22 May 2011

A tube full of custard

"I wish they wouldn't fucking do that."

"What's the problem?"

"The video..."

"Yeah... so?"

"I just hate when they do that."

"You seemed to be getting well into it."

"I was! The women were gorgeous and the guy was hot. Some of the things there were pretty wild. But I hate it when they have a really good, steamy scene going, everybody's enjoying themselves, and then they end it as soon as the guy cums."

"You lost me..."

"Were we watching the same video?"

"Well... I was watching you quite a bit too..."

"Don't get cheeky... seriously! Is that where the male mind goes?"


"There were two beautiful women, obviously enjoying each other's company, getting very touchy-feely, very excited to have the other one there, but as soon as the man cums... done."


"I don't know about you, but I wanted to see what the girls were going to do once he was finished. I mean, the girls could end up snogging, licking each other clean of his cum... and just keep on going."

"Yeah... that would be good..."

"But, no! The video had to end with the cumshot."

"That's how a lot of them end."

"And I hate that!"

"But you like a good cumshot, too."

"Yes, I do. But, if that's all I wanted to see, I'd fill a toothpaste tube full of custard and give it a squeeze."

"Don't forget the fish fingers..."

"What did I say about getting cheeky?"

"Alright... but..."

"It's like saying 'The Man has spewed his ejaculate, this sexual encounter is now officially finished. The end.' and that's all there is to it."


"So there's so much fucking more to it! Sex isn't just about the guy getting to shoot his spunk and that's the end! It's about every one involved having a good time, having an orgasm... at least one... and, if at all possible, enticing him into another round."


"But we can't watch that, because they ended it with the fucking cumshot. I just hate when they fucking do that..."