17 April 2011

Dance With Me

Ah, the full moon. It conjures up images of lunatics, werewolves, and witches dancing naked in a faerie ring. Well, I'm no lunatic. The hair that I do have is kept well groomed, especially when I go dancing naked under the full moon in my back garden. The spring full moon is probably my favourite, though every one is important to me. I suppose mainly because I've had to keep my dancing time a bit short in winter months. Yes, even in the depth of winter, I'll dance naked under the full moon. I just don't stay outside very long.

I know my neighbours have seen me. I don't mind. Most have seen me at some point. Some have even joined me, once or twice. There's something so wonderfully primal and majickal about it. If you haven't done it, I can't explain it to you. If you have done it, it needs no explanation.

Why are you sitting here reading? It's a full moon. Come back later after you've danced. Perhaps we'll see each other outside...