented smile on her face.

"Sorry, ladies," the waitress was blushing, "I don't mean to interrupt..."

"It's quite alright, love," I smiled, "it seems we've both lost our appetite..."

"...for food." she finished, with a wink to the waitress.

She paid the check, left a healthy tip and we ran out to the car, giggling like a couple of schoolgirls. Once in the car, we were all over each other, kissing and touching and getting more than a little worked up. I finally fumbled with the keys and managed to start the car. Her hand was up under my jumper, fondling my breast through my lacy bra and our lips were locked together.

I managed the five kilometers back to the condo without any serious problem, though, I think I may have run a traffic light, and made it to the parking garage just as her jumper was flying into the back seat. Somewhere between the restaurant and the parking garage, her bra seemed to have vanished, though I never saw her remove it. Yes, she was wearing one when we started out that morning, I saw her put it on. As soon as the car was in park and the engine was off, my jumper was off and I was on top of her, in the passenger seat, with the seat back all the way back, trying desperately to suck her tongue out of her mouth, fondle her gorgeous breasts and get her tights off, all at the same time. She had unclasped and removed my bra and in a brief moment when she was able to breathe, suggested we get upstairs and "have at it."

Neither of us bothered to cover up, we just made a mad dash to the lift, where we continued to make out all the way up to the top floor. By the time the lift doors opened, we were both completely nude and panting. We did make it inside the condo to the living room couch before we fell together, kissing and touching and fondling and licking and caressing.

I was on my knees, my face buried in her most beautiful, wet pinkness, my own fanny gaping and dripping, my fingers petting my own most sensitive parts, my arse in the air. She was on her back on the couch, writhing in ecstasy, moaning and crying out with every new convulsion her body made. Suddenly, through long gasps, she managed "window... washer... watching..."

I raised my face to turn and look. There was a man, alone, outside on a scaffold, transfixed. He had an absolutely perfect view of my arse, my fingers rubbing my own excited fanny and her spread eagle on her back on the couch. I looked at her and smiled, "He just has to get his own."

I was answered with a hip thrust, pushing her excited fanny even closer to my already soaked face. I waved at the man and went back to kissing and licking her beautiful wetness. After a few minutes, she pushed me over on to my back on the floor and proceeded to crawl over me, allowing us to continue in soixante neuf. We continued to finger and lick and suck each other, our moans and cries of love and lust filled the otherwise soundless condo. The sun was almost completely set when we finally rolled off of each other, gasping and panting and giggling.

I don't know how long he was out there, but when we looked out that window the next day, it was very clean.

The 31st of December was almost half gone by the time she and I finally got out of bed. It just felt so very good to be nestled in, warm and cozy, nude and intertwined, so very much in love. The afternoon was spent showering, doing up our hair and nails, all the while planning our evening's festivities.

She looked absolutely stunning in her little black dress. Maybe because I knew that all she had on under it was the black silk, thigh-high stockings, or maybe because I was wearing the identical dress and stocking, also sans any underclothing. I felt so very sexy! I wasn't thinking of drinking any champagne, though, the only taste I wanted in my mouth was her nectar.

The bars and pubs and clubs were hopping! After a couple of drinks at one bar, we went by taxi to one of the many hotel bars. We danced, we drank and just generally had fun. After two more bars, we were still having great fun, but watching my her dance, her sexy body swaying and moving to the music, those beautiful eyes and that wicked little smile of hers were all making me think of other things besides the public New Year's celebration. All I could think of was getting her back to the condo and having a private little New Year's celebration of our own.

It was almost 11:00 pm when she whispered to me "I want to be nude with you at midnight. I don't care where, as long as we're making love." She truly read my mind.

Not wanting to wait for a taxi, we walked the short four blocks back to our condo. The evening air was brisk, but nowhere near the freezing cold Ireland was experiencing. We held hands as we walked, singing and giggling as we quickly made our way to our little spot in paradise. In the lift, we kissed and nuzzled, but managed to stay dressed even under each other's groping, probing hands.

With the door closed behind us, she immediately slipped out of her dress, but left her stockings and heels on. I wasn't far behind her and followed suit by also leaving on my stockings and heels. I watched her as she walked into the kitchen, her shapely behind swaying sexily with each heeled step above the lacy tops of her stockings. I fought back the urge to plunge my hands between my legs for a little relief. "No... not yet," I muttered to myself.

I wandered over to the window overlooking the beach. My mind filled with my love, and lust, for this beautiful woman I was with. I leaned slightly against the window, face first, and felt the cold of the glass against my hot, horny body. It felt good, and, thankfully, did nothing to cool my lust. she emerged from the kitchen with the champagne bottle in one hand and two glasses in the other. She smiled and kissed me. Not a hot, horny, "need to fuck you now" kiss, but a true loving kiss. I almost orgasmed right there.

She set the bottle and glasses on the table, and I could see the love and admiration in her eyes. I felt so wanted and so loved and so sexy with that look. With the bottle and glasses on the table, she stepped back to me, her eyes focused on my breasts, we embraced and melted together for another loving kiss, tingling with the sensual feeling of skin to skin. As our tongues tickled and danced together, heightening our need for each other. Breaking our kiss, I looked to her face and saw her adoring smile. I dropped to my knees in front of her, my nose practically wedged between her swollen labia.

Her hands were immediately behind my head as I started to kiss her lips and dart my tongue over her excited clit. I heard her moan. Her scent filled my nostrils and I felt her wetness on my tongue. My hands were behind her, gently stroking and caressing the skin of her cheeks and upper thighs with enough pressure to pull her even closer to my lust-hungry mouth. Another moan from her broke the silence of the room as I slipped a probing finger into her tingling fanny, I felt her body shudder.

She gently pulled me away. "Not yet," she almost whispered, "I want for us to have it together." And she knelt down with me and kissed my face and neck and mouth.

Her loving hands were all over my body and we were soon together on the floor, kissing and caressing each other. She kissed her way down my body and back up again to my mouth, sending shivers all through my body. As our need became stronger, so did the urgency of our kisses and caresses, and the volume of our lustful moans. We rolled together in one loving, lustful bundle for what felt like a beautiful eternity. There was no longer the individuals of she and I, just one beautiful, sensual "us".

I moved down her body, desperately in need of tasting her sweet, flowing nectar. I got between her legs and then moved myself so we were both on our sides, but in soixante neuf. This is what we both wanted. This is what we both needed. We dove into each other with the all love and lust that had filled us over the last few days. My only goal was to give her all the pleasure I could, to let her feel through my kisses and licks and sucking the beautiful and intense pleasure she has given me.

My fingers entered her, gently probing and stroking the inner walls of her spasming delight. I felt her body shake in orgasm as her nectar covered my face. I tried to keep myself focused on her, but the pleasure she was giving me was so intense, I lost myself in it. I gave way to a screaming, thundering orgasm, crashing through me in wave after glorious wave of pure ecstasy, feeling my entire being wrack and convulse in spasm after sweet, tearful orgasmic spasm.

After several minutes of recovery, the room stopped spinning, and I looked deeply into her eyes. I saw her tearstreaked face and knew she felt the same as me...

Were those fireworks real?