27 February 2011

Karen and Olivia

The Sun shown through the lace curtains. Karen rolled over under the light cover to her left side, facing the window and the beautiful sunlight shining through. She couldn't help but smile as she recalled what led up to her being where she was, and, especially, the last twenty-four hours of pure, majickal, sensuality.

It wasn't two days earlier that Karen was talking with her girlfriend, Olivia, over lunch about a place Olivia had heard of from another mutual friend where, not only is it clothing optional, but there is total sexual freedom. "I have to admit," said Karen, "that the whole scenario greatly appeals to me. I'm not sure if I would have the nerve to do that in real life, but I do find it appealing."

"I know!" said Olivia, "I get wet just thinking about it... When Cathy told me of what she experienced there, I had to touch myself right then! And with Cathy still on the phone!"

Karen laughed. "But you and I have had phone sex plenty of times..."

"Yeah," Olivia giggled. She then reached into her bag and retreived her mobile.

"What are you doing?" asked Karen.

"Calling Cathy so I can get the directions. We're going."

"I dunno..."

"Yes. We are. Hello Cathy..." Olivia got the phone number and driving directions from Cathy, explaining that she and Karen were going to go. All the while that she was talking with Cathy, Olivia's hand was caressing her breast, making Karen even more turned on, especially since they were in a very public restaurant. Olivia ended the call with a smile, only to quickly call to make sure Karen and she could get a room right away. She booked a room and ended the call with "see you later, then!"

"Thanks for making sure I'd want to go..." said Karen.

"If you're worried on the cost, my love, please don't. I've easily got that covered. And you know as well as I do that the idea of being seen nude in public turns you on to no end. Your nipples are achingly hard right now just thinking about it, aren't they?" Olivia smiled as she cupped Karen's breast.

"Yeah... but I'm just not sure if I could, though..."

"Sure you could," comforted Olivia. "Besides, I'll be right there with you the entire time." Olivia then reached over and gently kissed Karen's pouty mouth. "Even if we just stay in the room the enitire time and have sex, it will be worth the experience."

"Alright, then," smiled Karen, "when do we leave?"

Olivia beamed "Just let me get the bill and we'll go..."

"What? Now?"

"No time like the present! It's a bit of a drive and I want to get there before it gets too late in the day," said Olivia, smiling as she tried to wave down the waitress to pay the bill.

"I haven't even had time to pack anything," Karen protested.

"Pack?" laughed Olivia. "We can get shampoo and toothbrushes on the way. What else will we need? We'll be naked for days!" The waitress arrived with the bill, Olivia signed it but kept her focus on Karen. "I'm so turned on by this, I'm gonna get naked in the car." She smiled at the waitress. "Hell, if I didn't think I'd get arrested, I'd get naked right here."

"I certainly wouldn't make any calls to the Garda," smiled the waitress, lifting her t-shirt and bra, exposing her pert, young breasts to Olivia.

"I could get arrested for thinking what I'd like to do with those!" laughed Olivia as she quickly licked one of the waitress' already hard nipples, making her squeal.

Karen and Olivia left the restaurant, Karen turning the corner, heading for the chemist's for a few necessary items. Olivia laughed and went to the carpark to collect the car. By the time Karen had made her purchase and exited the chemist's, Olivia was waiting directly out front, motor running. Karen slid into the passenger seat with a small bag saying "The toothbrushes were on sale, buy one get one, so I got us both the same kind, just different colours." It was then that Karen noticed Olivia had been true to her word. Olivia was wearing only her jewelry, a smile, and her safety belt. Olivia's eyes flashed as she put the car in gear and started to pull away before Karen had her door fully closed.

"You're naked," gasped Karen.

"You're suprised?" laughed Olivia. "You shouldn't be. I did say I was going to drive naked. You know I how love to! And..." she reached over, giving Karen's top a healthy tug, laughing said "...you are far too dressed to be travelling in this vehicle."

Karen laughed. This was one of her and Olivia's shared turn ons. It was actually Karen who'd introduced the idea to Olivia those years ago when they shared a room at school. Karen quickly complied, unbuttoning her top, pulling it off and tossing it to the back seat, leaving her in her skirt and bra. Olivia was doing her best to watch Karen, even though they were in a bit of traffic.

"I'm not removing another stitch if you're going to get us into an accident," scolded Karen as Olivia ran a stop sign, luckily, without any cross traffic.

"Sorry!" said Olivia. "I can't help it, though! I just love seeing you naked!"

"Thank you, but I'd much rather be seen naked and alive, Liv, if you don't mind. Besides, you've seen me naked every day for the past eight years. Missing me getting out of my clothes now isn't going to kill you. But, if you can't keep watch on the road, your driving will." Deep down, Karen was wanting to be naked as much as she knew Olivia wanted to watch.

