24 April 2011

Under the Spotlight

"Hello Siân," smiled Fíona as she answered her door, soaking wet with a bath towel loosely covering her. "Are you alright?"

"Hi, Fíona. Yeah. Sorry to show up without calling first."

"It's no problem, Love. C'mon in." Fíona closed the door, still holding her towel in front of her. "I just stepped out of the shower."

"Yeah. I see that," Siân said, reaching for the door. "Maybe I should come back some other time."

"Siân, Love, don't be silly. You're here now. It's not like you've never seen me naked, for shite sake. We are sisters."

"I know, but..."

"Look, I can tell something's bothering you. You always show up like this when something's bothering you," Fíona took her sister's hand, letting the towel drop to reveal the wet skin of her breasts. "Come with me, I'll get dried off and dressed and we'll go get a drink, ok?"

Siân smiled, "Alright."

In Fíona's bedroom, Siân sat on the edge of the bed while Fíona patted her soft skin with the towel. "What's got you so bothered, Siân?" asked Fíona.

"You're not going to laugh at me, or be like Mum and scold me without hearing me out?"


"I want to... no, I need to do something. Something that's been gnawing at me for months and I can't get it out of my head."

"You're not pregnant, are you?"

"Fuck, no!" Siân laughed.

"Good..." smiled Fíona.

"I don't know how to put it," frustratedly shaking her head. "I just..."

"Look, my darling sister. I'm not going to judge you or scold you. But I can't fucking help if you don't tell me what it is." Fíona stepped over to Siân, dried off but still naked, hugged her and gently kissed her sister's cheek.

"Do you watch any porn on the Internet?" Siân asked.

Still hugging her sister, Fíona replied, "Sure... some, I suppose..." With a big smile, she took a step back. "Why? Is there something of you posted somewhere?"

Wide eyed, Siân replied, "No."

Fíona looked a combination of relieved and disappointed.

Siân continued, "Did you want me to have something posted?"

"I wouldn't exactly say 'want', but I think it would be hot if I ran across something," laughed Fíona. "I do like watching that beautiful series of videos where regular women masturbate. When we used to masturbate together, I used to love to watch you orgasm... you're so beautiful."

"I used to love watching you, too," smiled Siân, reaching for her sister's hand. "But what I need to do is a little different."

"Alright," smiled Fíona, taking Siân's hand. "What is it that you need to do?"

"In your web searching, have you ever run across any videos of women being exposed... publicly?"

Fíona's eyes widened as she smiled. "The ones where they walk through busy streets, or are in a pub, full out starkers, as if that was an everyday thing? I love those! The idea even gets me a bit damp..."

"Close," smiled Siân. "Close."

Fíona's face became quizzical.

"You may not have watched any..." Siân looked into her sister's eyes for a moment, searching for how to explain her need. Suddenly, sitting quickly back away from Fíona, she stated, "Hold on a tic... you're still naked."

Fíona smiled, "I suppose I am."

"Either you're going to get dressed, or I'm going to get naked," smiled Siân.

"That's not much of a threat, Love. I like seeing other women naked, remember?"

Siân laughed, "It's not a 'threat', Fí. But I am feeling a bit... well... not in the club... alright?"

"Alright, alright!" Fíona laughed. "Let me throw something on. It sounds like we'll both need a drink and I don't have enough vodka for the both of us."

Siân left Fíona's room to allow her to get dressed without interruption, opting to wait in the chair by the front door. Fíona appeared a few minutes later, dressed and ready to go. "D'ya want the pub, or some place else?" she smiled.

Siân took a moment, then smiled "The pub's fine. We can walk, if you'd like."

The two women walked the few short blocks from Fíona's house to the pub in relative silence. All the while, Siân was trying to form her case to present to Fíona. Once at the pub, the two took a table near the back by a window.

Once their drinks were delivered, Fíona said "I thought about it on the way over. I think I know what it is you feel you need to do. Did you want me to hold your clothes?"

Siân smiled. "What? No, you don't really know." She gave her sister a moment, then continued, "I want your help because I truly know, deep down, you love me and wouldn't ever let anything bad happen, within your control."

