06 March 2011

Laundry Day

It's 3:00 am and I'm the only person in the 24 hour launderette. Laundry is always a chore, at best, but there's no one else here, so I can have some fun. I don't particularly care if there are security cameras. If there's actually a person watching at this hour, let them.

I don't know about you, but I'm not one to don my most glamourous gowns to do laundry. My choice today is a pair of yoga pants whose elastication is waning, and a simple cami top, both easily and quickly removed and tossed into the machine with the rest of the load. All of my knickers and bras are already in the wash, so I'm left standing there completely starkers. Now, all I have to do is amuse myself for a half hour, or so, while the wash cycles.

Without any clothing to clip my little pod to, I hold it in my hand, earbuds firmly in place, my favourite songs playing in my ears. Smiling to myself... I have music, I'm alone, I'm naked... it's time to dance. To me, dancing is an expression, not so much a set of steps to follow. Besides, it's not like I'm auditioning for some television dance contest, I'm just filling the time while the wash is running. Any one watching would most likely think I'm either bat-shit looney, or having some sort of fit. I really don't fucking care.

A few turns and skips through the small launderette, laughing all the way, and I need to pee. I walk over to the loo and, of course, it's locked. Damn! I step out the back door to my car parked right there, reach into the glove box for my tissues, and have my pee there in the alley. A girl's got to do what a girl's got to do. After tidying up, I put the unused tissues back in my glove box, tossing the used tissues in a small bin by the door. Thankfully there's a small sink available in the launderette.

So, I've danced, had a pee, and my laundry is nearing the end of the wash cycle. Luckily, listening to my music helps keep me from being totally bored. The activity director at the launderette must have taken the last year or so off, because there's shite else to do... no telly, no magazines, no papers, no internet... held captive by the wash cycle with nothing to do... this could go wrong very quickly.

As the wash cycle ends, I choose the dryers to use to help end my captivity. I transfer the two wash loads to three dryers, and hang my bras on the trolly to air dry. Just as I'm putting the final coin in the dryer to start that cycle, I'm suddenly not the only person in the launderette.

A woman, obviously older than me, but I wouldn't call her old, has walked in through the back door of the launderette carrying two baskets of laundry. If she's noticed me, she hasn't said anything, instead, she goes about sorting her things to wash. I don't try to hide, mainly because there is no place to hide, and, truthfully, though a bit... heightened... I'm not ashamed to be seen, especially by another woman.

With the three dryer loads spinning behind me, I lean back against the glass door of the last dryer I've used, casually crossing my arms under my breasts. She still hasn't given any indication of noticing me, instead, she steps out of her shorts and knickers, and then pulls her t-shirt over her head, tossing the garments into the wash, leaving her standing there starkers. I can't help but smile.

She turns around and finally does see me. With a look of shock and horror on her face, she tries to cover herself. That's when she actually sees me and that I'm completely starkers, too. We both burst out laughing.

"I'm Siobhán," I smile as I wave at her from where I stand, pulling the earbuds from my ears.

She pulls earbuds from her ears, too, which may be why she hadn't noticed me. "I'm Janine," she smiles. "I don't think I've ever seen you in here before," she walks over to the plastic chairs near the front door, draping a towel over one before sitting.

"I'm usually here on a different night... and earlier. I was restless tonight and... well... laundry needed doing..." I laugh.

"I've an extra towel if you'd like to sit," she smiles, waving at the empty chair next to her.

"Thanks. I didn't quite think of that. This was a spur of the moment decision for me. Looks like you've come prepared, though. Is this normal wash attire for you?" I laugh again.

"Yeah, actually, it is," she laughs with me. "I tried it once and, well, I just enjoy it. You're the first person I've encountered here in almost a year."

"Sorry if I've invaded your space..."

"No bother at all. It was bound to happen sooner or later. I'm just glad it's another girl who has a similar sense of humour," we both laugh.

I point to the security cameras. "Have these always been here?"

"Oh, yeah. I don't pay them no mind, though. If any one is watching, I've never been approached about it. And if it's some old codger having a laugh and a wank staring at these old tits, well... let the tosser have fun, eh?" we both laugh again.

"Well, I think you're quite lovely," I smile.

"Thank you. I do try to keep myself well. Still... not bad for 62," she smiles again with a sparkle in her eye, cupping her lovely, healthy breasts.

"Fuck, no!" I exclaim. "I'd never guess you were anywhere near 50, let alone 62! You're not just lovely, you're stunning! Seriously, I wouldn't have guessed you were over... 45... Wow!"

The buzzer on the finishing dryer sounds. "I'm sorry," I continue, "Excuse me just a moment," I say as I stand and walk to the dryer that is still buzzing. I open the dryer and my knickers and whites are dry. I walk to the folding table to retrieve my basket. On the return to the dryer, I smile back at Janine. She is beautiful, and she's been watching every move I make now. I turn my basket over and give it a couple of slaps on the bottom, just to make sure there isn't any dirt or dust in the bottom to get on to my newly clean clothes. This action, of course, causes my breasts to jiggle some. This is a feeling I truly enjoy, especially when I know I'm being watched. I take a quick look at Janine and smile. Yes, I'm still being watched. I collect my knickers and just drop them in the bottom of the basket, tossing my other clothes in on top of them. Before I collect the last out of the first dryer, the second dryer sounds, so I open that dryer and toss those clothes in, as well. As much as I'd like to make a show of it for Janine, the hour is getting later and I need to be at home... for plenty of reasons.

My folding my clothes continues to make parts of me jiggle and shake, much to my delight. Seeing the look on Janine's face, she's enjoying it, too. But once they are all folded, I have no real need to stay, plus I'm looking forward to some wonderful digital delights once I get home. Not bothering to dress, I turn to Janine, smiling, "I hope you enjoy the rest of your washing."

She smiles back, "You're not going to get dressed before you go outside?"

"No," I smile back. "Thanks to you, I think I'm just going to stay naked for a while." I step to her and give her a quick hug.

She hugs me back, our naked breasts rubbing together, and she kisses my cheek. "You know where to find me..." she laughs.

I turn, collect my basket, purse and keys, walk to the back door and exit the laundrette. I'm going to have to do this again.