"I said 'I'm sorry'... I want us to get there in one piece, too, y'know."

"Okay," smiled Karen as she reached behind herself to unclasp her bra, sliding the straps down her arms and pulling the cups away from her breasts. Her already hard nipples tensing just a little more as she felt the air against them. She tossed her bra in back to join her top. She fought off the urge to caress her freed breasts, knowing that would instantly lead to masturbating. Karen loved to masturbate, especially for and with Olivia, but she needed Olivia's eyes on the road and not on her. She could wait... at least a while.

Olivia glanced over to Karen, smiling as she saw her lover's breasts and her lovely, hard, pink nipples. "You have such marvelous tits, my love," she smiled. "But, you still have your skirt on, don't you?"

"I thought you were going to watch the road!"

"I am!"

"Then don't worry about how naked I am! Don't worry! I'll get there!" Karen laughed, causing her breasts to jiggle a bit. Olivia laughed, too, her breasts jiggling along with Karen's. "If I take my skirt off, will you promise not to kill us?"

"Of course, Love! I'm horny and in love, not suicidal," smiled Olivia, internally begging to all that is holy for Karen to take off her skirt. "Why are you so... so..."

"This whole thing has me so fucking turned on! I can't believe it! I mean, you're sitting there, gloriously naked... so hot and sexy... I just want to put my fingers to my fanny and..."

"You know how I love to see that!"

"Yes, I do! And you know how much I love doing it with you... but, right now, you'd be far more interested in me and my spasming fanny than you would be on the road."

Olivia smiled. "When we topped the last hill, I saw a break in the hedgerow that should be coming up soon. I'll pull over and we'll both get what we need..."

Olivia found the break in the hedgerow and slowly pulled through. The car wasn't fully parked when Karen pulled off her skirt. She wasn't wearing knickers and soon her fingers were flailing away. It only took Olivia long enough to put the car in park and turn off the motor before she joined Karen in masturbatory bliss. It didn't take either one long to peak, Karen gasped and groaned and cried out as her orgasm overtook her, quickly followed by Olivia's whimpering and giggling. Both sat in their respective seats as their inner convulsions calmed to a roar, kissing and holding hands, while staring lovingly into each other's eyes, unable to keep from grinning like the Cheshire cat.

The Sun's lower rim was nearly touching the Western horizon when Karen and Olivia were back on the road. "Better?" asked Olivia, a loving smile on her face.

"Yes. Much, thank you. Now, I know I can go through with this," laughed Karen, now wearing only her jewelry, safety belt and a smile.

It had just gone 11:00 pm when the girls arrived at their destination, a large building, reminiscent of an old hunting lodge, tucked away far from the beaten path. A very pretty, very naked, girl was just turning down the lights at the far end of the lobby as Olivia and Karen entered, hand in hand. The girl smiled and waved as Olivia approached the desk. Karen had let go of Olivia's hand and was admiring some of the erotic artwork hanging on the wall.

"You must be Olivia and Karen," smiled the girl. "We've been expecting you. And how nice the both of you look! Another couple walking in nude! I love it! And I see you didn't bring any luggage... very sexy! I'm Melissa. I'm sure you've had a bit of a journey to get here, so you're probably quite knackered. You'll have plenty of time tomorrow to explore the building and grounds... there's a very nice pool, a lawn to sun on, trails up into the wood... there's even a natural spring with a marvelous waterfall. This time of year, that water is ice cold, though. For now, please, let me show you to your room." Melissa waved towards the stairs. "You're in number nine... top of the stairs, down the hall, last on the right." The sounds of couples engaged in passionate sex emanated from several of the rooms as the three walked past. Melissa giggled as they neared the girls' room. "I'm sorry, but that's just such a thrilling sound to me."

Smiling, Melissa opened the door to number nine and motioned for Olivia and Karen to enter. "It's beautiful!" exclaimed Karen, hugging and kissing Olivia. "I want to make you squeal like that girl in number five," she said with a wicked grin.

Melissa laughed, eyes wide open and a hand to her mouth as she appeared to blush, "Number five is a couple of men..."

"Better yet!" laughed Olivia.

"I was just getting ready to close the kitchen. Do either of you need anything?" smiled Melissa as she watched the two women cuddle.

"Not from the kitchen," smiled Karen.

"Unless you'd like to join us..." Olivia's grin was wickedly welcoming.

Melissa stepped closer to the couple, taking a breast of each in her hands and kissed Karen, then Olivia. "I'll take a rain check on that invitation, if you don't mind. But, in the meantime, I'll leave you to... settle in." Melissa kissed both on the cheek, still with their breasts in her hands. A deep breath, a smile, she turned to leave the room to Karen and Olivia.

