16 January 2011

The Visit

I sit down to my desk, start up my computer and take another sip of my tea. I do so enjoy a nice, quiet day off from work. Once on the internet, I browse the different porn sites, my mind starts to drift. I smile when your sexy image comes to me. You know I never wear clothes when I’m at home, why should this time be different?

My left hand inches itself down to my trimmed red pubes as I scan the pictures of hot, horny women making love on my monitor. I think of how your beautiful breasts feel in my hands and how they taste as I lick and suck your pert nipples. I am drifting off into masturbatory bliss when I’m brought back to this world by the ring of my doorbell.

I can’t help but mutter "fuck off" as I stop what I’m doing to get up and answer the damn door. Whoever it is is going to get an eyeful of me starkers, ‘cause I am not about to waste my time getting dressed. They're damn lucky I decided to answer the door at all. And then my annoyance turns instantly to excitement.

It’s you.

Now I’m glad I didn’t get dressed. I can tell by the look in your eye, and the way your nipples are cutting through your top, you approve of my lack of clothing. My daydream has just come true. I’m going to make you orgasm as many times as your fanny can handle. I want to make love with you... no... on second thought, I want to fuck you stupid and back again.

Our eyes meet as I welcome you into my home and I close the door behind you. Uncontrollable smiles of lust cover our faces as we move over to the couch. You see my computer monitor and the women making love. I don’t ask why or how you came to be at my house. I just thank the Universe that you are. I love to masturbate as much as, if not more than the next person, but sex is much better with another woman. Well, at least it is to me. You can tell I’ve been touching myself, my scent is lightly in the air and my left fingers are a bit damp. We smile again and kiss.

As we sit on the couch, I start to fumble with the buttons of your top. You smile and take over, quickly undoing each one to reveal your beautiful lace covered breasts underneath. We kiss again as you cup my sensitive breasts. My hands caress the skin of your shoulders and then run my fingertips down your arms. I feel the urgency in your warm, soft hands against my breasts, lightly flicking my growing nipples with your thumb.

We kiss again and I slip my hands between your legs. You jump a little as my hand touches your bare upper thigh. I stroke your soft skin with the tips of my fingers. Your moan tells me you are enjoying this, so I reach my hand farther up your short skirt. You are unhitching the clasps of your beautiful black lace bra to expose your lovely breasts. I pull you to lean forward so I can lick your excited nipples.

I feel you shudder as I take your nipple into my warm, wet mouth. I also feel the wetness between my own legs grow. I move my hand further up your thigh and brush against your neatly trimmed paradise. You shudder again as I lightly stroke the soft folds of your lips, still sucking on your tight nipple.

You pull away from me and lean over to kiss me. Our mouths meet with the hunger of lust. I can feel the wetness between my legs flowing onto my thighs. Oh, how I want you. We continue to kiss, breast to breast, our hands all over each other. You stand and let your skirt fall to the floor. I look at you, naked in my eyes. You reach out your hand to me. Its time to move to the bedroom.

We get to my bed and roll together, reveling in the feeling of naked skin to naked skin. I feel your wetness on my legs as we roll together on my sheets. You roll me on to my back. Your smiling face hovers above me as I whisper "I want you". You lower your mouth to mine in a tender kiss. The longer we kiss, the longer our needs build.

You reach down between my legs. I gasp as you find my wetness. I practically explode from your touch and I open my legs more for you. Your skillful fingers heighten my arousal, touching me as only you can. I feel my back arch as a moan escapes my lips. My ecstasy builds and builds as you kiss your way down my body. I open my legs as wide as I can for you, as I feel your kisses descend my belly towards my pulsing, throbbing clit. I feel your hands under my arse as you lift me ever so gently to your mouth as it descends on my fanny.

Did I just scream?

The softness of your lips against my labia sends an electric spark through my body. You open your mouth and lick and suck my clit! Oh, my stars! You waste no time as you plunge two fingers deep into me while you continue to suck my clit. My soaking wet fanny accepts you fully with ease, only to clamp down on you like a vice with another orgasmic spasm. I claw at the back of your head and call your name as you drive your skillful fingers in and out and back in to my pulsing fanny.

After a joyful eternity, you pull your fingers out of me, grab my hips and gently turn me over. You crawl underneath me for us to 69. I move to your directions immediately, wanting, needing your mouth on me, your fingers back inside me. I feel your hands again on my hips and see your beautiful fanny opening for me. I instinctively back into you to push your fingers further into me as I dive into your wetness below me. Our moans are harmonious as we dive into each other, licking and sucking and fingering away with abandon, your hands clenched to my hips, pulling me to you. I hear you call my name as my orgasm is but a nanosecond away, and I feel your shuddering body below me. We rock and convulse and cry out together, making you to finger me even deeper, even harder, before we collapse in a heaving, giggling heap on my bed.

As we lie together in our bliss, my eyes drink in your beauty. So wonderful, your beauty. How I have longed for this time together. My hands can't help but reach out to touch your soft skin as we stare deeply into each other's eyes. My want... no... my need of you burns in my body like the flame of Olympus, and I long to please you as you have pleased me... and beyond.

Your breasts rise and fall with your breathing as your taught nipples pierce the air. I must have them, taste them, lick and suck them, make them my own. I cup your breast and your body responds in a shiver. I smile and lean to suckle your left breast, giving it little licks and flicks of my tongue before softly taking it into my warm, wet mouth. As you purr and moan your enjoyment, I reach down to your beautiful, wet paradise. Your warm, wet folds cling gently to my finger as I lightly probe into you. With your breast still in my mouth, I pull your bum closer to me, resting your wetness on my belly. I grab your hips as I continue to suckle you, you start to rub your sweet, wet womanhood against my belly. Your moans grow as I sneak my thumb between us to find your throbbing clit. Electric sparks shoot through you as my thumb rubs against your swollen, exposed clit.

I release the suction on your engorged nipple and you grab hold of the headboard. I, in turn, grab hold once again of your hips as I move you up my body, leaving a trail of your wetness as you slide up to meet my waiting, wanting, lust-hungry mouth. This time the electricity fills us both as your delectable fanny descends on my mouth. Your taste is of pure clover honey. I can feel the wonderful feeling of your wetness running down my chin and cheeks and neck as you orgasm on my licking flicking tongue. My tongue finds your throbbing clit. I lick and suck it like it would be my final meal... savour it slowly... endlessly... lovingly...

I feel the muscles around your arse tense as you scream my name through gasps and grunts. My face is again flooded and I swallow and lick and swallow in an effort to drink every drop of your nectar. I feel one of your hands at the top of my head, holding me there while your explosion rocks your every nerve, as I hold your hips and continue to drink what I can of your overflowing fanny.

You roll off my face and collapse on the bed, your sweaty breasts heaving under your gasps for air. I notice a tear on your cheek and I reach to kiss it. My hands gently caress your heaving breasts as I hold you in your post-orgasmic glow. We kiss the kiss of satisfied lovers and your eyes twinkle in the fading afternoon light.

I giggle and whisper in your ear "thanks for stopping by..."