"Yeah... what?"

"Alright... what I need to do does involve public nudity... my public nudity." She took a sip of her drink. "But it isn't so much as walking about as it is being tied up and... exposed."

Fíona took a sip of her drink. "I'm sorry, but I don't quite follow..."

Siân smiled. "I've seen maybe a dozen, or so, of these videos on various voyeur-type websites where a woman is tied up, or chained, or shackled... to a post or a fence or whatever... Some have her take her clothes of before being tied up, some have the clothes ripped from her body by the person who ties her up. Have you got the picture so far?"

"Yes..." said Fíona. "I think I do. You want to be stripped and then tied up and... well... put on public display. Is that about it?"


"And you're wanting my help for you to do this."


"Are you wanting to do this here? Now?"

"No to both."

"Alright, then, where? When?"

Siân smiled. "There's this club I've been to a few times. It's in an old converted Norman abbey. It's quite a sexy place, really. The music is non-stop and the lighting... which is why I'm thinking of there... is subdued, but there are spotlights..."

"I think I've heard of the place... kind of posh emo goth," smiled Fíona. "And you want to get naked and tied up under one of these spotlights?"

"Well... that's part of it... D'ya remember when we used to ooo and aah when that princess was shackled and offered as a sacrifice to the dragon in that film?"


"You always pointed out you could see her nipples through her dress..."

"Yes, I remember it well," smiled Fíona.

"Well, I want to be shackled up, like her, arms above my head..." Siân's eyes got a bit dreamy... "and have you rip the dress from me, tearing it to unwearable shreds, leaving me standing there... (laugh) hanging there... completely starkers."

"You're wanting me to rip your dress from you... Alright. Were you planning on bringing a change of clothes, then?"

"What would you say, Fi, if I said 'no'?" said Siân with a wicked grin, slightly lost in her fantasy.

Fíona squirmed a little on her seat, the thought of her beautiful sister somewhat forcibly put on display, even at her own request, caused a tingle and a wetness she hadn't associated with Siân for some time. "For now, dear Siân, I'll be getting another drink."

"You'll do it, then? You'll help me?"

Fresh drinks arrived for both of the sisters. They each thanked the waitress and turned back to each other. Fíona smiled "You've told me what and where, but you haven't said when."

"The sooner the better... fuck! Now, if you like!" laughed Siân.

Fíona laughed with her sister. "Do you have the dress you want yet? Have you thought about wearing knickers?"

"I don't usually wear knickers, Fíona. Why should I for this?"

"Effect, my Love."

Siân laughed again. "Cool! So you're into this, then?"

"You know I can't deny my little sister on something like this," smiled Fíona. "Mum would kill me if I let you do this on your own."

"Mum would kill me if she ever thought I'd do something like this."

"Not only would she not kill you for it, she'd praise you for it, if it were done properly."

"So be it," cackled Siân. "You're in, then?"

"I'm all the way in," smiled Fíona. She took another sip of her drink. "So, tell me about the dress... where are you going to get shackles... Details, woman! Details!"

Both sisters laughed.

Siân's taxi arrived a little after 8:00 to collect Fíona. Siân ran up to the door to ring the bell, just as Fíona was opening the door. They laughed. They hugged. They climbed back into the taxi, giving the driver his new destination.

"You two girls look way too nice to be going to a place like that," said the driver. "Are ya sure I couldn't take ya somewheres else?"

The sisters smiled at one another. Siân turned to the driver, still smiling, "You should know to never judge a book by it's cover." Her eyes flashed as she turned back to Fíona, kissing her fully on the mouth.

Fíona accepted and returned the kiss, pulling Siân in to her, knowing it was Siân's wicked little game to play for the driver's sake. They broke their kiss and cuddled. The driver said nothing else for the entire drive.

Once at their destination, Fiona paid the fare. As the sisters were getting out of the taxi, the driver turned back in his seat and said "Be careful, girls. There are a lot of weirdos that come to places like this."