The next morning, Olivia woke first, Karen's taste in her mouth and scent in her nose, giving her a very contented smile. Neither could squeal quite like the lovers in number five, not without trying. It was somewhere after 2:00 am that they finally fell asleep, cuddled in each other's arms. Not having any food to eat since yesterday's lunch, Olivia was quite hungry and knew Karen would be, too. She kissed Karen's brow, then cheek, smoothing back her blonde hair from her face. "Good morning, my darling..." another kiss to Karen's brow.

Karen stirred, smiling at the welcoming sound of her lover's voice, "Morning..."

"I'm absolutely starved," smiled Olivia. "I'd wager you are, too. The bath has a shower, so let's get tidied up and go see what they have for breakfast." Olivia didn't wait for Karen to get up, instead, she pulled the comforter from Karen's body and, giggling, stepped into the bath. Karen quickly joined her under the running water. After towelling off and a quick peptalk from Olivia to Karen about how everyone else is also naked, they stepped out of their room, wearing nothing but smiles and jewelry, on their way to breakfast.

In the dining room there were a few men and several women, all also naked, easing Karen immensly. Plus, they arrived just in time to witness, as all did, a man ejaculating into his partner's coffee to applause from all in attendence. "Must be the boys from number five," smiled Olivia.

Melissa greeted the two newcomers to the room with quick, though somewhat forgettable introductions all around. Olivia and Karen smiled, waved and took a seat next to a very large window overlooking the grounds. The view was beautiful and serene, and would be a welcoming sight even if the location wasn't filled with lovely naked people. Sitting face to face at the table, Karen took Olivia's hand and placed it on her arm, "Pinch me," she smiled.

"What on Earth for?"

"Because I know I'm dreaming... this place can't be real."

Olivia laughed, "This is real, my love," she said, giving Karen's arm a light pinch, Karen laughing with Olivia.

Melissa arrived at their table offering more coffee and juice, to which they both declined. "I promised I'd join the couple from number three after breakfast in the garden. I'm sure they wouldn't mind an audience... or more... if you're interested. If not, I'm still holding that rain check." Melissa's smile was lovely and genuine.

"That could be fun," smiled Karen.

"Now I'm the one needing to be pinched," smiled Olivia.

"When in Rome..." smiled Karen.

After breakfast, Karen and Olivia first wandered through the lobby, enjoying the art. On a couch near a picture window, a woman was bent over the arm of the couch, blissfully enjoying the erections of two very handsome men, one in her mouth, the other in her fanny from behind. "She's lovely, isn't she?" smiled a man sitting in a side chair, slowly stroking his erection. "My wife and I come here at least twice a year. It's improved our lives a hundred fold! Other women, other men, we both get to enjoy anything and everything we want." The threesome on the couch changed position, her lying back on the couch seat and the men trading places. "You're welcome to join in, if you'd like."

"Maybe later, love, but thanks all the same," smiled Karen as she gently pulled Olivia from the scene.

Once outside, they enjoyed the warm sunshine on their skin. They strolled the grounds, waving occasionally to other guests as they passed, though no one else was as sexualy engaged as the people in the main lobby. Everyone seemed to just be enjoying the simplicity of of being naked in the Sun. Without a cloud in the sky and the temperature already 24º C, it was going to be a beautiful day to be outside.

Strolling around to the rear of the building Karen and Olivia found the large pool, sheltered neatly inside the greenhouse attached to the hotel. A couple of women were lounging at the far end, though beautiful in their nudity, they, like the rest of the hotel guests encountered since exiting the lobby, were simply enjoying being naked. Not wanting to swim or, really, to be indoors, Karen and Olivia opted to continue to explore the grounds, exiting the greenhouse through the door opposite the one they entered. The lounging women didn't even stir.

"I thought Cathy said there was wall to wall sex here," whispered Karen. "Other than that group in the lobby, everything else here is pretty tame."

"You're not enjoying this beautiful day?" smiled Olivia. "We're naked, darling... outside... you're naked in a public situation... doesn't that turn you on?"

"Are you kidding? I'm soaked to me knees! I'm about ready to just lie down on the lawn and masturbate, I'm so horny!" Karen's voice seemed a bit throatier, a sure sign to Olivia that she was very excited. "Liv, baby, if I don't orgasm soon..."

"This from the girl who wasn't even sure if she wanted to come... here," smiled Olivia. "What's stopping you?" Olivia drew Karen's hand up to her mouth and kissed it. "Hmmm?"

Karen looked around. "Maybe a place just a little more comfortable..."

Olivia laughed and, spying a gazebo not far from where they stood, pointed it out to Karen. "There, does that look a bit more comfortable?"

