16 October 2011

Lazy Day

The lights of the city began to come to life in the gathering dusk. From her vantage point, she could see all the way down to the harbour. The darkening purples of the sky growing as the Sun cast it's last rays for the day behind her. The traffic lights changed from green to red, and, alternately from red to green, and the few cars on the street stopped and moved in accordance. After taking a sip of her tea, she smiled, for no other reason than just enjoying the moment that was.

The breeze blew back her hair and she instantly took a deep breath through her nose. She could smell a clean scent in the air, a sweet mixture of sea water and freshly mown grass, just before a rain storm. The smell took her back, with a smile, to her childhood home in Wexford. She looked to the sky to see if there was a rain coming. If there was, it wouldn't be from the direction she could see. She liked watching storms.

There were two other floors above her loft, and five below, and the way her building was situated, there weren't any buildings tall enough to block her direct view. She'd been sitting there most of the day, on her small balcony, overlooking her town. It was a lazy day and there wasn't much better to do. Watching the movements of people, cars, the boats in the harbour, even the few airplanes in the sky were far more entertaining than any of the staggeringly stupid shite offered on the telly. Earlier in the day she was even able to Sun herself. It was then that she'd decided to make ample use of her balcony and spend the day just enjoying the sights and sounds of her town. The fact that she'd stayed naked the entire time, well, that was just a bonus.