Siân, remembering one of her absolute favourite lines from one of her absolute favourite films, smiled wickedly at the driver and replied "We are the weirdos, Mister." The sisters disembarked, laughing.

The music in the club was pumping, the bass could be heard, and felt, in the queue outside waiting to get in. Siân smiled at the doorman as she paid the cover for both her and Fiona's entry. It being her first time there, Fiona was looking all around at the architecture, the decorations, the lighting, and at all of the people. She smiled, hoping Siân's fantasy was worth it. The atmosphere and ambiance lent itself to such a stunt and Fiona was becoming more and more excited at the idea of stripping her sister for this crowd. The idea of joining Siân in her nudity quietly whispered in Fiona's ear, bringing a wicked smile to her face.

Siân found the archway near the dance floor that just so happened to have a pair of shackles hanging within reach, exactly as she'd remembered them. She grabbed Fiona's arm, laughing, said "See! I told you we didn't need to buy any."

After seeing how the club was decorated, Fiona wasn't surprised to see the shackles. Upon better inspection, she was happy to see that the shackles as they were would not lock. However, even a basic bobbie pin in the locks could keep the manacles from releasing. Siân then parked herself at the end of the bar closest to the archway, taking the liberty to order both of the girls a tonic water with lime. Siân wasn't interested in alcohol this evening. She was interested in living out a fantasy.

Siân and Fiona danced, drank their drinks, and watched the crowd. As the night continued, the sexual tension in the room was as thick as sea fog. The heady mix of pheromones and alcohol in most of the patrons was just shy of explosive. The other women on the dance floor were getting more and more expressive, and explicit, in their dance moves. When Fiona spied a couple of the women flashing their breasts, she pointed them out to Siân.

Siân smiled at her sister, "I'm going to go to the loo. When I get back, if you're ready, I'm ready."

Fiona smiled, kissed Siân on the cheek and watched her walk off to the loo. She kept an eye on the crowd while Siân was gone, enjoying the floor show.

Siân touched up her make up before exiting the loo. She looked so very sexy in her thin cotton all white spaghetti strap dress. At Fiona's suggestion, she wore knickers, but the smallest micro-string knickers she could find, also in white. Those knickers were already soaked in anticipation of fulfilling her fantasy.

Siân returned to Fiona and both were smiling. Without a word they both moved to the archway and reached for the manacles. Fiona produced two plastic cocktail swords with a smile. Siân immediately knew why with a smile. Siân turned to face the room while Fiona applied and secured the manacles. The combination of her white dress and the bright spotlight focused on the archway, and possibly the excitement, Siân seemed to glow.

"Kiss me," smiled Siân.

Fiona reached over and gave her a peck on the cheek.

"No, you silly girl! Fucking kiss me!"

Fiona smiled, knowing her first kiss would get such a reaction from Siân. She leant in and gave Siân a powerful, sensual, sexual, knicker-dropping kiss, purposefully massaging Siân's ample, braless breasts through the thin material of her dress.

When she broke the kiss, Fiona grabbed the light fabric of Siân's dress at the lowest point between her breasts and violently ripped it open, exposing Siân's breasts and hard, excited nipples to any and all that would look. Fiona pulled the fabric again, finishing tearing open Siân's dress. Fiona smiled when she saw Siân's knickers. She didn't know if Siân was going to wear them or not. Fiona stepped back up to Siân, giving her another kiss, powerful enough to soak her own knickers this time, reached behind Siân and pulled hard to break the thin spaghetti straps that held the destroyed garment to Siân's body, making the dress, as she'd asked, unwearable.

With her sister's tattered dress in her hand, Fiona stepped away from Siân, allowing the room full view of her. A woman stepped over to Fiona with a small video camera in her hand.

"This is so fucking sexy! I've got it all so far. Will there be any more?"

Fiona turned to the woman. "You're not Guarda, are you?"

The woman smiled. "No, I'm just an office worker. Does your girlfriend do a lot of performance art like this?"

Fiona didn't answer the woman. She, instead, offered "I'll give you €50 if you go over and rip her knickers off."

The woman smiled and thought for a moment.

