17 July 2011

The Dare

She sat at the bar, slowly sipping her drink. I gave her my specialty drink - vodka flavoured with grapefruit, mixed with cranberry juice, a splash of soda, and a couple of lime wedges over ice. I call it a "Pink Genie". The contented smile on her face told me she was having a good time.

“This is a very tasty drink. Have you been working here long?” she asked me with a smile.

“I’m glad you like it. I’ve been working Thursdays for a couple of months now,” I smiled back. “Are you a regular, Miss…?”

“Oh, my, no! I’ve never been here before. I’m just here on a dare.”

“That’s how a lot of people start off here. And then they find it irresistibly fun,” I chuckled. “That’s how I started, too. What was your dare, if you don’t mind me asking?”

The woman chuckled. “It was silly, really.”

She sipped the last of her drink and I offered another. When I returned with her second drink I continued, “And this silly dare of your’s?”

“You’d really like me to tell you?”

“Yes, please. I’d love to hear it. I love hearing all the interesting stories here…”

I suppose I should give you some idea as to the situation. You see, I was hired a few months back to work Thursday evenings behind the bar at a very posh, very exclusive swingers’ club in a beautiful old mansion. The pay and the tips are fair, but the stories and experience are well worth the hour drive one way. That and the fact that all I wear while I’m working is a very tiny bikini bottom. If my red hair and green eyes don’t attract a little attention, my somewhat hard pink nipples usually do.

The woman I’m having this conversation with is quite stunning, with natural jet-black hair, sky blue eyes, a very nice, no-lines tan, and is covered in cum from her chest down. All the while I was doing my very best to keep from walking to her side of the bar and just start licking her.

She took a sip from her freshened drink. “Well, it all started in bed. I guess most of the stories you hear here start there,” she nervously chuckled. “My husband and I have been together for over twenty years, but still love having sex as much as we did when we were first together in our mid-teens.”

“That’s so good,” I smiled.

“Yes,” she beamed. “Yes it is. One of the things we’ve both always enjoyed, especially after an intense session, is when he’s ready to cum, he’ll pull out and aim his sweet cock at my chest and cum all over my chest and tits.” She closed her eyes and unconscientiously licked her lips. Realizing what she’d just done, she smiled, took another sip of her drink, and continued, “This one particular evening, he had an unusually large amount of cum and it kept shooting and shooting! I begged him not to stop, it felt so good! I kept rubbing it into my skin, licking it off my fingers, I wanted it all over me!”

“That sounds like fun to me,” I smiled. I wasn’t lying, either.

“That’s not it, my dear,” she smiled back. “Once he’d finished and I could finally breathe normally, I said ‘We’ll have to set aside a day where you can cum on me every hour and I’ll just stay naked wearing nothing but your cum all day’.” She took another, somewhat bigger sip of her drink. “So, his reply was ‘You’d really like that?’ To which I replied ‘yes’ by rubbing my tits together and licking his tasty spunk off of my fingers.”

A fully dressed gentleman came in to the bar while she was talking, but I allowed her to finish before having him order.

“Twenty-four year old single malt, please, Miss,” he said with a smile. “I didn’t mean to interrupt your conversation.”

“My apologies, Sir,” I said, “But I didn’t wish to be rude to the lady and walk away while she was speaking to me.”

The woman turned and smiled at the man. “I was telling our young friend here how I came to be in the position I’m in. You’re welcome to hear the story as well. Would you like me to catch you up?”

I went to fetch the whisky, which allowed her to bring him up to where he’d come in. As I placed his drink before him on the bar, I heard him say “It sounds like you were having a wonderful time.” Then he turned to thank me.

“Yes, we were,” she smiled. “A few days later, he came home from work with a huge smile on his face. He was quite excited. We sat on the settee, he held my hands and couldn’t stop smiling. I thought he’d won the Lotto or something!” She giggled. And as she did, her beautiful, cum covered tits jiggled a little. She took another big sip of her drink.

