10 April 2011

Come to play...

Hi ya. D'ya remember me? No? (laugh) Oh, silly me... you don't recognize me with my clothes on! There ya go... yeah... a-ha... the penny dropped... yeah, I'm the girl from your dream. You know, the one you wank to. Picture me smiling with yer spunk all over my face and tits. That's it! Don't be embarrassed, it's ok... really, it is. I like knowing I excite you like that. I like knowing I help to fuel, and relieve your animal lust. It's good for a lad to just empty like that... good for your prostate, and all. And you have such a wicked mind... the things we do... the places we go... you're so good to me... (laugh)

So, are ya gonna introduce me to your friend here? Who is she? Girlfriend? Wife? (laugh) Mistress? I'm not the jealous type, lover. You of all people should know that. In fact, I'm more of the sharing type... Does she like girls? I don't have to tell you... you know I love to go both ways. She is cute. I'd wager she looks brilliant naked. I can tell by that smile of your's she does... Which d'ya think she'd enjoy more? Watching you and me? Or, better yet, having you watch me and her?

Does she masturbate for you? Does she give you a beautiful, sexy show? At home... in private... in the car... in a darkened cinema? Is she as beautiful in orgasm? Does her face and chest get all flushed? Do her nipples get achingly hard? Does she whimper your name as her toes curl? Oooo! The thought of it makes me head spin!

Does she like it when you cum on her? Does she like your hot, sticky cock snot all over her? You know I love it! Rub it into my skin... lick it off my fingers... Mmmm... Does she love to take you in her mouth and lick you clean after she's cum all over that beautiful cock of your's? I'd love to drink your thick, hot spunk straight out of her freshly fucked fanny! Ooo, yeah! Her nectar and your spunk! Fill her up so I can lick it out!

I know, my love, you can't stay. It's not quite time. It's alright, we both have other things to do at the moment. I'll see you tonight... in your dream. Yes, my sweet, I promise I'll be naked... I always am for you... (laugh) Oh... and see if she'd like to come along to play...