07 August 2011

Private Dancer

The music was loud and pulsing as the DJ announced her. She stepped through the black-light back lit threshold, through the colourful beads, and onto the stage. The crowd was good and through the smoke, into the darkened room, she saw her. The men waving their Euros and Pounds and Dollars faded as her focus honed in on the woman on the side of the stage. She liked it when women were there. Men, bless them, can be such mindless children at times. But, stripping for other women made her hot and tingly.

She had her few standard wiggles and shakes to get the men going, to get the men to wave their cash at her. They all did, too. She moved to the rhythm of the music, removing her scant top, freeing her full, natural breasts. She enjoys this line of work, and it showed. Believe me, it wasn't the temperature in the room that kept her nipples hard and taut.

Once to the end of the stage and then back to the side where the woman was sitting, watching, smiling. Skipping twice around the pole, she swung herself around to face the woman facing her. A wicked smile came over her as she untied the strings at her hips, still holding the portion that lead to the back, allowing the front of her ever-so-skimpy knickers to fall. Did the woman actually smile and lick her lips when she saw her fanny? Her pubes were neatly, closely trimmed and the woman's reaction made her feel beautiful. She crouched down, dropping her knickers and allowing her knees to open, again in the woman's direction. She could feel the heat and dampness growing within her. She hoped the woman could sense her excitement. She smiled back at the woman as their eyes locked.

Suddenly, they were the only two in the entire Universe. Her dance was for that woman and that woman alone. She continued her sweep of the stage, allowing a very brief moment with the faceless person with the handfull of cash, only to immediately return her gaze to the woman. She bounced and gyrated with the pulse of the driving beat, working herself up, feeling the intensity build. She wanted the woman to see her passion.

The set was over, she collected her tips and costume, but, instead of exiting the stage the way she entered, she went over to the edge of the stage where the woman sat. She sat herself on the edge of the stage, facing the woman. She nodded to her. The woman returned the nod with a smile. With her tips and costume gripped tightly in one hand, with the other, she took the woman's hand and led her to the private dance booth.

The Internet Juke Box in the private booth allowed her to quickly choose the three songs she would use for this session. The theme in each song was the joy of female masturbation. You know the songs, you've played them once or twice yourself. The woman smiled and sat in one of the comfortable chairs in the booth. Had she done this before?

She moved and grooved and bopped along to the music in front of the woman, watching the enjoyment on her face. With each gesture and self touch her own excitement grew, hoping the woman was feeling it, too. Two thirds of the way through the first song, the woman needed to shift herself in her seat. She leant in, rubbing her clean, soft, nude skin across the front of the woman, rubbing across her. It was obvious to her that the woman's nipples were getting visibly harder. She loved exciting this woman. As she made her closer pass, she heard the woman allow a sigh to be freed. She actually felt herself shudder, hoping the sigh would lead further.

Immediately recognizing the second song, the woman bit her lower lip and grabbed her own breasts. She smiled and nodded her approval, grabbing her own breasts and giving her excited nipples a quick tweak. She hovered over the woman, her knees on the seat of the chair on either side of the woman's hips. The woman glanced at the entry door to the room, as if checking to see if their privacy would be disturbed. Smiling back at the girl, she quickly opened her top to reveal her large and healthy breasts, tan lines and all. She was truly enjoying the private performance, and, especially, the decadent choice of music. She opened her arms, an invitation to her private dancer.

She leant in again, this time feeling the marvelous thrill of skin to skin. She pushed herself up the woman's body until she could feel the woman's skin against her warm, wet, excited fanny. The woman responded by grabbing her hips, pulling her in closer, her head falling back and her back arched. The woman then opened her eyes and shot a wicked smile back. In one quick gesture, the woman slipped her hand up between the girl's open legs, finding with her nimble fingers the warm, wet opening and excited nub. The girl gasped, grabbing the top of the back of the chair on either side of the woman's head, instinctively pushing herslf back against the woman's fingers. The woman smiled and quickly took the girl's left nipple into her mouth.

With a shudder, the girl pushed back even harder on the woman's fingers. The woman responded by sucking harder on the girl's nipple and, with her free hand grasping the girl's bum to pull her closer to her dancing fingers. The girl's response was another massive shudder. She felt herself getting closer to giving way to her excitement, to allow the woman to take over and finish her. It wouldn't be the first time.

The heavy, repetitive ending of the second song was just starting, jolting her back to reality. Another quick shudder and she freed herself from the fingers and lips of this amazing beauty. She stepped back and smiled. In the moments of lust, the hem of the woman's skirt had moved it's way up to her waist, well above the front of her very wet knickers. Realizing why the girl was smiling, the woman quickly raised her arse off the seat cushion and removed her wet knickers, tossing them into another chair in the room. A tiny, neatly trimmed patch of pubes surrounded her protruding clit.

It was the girl's turn to check the door before slipping herself mouth first between the woman's parted legs. The woman ground herself back to the girl, using her hand to gently hold the girl's head in place. The girl quickly inserted two fingers and manipulated them as the woman had done for her, keeping in rhythm to the fast pace of the third song now blasting through the speakers. The woman's mews and moans of pleasure harmonized with the singer, her intensification matching step by step with the fever pitch of the third song's spiraling finale, culminating in a shared screaming peak.

The women kissed. "I'll give you five minutes to collect yourself," smiled the dancer. "I'm going to walk out the back door and get in my cabriolet. I'll be out front. You can ride with me or follow, the choice is your's. Either way, we have unfinished business that needs addressing somewhere other than here."

The girl walked to her dressing table backstage, collected her keys and, without bothering to dress, when to her car and got in, opening the top once the motor was started. She drove around front and waited in the carpark by the front door. She smiled as she saw the woman come out the front door....