“We sat there talking about the sex I told you of and smiling at each other for quite some time. Then, he fell silent for a few moments. It was like waiting for the penny to drop. ‘There’s this swing club I’ve heard about,’ he said, almost too seriously, ‘I know this is a fantasy of your’s, but to make sure you’ll go through with it, I dare you to go there, be nude all day, and let men cum all over your chest and tits and wherever else external you want them to. You can’t wash it off until I return to collect you. You won’t have any clothes to put on in the meantime, either.’ That was yesterday. This afternoon he arrived early from work, and we got in the car. On the drive here, he instructed me to remove every last stitch of clothing and dropped me at the front door completely nude. He’s to collect me later this evening.”

“So your husband dared you to let strange men just cum on you? And brought you here, left you here with no clothing at all, to have men cum on your body and for you to wear it?” the gentleman asked with a wink and a smile.

“Yes,” she smiled. “At first, I didn’t think I could do it. But, as you can see, I am enjoying it. It’s up to five men now. Would you like to be Number Six?”
The gentleman quickly looked at me. “You needn’t seek my permission, Sir. And, unfortunately, from the sounds of the dare, I don’t quite have the equipment she’s in need of,” I said and removed my wet bikini bottoms and took a step back so they could both see my neatly trimmed, and quite excited, pussy.

“I haven’t had a girl watch yet,” she beamed. “Would you like to?”

“I wasn’t told when I took the job that I couldn’t watch!”
Before he could agree, she had his trousers undone and around his ankles. The story, and her beautiful nudity, had obviously excited him enough to where his penis was very erect.

“Just because you’re to cum on my tits, doesn’t mean I can’t have a little fun, too,” she said as she took his hardness into her warm, wet, wanting mouth.

He groaned in pleasure as she inhaled him. I licked my lips as I watched her slowly work her mouth over his cock. I found my fingers at my dampness, without even thinking of touching myself. My nipples were hard enough to cut glass. He pulled his shirt over his head and then settled back on to the barstool he’d been sitting on. I checked the door then came around to their side of the bar and sat on a barstoll a few spots away from where they were enjoying each other, and slowly let my fingers have their way with me.

Her moans around his shaft were becoming more and more frequent as she quickened her oral pace up and down his hard shaft. He was doing his best to hold on, but I could tell by the look on his face he wasn’t far from exploding. I’ll admit, a whimper or two did escape my throat as I continued to watch them and finger myself.

She suddenly pulled his cock from her mouth, but continued to stroke it with her hand. “I need you to cum on me…” she said, pleading, “Yes! Cum! Cum on me! Oooo! Yes! I need it!” Her urging wasn’t falling on deaf ears - neither his nor mine - though I slowed myself down some so I could watch him paint her chest with his cum.

She and I didn’t have long to wait. He exploded all over her chest and tits and belly like he hadn’t cum for weeks! It’s been quite some time since I’ve seen a man shoot that much cum. He was grunting and she was laughing as spurt after hot spurt of spunk hit her skin and started to slowly ooze down her sexy body. I leapt off my perch to their side, to get a closer look, and rubbed myself to a shivering orgasm just as she took him back into her mouth and expertly milked his spurting cock.

“A girl’s got to get some kind of reward,” she giggled as she swallowed the shot or two of spunk she’d taken into her mouth. Then she reached over to me and kissed me.

I could taste his fresh, hot, salty cum on her lips.

I reached down to grab his wilting manhood, and took it into my mouth, “Just to make sure we didn’t leave any…” and I, too, was rewarded with a few drops of his cum.

A few moments later, I was back behind the bar, licking my lips and pouring each of my new friends a complimentary drink. He dressed, downed his whisky, and left the room, thanking us both for the encounter.

She sipped her drink and smiled. “You were right, you know. This dare is turning out be very fun. After I finish this drink, I’ll go to the main room and see if there are any other men who’ll cum on me.”

“Trust me, Miss, I’m sure you will find plenty of willing gentlemen to fulfill your… task. Have we a goal to reach this evening? Any particular number?”

“I’ll be back to see you when I’ve reached a dozen.”

“I’ll be here.”

She walked out of the room and turned toward the main room of the mansion. A few hours later, she did return with even more spunk clinging to her sexy body. Instead of the vodka, she wisely opted for some water. “My husband is to collect me in less than ten minutes. I hope he’ll be as happy about today as I am.” She smiled. “You’re here every Thursday?”

“Yes, I am.”

“Good. Maybe then the next dare should be to him on how long he can hold out watching me making love with another woman…” She smiled, blew me a kiss, then turned and left the room. Another reason to look forward to work….