"I'll give you €100 if you lick her fanny, too."

The woman's eyes flashed and her smile got bigger.

Fiona reached for the woman's video camera. The woman gladly handed it over before stepping over to Siân.

Siân gave Fiona a quizzical look. Fiona pointed at the video camera. Siân's smile was electric.

"You're so sexy," the woman smiled as she reached for the tiny string of Siân's knickers, preparing to ease them off.

"No, Love. Don't take them off," smiled Siân. "Fucking rip them off!"

The woman stared at Siân for a moment, then complied, leaving Siân standing there wearing only her heels, ink, and a smile.

"Keep the knickers, Darling," said Siân, a bit laboured in her breathing from her excitement.

Not knowing the offer Fiona had made, Siân was happily surprised when the woman knelt down and put her whole mouth to Siân's clean shaven fanny. Her gasp of excitement was heard through the pounding music, causing a few more patrons to take notice. All the while, Fiona was keeping it all in focus on the woman's video camera, silently wishing she was the one between Siân's sexy legs.

What Fiona didn't know was that the woman was fulfilling a fantasy of her own... her first time giving oral sex to another woman. Not content with just a little lick or a kiss, the woman had her tongue inserted into Siân's canal while strumming her clit with one of her thumbs. Fiona could tell by the look on her face that Siân was very, very close to orgasm. Fiona kept the video going.

Between the realization of her fantasy and the marvelous tongue fucking she was getting, Siân's orgasm didn't take long and hit like a tsunami. The plastic cocktail swords inserted into the locks held the manacles firm while Siân squirmed and writhed in orgasm, unable to use her hands at all.

This was so very much better than what Siân had masturbated to while dreaming of this moment.

The woman finally fell back, her face and neck covered in Siân's nectar. She had completely unbuttoned her top, exposing her lovely breasts, and had a far away, contented smile on her face.

Siân stood there, still shackled, scanning the room, a contented smile on her face, as well. Several patrons had taken notice and were paying rapt attention to the naked girl shackled to the wall under the spotlight.

Suddenly, two girls, one in only an ankle length peasant skirt and the other in just her knickers stepped up on either side of Siân. They looked at each other and kissed. Then, they looked at Siân. Siân smiled back. The girls then each took one of Siân's breasts and started massaging and kissing and licking. The one with the peasant skirt had her tongue pierced and was quickly flicking her piercing over Siân's very hard, very sensitive nipple. The other girl was sucking and nibbling the other, equally sensitive nipple. Both girls put their hands to Siân's fanny, sharing her wetness with each other, and with her. Siân spied Fiona. She'd moved a little, but still had the other woman's video camera. Siân closed her eyes and smiled as another powerful orgasm spasmed through her body.

The girls played with Siân for a few more moments, only to slip away to play more with each other. A man tried to step up to Siân but Fiona told him it was women only. He tried to talk his way through, but Fiona was able to talk him back. Thankfully, no other men attempted.

Only one other woman stepped up. She remained fully clothed. She kissed Siân as she used her nimble fingers to Siân's already over excited fanny to bring her to yet another shivering orgasm. When she was done, she licked her fingers clean with a smile, and left Siân hanging there as she'd found her. Fiona gave it a few more moments, then stepped up to Siân herself.

Siân smiled as Fiona came closer. Fiona kissed her sister on the cheek. Siân giggled "I'm so fucking thirsty."

Fiona released the manacles and led Siân over to the bar, getting her a large tonic water with lime. Siân had brought nothing else to put back on, and she didn't attempt to cover herself now that her fantasy had been realized. She sat rather happily with Fiona at the bar, laughing and sipping their drinks.

It didn't take too long, though, before the novelty of her nudity wore off. Though many women dancing in the club remained fully dressed, several, including Fiona, were topless. A few others, including one of the bartenders, were down to just their knickers. Two other women, besides Siân, were happily starkers.

"Was it what you'd hoped for?" asked Fiona as they sipped their drinks.

"Better," smiled Siân. "So incredably better! (laugh) And I can't wait to see the video!"