18 September 2011

One of my Explorations

My travelling companions and I rented a very small, very remote, very primitive, two room Scottish house for the latter half of the summer. Miles from absolute nowhere, we were free to do whatever we felt. She and He were very happy feeling each other for the majority of the time. Yes, of course I joined in! You know me, three is fun! There were a few times, though, that I left them to play rabbits whilst I explored the beautiful Scottish Highlands.

The first few times, not quite knowing the area, I dressed sensibly for a good hike. I ended up carrying my clothes back in my pack because I hadn't seen a single soul the entire day. It was wondrous! It was so truly peaceful. I felt I could almost understand why the Scots are so fiercely proud of their land.

On one of my explorations, I set off wearing only a pair of trainers up into the hills above the hired house. I came to the top of the rise and looked out at all I could see. It was quite humbling, really. To the North, East and South, I could see the rise and fall of the Highlands, the changing colours of the hills and vales as the clouds passed, casting their faint shadows. To the West, far beyond the hills, I could see the sea, so dark and cold, and beautiful all the same. Just below, a stream of clear, clean water ran through the rocks, down to a Highland lake.

I followed the stream to the point where it became a waterfall into a pond before flowing further, to the lake below. The pond was in a hollow between two hills, almost as if a cave had fallen in on itself, opening to the sky but keeping the walls around intact. I slipped down the side of the waterfall to a small outcropping of rock just above the surface of the clear water. Slipping off my shoes, I toe tested the water. It wasn't as cold as I thought it might be, so I sat on the edge of the rocks and dangled my legs into the water, almost to my knees. It felt wonderful.

I honestly don't know how long I sat there, just taking in the beauty of my surroundings. I could tell it had been a while from the position of the Sun in the sky, but I wasn't too concerned with the time. I laughed to myself, "Brigadoon was set in Scotland..."

I slipped myself completely into the water for a swim. I could see the bottom, but wasn't quite able to judge the depth. Closest to the waterfall was well over my head, but either side and at the far end, closer to where it became a stream again, to once again run down the mountainside, I was able to stand comfortably and well above the water level. I wondered at who may have swam here before... was she pretty? was she nude, like me? when could she have been here? what did she do?

I swam a few more passes in my secluded mountain pond, my hair flowing behind me under the water like a red stand of grass blowing in the breeze. I pulled myself up onto the outcropping where I'd left my trainers, and once again sitting on the rocks, out of the water, I was noticeably a bit chilly. I smiled at my hard pink nipples and looked around, as if there was really any one there to see, or if I truly cared about being seen. I rubbed my wet hands across my breasts and hard nipples, in a effort to warm myself, knowing full well what else that might do for me...

The sigh that escaped my throat was so unexpected, I quickly looked around again to see who else might be there. I couldn't help but laugh at myself, knowing full well I was alone. I caressed my breasts with both hands, drawing up underneath to land my nipples between my thumbs and forefingers, in a light pinch and pull. I felt my eyes close and my hands take over, repeating the motion... three... four exquisite times. I knew that the soft moan I heard was my own, echoing in my secret chamber, as my hands slipped down to my hips, across my belly and then back up under my breasts for a sensual self-hug.

I crawled to the edge of the outcropping and leant over, my dangling breasts and hard nipples a mere breath above the water. I smiled back at my reflection and then turned to see my arse in the air, fully, wantonly, exposed. I turned once again to look into the water and felt a shockwave course through my entire body as my hard nipples broke the surface of the water. I sat straight up on my knees with a growl, both hands going directly between my open legs, one at my clit and the other at my weeping opening, working their majick, sending my senses reeling. My moans and yelps of delight echoed within the walls of my cave, singing back to me the sound of my need as I pushed back against my two fingers inside me. I sucked my nectar from my fingers with a smile as I rolled myself on to my back, opening my legs as far as I could. I gave both of my nipples another pinch before sliding my hands back where I needed them to be.

It could have been minutes... it could have been hours... my fingers danced between my legs, in and out of me, across my pubes and circling my nub. My breath caught with every new tingle and spark, drawing me ever so close to to the peak. Then, as I thought of the girl who swam here last, my cries again echoed around the rock walls... my body tightened and began to quiver all over, bringing my thunderous orgasm hard and fast...

I rolled to my side, enjoying the taste of myself on my fingers, breathing hard through the pins and needles all over my body. I tried, but failed, to stifle a giggle. I looked around the cave again, taking in the sunlit colours of the rocks and the sound of the waterfall, the smell of the clean, clear water... and there... out of the corner of my eye... was that her?