30 January 2011


When Lily had to move out of her flat due to a water pipe bursting in the flat over her's, I offered to let her stay with me until she got other living arrangements sorted. We work together and have been friends, but we'd never really been all that close. I couldn't just let the girl be homeless, but, at the same time, I knew I'd need to change my own habits some. I can stay dressed for a couple of weeks...

She moved in with what few clothes she had been able to pack, the rest having to be sent to a special cleaners to keep from getting ruined. Poor girl. She really loves her clothes, too. Luckily for Lily, the pipe burst over her wardrobe and spread through the wall into her front room, not over her bed. A girl can get new furniture, but a bed is so much more important.

For the first few days, the novelty of having a room mate was far overshadowing my dislike of having some sort of clothes on. Lily was in my spare room, so I could still sleep naked, but having to put even knickers and a camisole on when you're used to being naked, wasn't as easy as I'd expected. Lily had been there five days and that morning I got up and went directly to the loo, not remembering she was there. A closed bedroom door should have reminded me that something was different from usual, but I was still half asleep. It was when I came out of the loo that I practically ran into her in the hall, her in her t-shirt and boxer shorts, and me totally nude. Lily quickly covered her eyes with her hands, backing into the doorway to the room she was occupying, "Sorry!" I went into my room, gently closing the door behind me and, with a heavy sigh, sat on the edge of my bed. I did not regret doing Lily a kindness, but I was truly hoping she'd find a new flat soon. I crawled back into my bed to catch a few more hours of sleep.

Lily knocked on my door as she was leaving to go to work. She started at 11:00 for the lunch shift. I wasn't due in until 4:00. "See you at work," she called through my closed door. I heard the front door close and threw off my covers, knowing I had the house to myself, even if just for a few hours. I went to my front room and sat on the couch. Without any other stimulation other than being alone, I happily masturbated on the couch. My orgasm was quick and relatively small, but, tasting myself on my fingers, I was happy all the same.

I arrived at work to the usual late afternoon scene, a couple of people left over from lunch finishing a pint, another couple of people at the bar just out of work and ready for a pint. I saw Lily finishing some of her side work, wiping and straightening the tables, readying for the next rush. She saw me and walked over to the bar to chat, starting with report on how busy lunch was, adding "Penny called out for this evening, so I'll stay through supper rush."

I like working with Lily, she's very good. I don't have to worry if the tables are properly covered with her there. I smiled. "Good. Wednesday evenings aren't usually all that busy, so you might still get out at a decent time."

"I'm not worried about the hours. Besides, I could use the extra, y'know?" she smiled.

The evening went by very quick as we were much busier than anticipated. It was only when I called last orders at 11:30 did I notice that Lily had stayed and worked the entire evening. "You worked all day?"

"It feels like I've worked a whole week. I can't wait to get home, get out of these clothes and into a nice, hot bath," she smiled as she heavily landed on a seat at the end of the bar.

I fixed her a Pink Genie and slid it to her. "Overpour," I smiled. "I know what you mean. I haven't seen a Wednesday this busy in a while." Lily smiled as she finished her drink.

We finished cleaning up after closing and were out by 12:30. Lily left me to shut the lights and to lock up. Normally, on nights such as this, I'd be getting undressed in my car, but I'd have to wait until I was safely in my own room at home before I could enjoy being nude. I knew I wouldn't need to put something on too quickly because Lily would be in the bath. I opened my blouse, revealing my lacy bra covered breasts, put my car in drive and, knowing I could be happily nude soon, smiled as I drove the short distance from work to home. When I arrived, I saw Lily's car parked on the street, allowing me to park in the drive. As I closed my front door behind me, I noticed my front room was glowing from the soft light of candles and heard soft music playing. I stepped into my front room and saw Lily stretched out, nude, on my couch, masturbating.

I smiled.

I had to clear my throat twice before she heard me. She had the deer in headlights look, staring at me for a moment or two before she realized I was there. She quickly sat up and covered herself, "I'm sorry! I'm so sorry! I didn't think you'd be home so soon!" She was on the point of tears, and didn't even notice that my blouse was completely unbuttoned.

I smiled, "There's nothing to be sorry for, Lily. I did the very same thing on that very same spot this morning after you'd left for work."

She sobbed, "I hate being a burden on you. I hate not having my own place to live. And I hate having to wear clothes all the fucking time!"

I sat next to her on the couch, placing my arms around her, hugging her to me and letting her cry herself out. I shushed her and stroked her hair, kissing her forehead as she cried. She sat up and ran a fingertip under her eye, trying to wipe away her tears. Smiling, she said, "Thanks. I'm sorry you had to come home to this."

"You're quite welcome, but there really isn't anything for you to be sorry for. I should be apologizing to you for not allowing you finish," I smiled. "And you don't have to put on clothes around the house if you don't want to. I also hate wearing clothes."

"Really?" her smile was beaming. "But you wear such nice things. Even your knickers and camis are lovely."

