29 May 2011

A Walk in the Wood by Barbara

"Hey, I’m sweating my butt off, and that little pond looks so cool and refreshing. Let’s go for a swim!"

"I can’t..."

"Why not?"

"I didn’t bring my swim suit."

"I wasn’t planning on our wearing any..." She gives me the look.

"No way!" I loudly whisper, taking a good look around.

"Why not?"

"Someone might see us! I just couldn’t!"


"Samantha, I can’t, if someone were to see me I would die!"


"But we don’t have towels, how would we dry off afterward?"

"Honey, you are such a nerd! A lovable nerd, but a nerd nonetheless. We lie out in the sun until our bodies dry off, and then we put our clothes back on. Simple!"

"But what if someone sees us?"

"Kate, we’ve been hiking for close to two hours. We’re in the middle of nowhere, deep in the forest. There was only one other car in the parking lot when we arrived. The pond is completely surrounded by rocks. On the off chance someone does amble along, we’ll hear them coming a mile away, and we’ll take evasive action."

"I don’t know…"

"For fuck’s sake, Kate, live a little!" And with that, she unbuttoned her baggy shorts and let them fall to the ground, stepped out of her panties, peeled her sweaty tank top off and dropped it on the pile, shrugged off her sports bra, and made a perfect swan dive into the cool, clear water.

"Samantha!" I shrieked.

She burst to the surface in a spray of water and began to tread water complacently, once again giving me the look. "Off they come!" she commanded.

At this point I could hardly say "no". So, I swallowed my pride (okay, shed my fears and inhibitions), and began to slowly remove my clothes, carefully folding them and placing them in a neat pile. I stood there for a moment in my bra and panties, my arms firmly crossed against my chest.

"Off!" she repeated.

I carefully stepped out of my panties and removed my bra, adding them to the pile. I daintily stepped forward and dipped my toe into the water. It was very cold. But before I could step back, Samantha grabbed my foot and pulled me headlong into the water.

I regained my bearings and quickly surfaced, my body wracked by a combination of coughing and giggling. She was right, it was very nice. Truth be told, I had never gone skinny dipping before, and the cool water on my warm skin felt wonderful. And the sight of Sam’s beautiful pink nipples brought to attention by the cold made me feel wonderful as well.

Even though we’d now been together for close to three years, every time I saw her body it made me shiver with delight. Though she wasn’t traditionally beautiful, she was, in fact somewhat plain, but she was built like the beautiful athlete that she was. She was about nine inches taller than my meager five feet, and she had hardly an ounce of body fat, her lithely toned muscles rippling as she tread water in front of me. She had slicked her hair back from her forehead with her fingers, a look I loved. Her small, firm breasts floated just at water level.

I swam back a little until my feet touched the slimy rocks on the bottom. "C’mere, you…" I beckoned, and I crooked my finger at her.

Sam laughed, and languidly swam over to me.

God, did I love her!

She dove under and swam toward me underwater, running her hands up the outside of my legs and torso as she surfaced. I shivered involuntarily, though not from the cold. She took me in her strong arms and pulled me against her, kissing me deeply, passionately, firmly placing her right hand against the small of my back, as she know I loved. I pulled her closer, our kiss deepening, our tongues exploring, our hands beginning to drift.

Out of breath, smiling, she finally broke of the kiss.

"Well, hello there," I said to her, gasping for breath.

"Hello yourself," she replied, dutifully repeating the silly little exchange we often used.

I dove under the water, thrilling at the delightful feeling of the cold water on my naked skin. The water was ice cold below, but warmer toward the surface, heated by the hot July sun and producing a wonderful sensation. I surfaced and quickly glanced around, having detected what I thought was a movement up on the rocks above us. I realized I was resorting to my typically too careful self, and shrugged it off, embracing the moment.

I swam back to Sam standing in the shallower water and I pulled her close again and kissed her even more deeply, if that were possible. I kissed the base of her throat, knowing that drive her wild, and ran my hands over the muscled perfection of her butt, pulling her even closer. Any thought or fear of being discovered had completely left my mind. I wanted her, desperately, right then and there. And anyone who knows me knows that when I put my mind to something, I will see it through to the end.

I grasped her butt more tightly, my fingers kneading her hard flesh. One of the distinct advantages of our height difference is that when we stood toe to toe, my eyes were about level with her throat. So it was perfectly easy to lower my head slightly. I began to run my tongue around her pale pink areolas, thrilling to watch them flush a darker pink as her arousal increased. My tongue deftly circled her nipples, without actually touching them. I felt her shiver, and she lolled her head back and uttered a purr of delight.

With my tongue circling closer and closer to her firmly erect nipples, I slid my leg between hers, expertly positioning my thigh so that It rested directly on her sweet spot. My tongue continued its teasing, now deftly flicking her hard nipples, while my hands pulled her closer and closer into me.

My actions, of course, were not completely altruistic, since when I placed my leg between hers, one of her legs was now between mine. Pulling her closer, we were each resting our womanhood on the other’s thigh.

And so the dance began...