"Splendid!" smiled Karen as she made a beeline for the structure. Once upon the gazebo, Karen's face lit up like a sparkler. There were three benches, each on a wall. with openings to the outside on the other three sides. The benches each had cushions that looked both soft and clean, large enough for a couple to lay next to each other. Karen let out a gleeful squeal and literally skipped over to the far bench directly across from the opening where she entered. Olivia stood, her hands grasping the posts on either side of the entrance, lovingly watching Karen as she got herself comfortable.

"I take it, Madame," Olivia laughed in a very bad French accent, "that this is a suitable location? Will you be in need of my assistance, or will you... take matters in your own hands?"

"Join me?" asked Karen, arms extended toward Olivia, fingers wiggling like a toddler wanting to be picked up by it's mother.

Olivia smiled and sexily strode over to Karen, joining her on the bench in a loving hug and kiss. Their kisses became more and more passionate, their bodies pressing together in glorious skin to skin. Karen's fingers were the first to find Olivia's damp fanny, open and waiting for her loving touch. "Looks like I'm not the only one turned on by this place," smiled Karen as she licked the wetness from her fingers.

Olivia's voice was tender and loving, "I'm just turned on by you, silly... no matter where or when... just you..." before returning to the passionate kisses they both wanted and needed.

"Looks like this one's taken," came a man's voice from outside the gazebo.

Karen quickly sat up and saw the man with two blonde, Nordic looking women starting up the stairs to the small structure. "You're welcome to come in if you'd like. There's plenty of room for you. I was going to masturbate and we were most certainly going to have sex, I hope you don't mind."

The three newcomers applauded, laughed and entered the gazebo, the women choosing one of the benches, smiling, sitting very close to each other, holding hands, the man choosing the other open bench. Olivia smiled and returned to kissing Karen, soon losing themselves in their need. Gentle caresses quickly turned to needful groping, soon followed by mouths replacing hands... Karen, only mildly aware that the others were still present, laid back on the bench, opening her legs to Olivia, using both hands to spread open her lips, exposing her wet pinkness to Olivia, and the others in the gazebo, as well. Olivia lovingly obliged, using her tongue to trace the turns and folds of Karen's excited fanny, causing a gasp to escape Karen's throat. Karen's hand went to the back of Olivia's head, fingers lacing in her dark hair.

The two women watching were becoming more involved with each other, touching and licking, as Olivia and Karen freely displayed their love. The man was quietly stroking his erection with a contented smile, watching both Olivia and Karen, and his original companions. The man's companions whispered between themselves, then, smiling, got up and moved over to the bench Karen and Olivia occupied.

Karen had lost all track of her surroundings. She and Olivia were making love and that, at that moment, was Karen's entire Universe. Not only was Olivia's tongue circling and lapping at Karen's clit, her canal was filled by two of Olivia's fingers, wiggling and pistoning with just the right pressure and speed, but suddenly, both of her nipples were being licked and sucked in tandem. Karen's eyes flew open, saw the man on the opposite bench, still happily stroking himself, and the tops of two blonde heads at her breasts. Karen smiled, remembering the situation just before her eyes closed, her head fell back, and her body started to shake and convulse in shock after rolling shock of one of the most intense orgasms she'd ever experienced.

The weightlessness of her orgasm was punctuated by every muscle in her body needing to twitch and spasm at once. Olivia's loving and experienced tongue dove deep into Karen, lapping up every drop of Karen's nectar while the two Nordic goddesses continued their licking and sucking of her hard, sensitive nipples. Karen tried to scream, but she felt she had no breath and couldn't remember when she last took a breath, just as another shockwave ran through her body. She held tight to the women at her breasts, the look of indescribable euphoria on her face, and she thought she heard her own voice as if from very far away moaning and gasping in sheer delight. She looked over and saw the man on the bench across from her was ejaculating powerfully, in slow motion, into the air. She closed her eyes and smiled, riding another powerful crest of her own.

Next thing Karen knew she was in Olivia's loving arms, being rocked and cooed like a frightened child, with light kisses and sweet whispers of "I love you" in her ear. A light but noticable aftershock rolled quickly through her tingling body, instantly causing a smile and a giggle.

"Wow," gasped Karen, trying to stiffle another giggle. "That was..." she shook her head, laughing. Looking directly into Olivia's eyes, she said "My stars, Liv! How I love you!" kissing her lovingly on the mouth, tasting herself in the kiss. Then, looking around the gazebo, she noticed that the others had gone.

"Yes, they really were here," smiled Olivia.

"Thanks... for a moment there..."

"I guess they could tell that you and I are... well... you and I."

"The best..." smiled Karen as she cuddled into Olivia's loving arms.

After a while, Karen got up and, still a bit wobbly, started to make her way to the main building of the hotel.

"And just where do you think you're off to, Grace?" laughed Olivia.

Karen laughed back, "I need to pee, d'ya mind?" and continued towards the hotel. Olivia caught up, offering a bit of support and helped Karen get to the loo, both laughing all the way.