I may have blushed. "If you have to wear something, it might as well be nice," I laughed.

Lily reached over and hugged me, "You're such a good friend." She sat back on the couch, much more relaxed than earlier. "I've never been naked with another woman, are you sure you won't mind?"

"Would you feel more comfortable if I were naked, too?" I smiled. Not bothering for an answer, I slipped my blouse off and tossed it to a side chair. I untied my trainers, tossing them next to the chair my blouse was in. Before standing to slide off my jeans, I had to get my bra off. It was then that I noticed Lily was watching rather intently. I smiled as I pulled my bra from me, exposing my hard pink nipples. "Are you enjoying watching me?"

Lily smiled, looking a bit as if she were caught with her hand in the til, "I suppose I am."

I stood and slid off my jeans, leaving me standing there in nothing, save my black t-back knickers. "You mentioned something about a bath at work." I slid off my knickers. "Are you still interested?"

"With you?"

"Sure. Why not? My tub is big enough for the both of us."

I took her hand and we went upstairs to the loo. I started the bath water, trying to keep my excitement from showing too much, the sound of the running water breaking the silence of the room. I stepped into the tub and, sitting, I waved at the other end of the tub. "See? There's plenty of room for the both of us."

Lily smiled and stepped into the tub, sitting with her legs hugged up to her. I could see she was still a bit nervous. The water filled in around us, making me feel very warm and cozy. I reached up to turn off the water, sitting up to make sure the tap was off. Lily had relaxed some, allowing her legs to stretch out. "This is nice," she sighed.

"Yes, it is," I agreed, also with a sigh.

A few moments later, Lily started talking about her very long day at work. I smiled and joined in the conversation, quite comfortable talking about our day in the bath. Suddenly, she started giggling. "I'm sorry," she managed through chuckles, "but the look on your face when you saw me on the couch was priceless."

I started laughing, too.

"I've never done that in any one else's house. It was just that kind of a day, y'know?"

"I'm glad you felt comfortable enough here. I'm still sorry that I interrupted you. I know how I dislike being interrupted." I thought for a moment, then said, "If you need to finish, I can leave you alone, if you'd like. The bath is one of my favourite places to masturbate."

Lily gave me a quizzical look.

"Or... if you don't mind... I could join you..." I lifted my breast from the water to lick my hard nipple.

Lily's eyes looked as if they were going to pop out of their sockets. I smiled, lifting my other nipple to my mouth. I could tell by the movement of her arm that she was touching herself, and she had gotten to the point where she couldn't hide it any longer. I smiled again and continued to massage my breasts, watching her watching me. Her head leant back and her smiling mouth opened as her eyes closed, the water around her arms splashing a little as she quickened her pace. I, too, began rubbing myself, enjoying the sight of Lily pleasing herself in my bath.

Lily's laboured breathing came in gasps, the bath water splashed even more around her arms as she began to convulse at the other end of the bathtub from me. She sat forward, her eyes wide open, her mouth as well, frozen... waiting... ready... bath water splashing even more. With a low, gutteral moan, she fell back to the wall of the tub, momentarily frozen, then as if her entire body shivered at once. Breathing mainly through her nose, in a soft, low voice, she muttered several times "oh my god", with each utterance, the smile on her face widening.

I smiled back, knowing Lily truly enjoyed her orgasm. Mine, on the other hand, was just beginning to build. I watched her as she shivered a few more times as her aftershocks rippled through her. Watching another woman orgasm is absolutely wonderful, and so very sexy to me. It was my turn to let my head fall back and close my eyes, lost in the majick my fingers were weaving. I love masturbating with friends, and I was very happy to be sharing this with Lily. Unlike the quick and fast orgasm I'd had earlier that morning, alone on my couch, this one was building to be so much more. I could feel the muscles in my legs start to quiver as my excitement grew. I knew Lily was watching and that helped to build the excitement even higher. I opened my eyes and saw her still sitting at the other end of the tub, massaging her breasts, watching me intently. I smiled and bit my lower lip. I felt her shift her leg below the surface of the water, her foot gently grazing my thigh, enough of a touch to trigger the explosion that was my orgasm. The beautiful convulsive shockwaves resounding throughout my body as my fingers rubbed my hard, throbbing clit. My eyes closed again and I heard myself moan in pleasure. Just as I thought I was about to recover, I was instantly thrown into the deep end.

Lily kissed me.

"I'm sorry!" she said, quickly pushing away from me, her eyes showing she had not quite gotten the grasp of what she'd just done.

"Please don't be sorry," I managed between gasps. "I liked it."

"I've never kissed another woman... not like that... but I couldn't help it, you looked so... so..."

"Kissable?" I laughed. Lily laughed, too. "Your timing was perfect. Thanks."

Lily's hands were covering her blushing face. "You're welcome, I guess," she giggled.

"Was it all that bad to kiss me?" I teased.


"Would you like to try it again?"

"I think I do."

I smiled and leant in toward Lily and gave her a small kiss on her mouth...