27 March 2011

Welcome Spring

I see her there, my neighbour, in her back garden, sitting in her garden chair, taking some sun. It's a beautiful day, sunny, barely a cloud in the sky. The calendar says it's spring, but the temperature is still a bit cool. It doesn't seem to be stopping her, though. She seems quite content to be sitting there, safely tucked from the wind, allowing her skin to drink in the life giving rays of the sun.

She sits up and looks around, left, right, even into the shrubs. She doesn't think to look up here, or just isn't concerned with my being able to see her. She rolls the pant leg up to above her knee on both sides. She then rolls the short sleeves of her top up to her shoulders and pulls the bottom hem of her top up to reveal the pale skin of her belly. She sits back again, her contented smile returning to her face. From her looking about, I thought there'd be more. Maybe I'll have a cup of tea...

I come back to my window and see that she's still lounging in the sun, but she's down to her matching knickers and bra. Seems I may have missed a little bit. She still has more on than I do. I see her suddenly have a knowing smile. Does she know I'm watching? Did she think I was watching when she took off her top and slacks? I guess I need to stay close to my window. Wouldn't want to miss anything else.

After a few minutes, she hasn't moved. Her lingerie is pretty, the colour is complimentary to her pale skin, even though it covers a bit more than I'd like it to. Another few minutes passes and she sits up again, looking about as she did before, but this time, lastly, looking directly at my window.

With her eyes still on my window, and a wicked smile on her face, she reaches behind herself, unclasping her bra. I can't hide my smile as her beautiful breasts come into view. After depositing her bra to the ground with the rest of her clothes, she stretches herself, arms over and then behind her head. Yes, dear, I see your breasts. Very lovely, indeed. Thank you. She keeps her arms behind her head as she sits back in her lounge chair, enjoying the warmth of the sun on her increasingly exposed skin.

Now the tension builds. Will she take her knickers off? Will she lose herself in the sensuality and touch herself?

She suddenly reaches into her clothes and retrieves her mobile. Looking at the call id, she covers her breasts as she answers. Why do people cover themselves when they answer their phones? You're on the phone, Love, no one can see you through there. Thankfully, her conversation doesn't last long. She sets her mobile on the arm of the chair. She leans back again, uncovering her breasts, her arms dropped to her sides.

Resigned to the belief that this is as far as it will go, I look at my own breasts and notice just how excited I am from my voyeurism. My tea's gone cold, so I get up from my perch to put my cup in the kitchen. Trying to decide to return to watching my neighbour or to log on to the Internet, my mobile ringtone sounds. I don't recognize the number, but I answer it anyway.

"Hello, Siobhán." It's her!


"Are you busy?"

"I wouldn't say so, why?"

"I thought I saw you in your window earlier."

"Yes, I was there."

"Mmmm... but you're not there now, though. Too bad for you, I know how you enjoy such things."

Seems I may have missed something else. "I had to leave the window to answer my phone," I lie.

"I'm hoping you'll return to your window. For some odd reason, I have this sudden deep need for you to see me."

I return to to window to see she's shed her knickers and the hand that isn't holding her mobile is happily working between her legs. "Yes, I do love watching such things," I smile.

"I don't mean to be rude, but I won't be able to talk and continue..."

"That's quite alright. You don't mind if I...?"

"By all means, please do..." I see her put her mobile down. She makes sure to smile and wave before plunging her other hand between her open thighs...