25 September 2011


"I'm sorry, Angie, but I'm just not comfortable coming over to your house."

"But Liz, we used to hang out all the time. What's changed?"

"It's about you having to stay naked all the time..."

"You've seen me naked thousands of times..."

"I just don't like that Geoff treats you so badly... like a whore."


"He told Dave that you stay naked and you have to do any sex thing he says... right then... because he says so."

Laugh "He really told Dave that?"


"And you believe that?"


"Seriously, when was the last time you knew of anybody who could 'make' me do anything I didn't want to?"

"I'd have to look at my calendar..." giggle

"Don't bother, because you know you won't find anything."

"So Geoff isn't keeping you as a sex slave?"

"A sex slave? Honey, before I agreed to marry him, Geoff had to agree to my conditions..."


"He had to agree that I would never have to work, or want for money..."

"Didn't he inherit like a boatload?"


"So the money part was never an issue...."

"Not ever. He also had to agree... this is silly... to shave his beard." laugh

"Geoff had a beard?"

"Not really, but he was trying..."

"But what about...?"

"The nudity and the sex?"


"I told him that I simply hate wearing clothes and he would have to put up with my being naked. If not, the deal was off."

"You told him you had to be naked?"

"Yeah." giggle

"But the sex on demand?"

"We both love sex. To be honest, I think I actaully instigate most of the things we do. Like this morning, just as he got out of the shower, before he even had a chance to grab a towel, I had his beautiful cock in my mouth... all warm and wet from the shower. You know that feeling when it starts to get real hard in your mouth?"

"Mmmm... love it... yeah..."

"Yeah, me, too. I licked and sucked and stroked him... he was so excited... it didn't take him very long at all."

"Did he taste good?"

"His cock was almost sweet... mmmm... but I didn't swallow him... today. Instead, I wanked him until he came all over my tits."

"That's so hot!"

"I'm still wearing it..."

"Oh, my god!"

"It's dried a little, especially on my nipples... and they're so hard..."

"You need to stop."


"You're married now."

"So?" giggle

"What do you mean 'so'?"

"That was another condition..."

"What was?"

"That I could still sleep with women..."

"And he agreed to that?"

"Did you just hear your own question? He's a man! Yes, my husband of four months agreed before we were married that I could continue to sleep with women after we were married."

"And this was your idea..."