20 November 2011

For the Love of Art

The invitation was to an elegant black-tie event for a benefit for local art and artists. The exterior of the envelope was written in beautiful Celtic script, with just her name. Kerry. The invitation itself was beautiful, made of parchment and gold leaf. Her first thought was of a Wonka Golden Ticket. This was the kind of event she would have been more used to working at as a server or bartender, instead of one she'd usually be invited to as a guest. She had just the dress...

Kerry arrived in a modest taxi, amongst the Aston-Martins, Bentleys and limosines. From the way the other guests were dressed, she was as lovely and as sexy as any there. She still couldn't think of who would've sent the invite, or why she received it. She disembarked from the taxi with a smile, stepping up to walk the small red carpet to the entrance of the hall. She smiled as pops of flashes erupted in her face, almost blinding her, as the paparizzi filled their cameras with photos of her and the other people entering the gala.

Once her vision cleared, she found she was almost to the door. She reached into her bag and produced her invitation. Another step closer and she was able to see the two women at the door checking the invitations. She actually had to blink a couple of times to make sure the flashes hadn't played with her vision. Both women smiled genuine smiles as Kerry approached, invitation in hand. The woman on her left reached for the envelope. Kerry was having a very difficult time looking her in the eye. Both women were wearing what could only be described as psychedelic body paint, applied in blotches here and there on the girls' bodies.

"I don't mean to be rude, but... I can't help noticing that all you seem to be wearing is body paint," smiled Kerry.

"You're not being rude at all, Miss. I'm glad you noticed. Although I do have on the tiniest pair of knickers I've ever had," the woman said with a smile. "We're actually part of the show."

"You look so wonderful," smiled Kerry.

"To be honest, Miss," the girl beamed, "I took the job because I absolutely love being naked. I'm so turned on right now, I'm suprised that the paint on me legs hasn't run."

Kerry took a step back for a look. She took her time scanning the painted body of the young girl, paying special close attention to the painted area between her legs. Kerry stepped back to her with a smile. "You're good for now."

The girl smiled back, "Enjoy the show, Miss."

Inside the hall was a number of different art exhibits... paintings, photography, sculpture, all with a similar theme. The celebration of the female body nude. Kerry smiled. She looked around the room to see over one hundred people in evening attire, sipping wine and talking amongst themselves. Some of the artists were there, as well, noticeable mainly because they weren't in evening attire. You know how artists are... And then there were at least two dozen women like the two at the door, wandering about wearing carefully placed blotches of psychedelic body paint.

As Kerry was about to take the six steps down from the entry to the main floor, she heard a voice calling her through the din of talkers and the non-descript background music. She stood tall and scanned the room, searching for the owner of that voice. Her face lit with excitement as she took the steps two at a time and wove her way through the crowd.

"Cecilia, what are you doing here?" she smiled as she took the older woman's hands and closed in for a kiss to her cheek.

"A couple of artist friends... I see that dress I gave you hasn't gone to waste." her eyes sparkling at the sight of Kerry.

"You're the one who sent the invitation..."

The older woman feigned ignorance with a smile. "I have no idea what you're talking about, my Dear."

"Really? Who else would get me out to a black-tie event like this?"

"Alright... alright! Stop interrogating me!" she laughed.

Kerry joined in the laugh.

"Cecilia!" came a man's voice from a few feet away, "I'm so happy you're here!" He stepped in and kissed her on both cheeks. "And who is this angel?" he asked, focusing his attention on Kerry.

"Graham, this is my dear friend, and former student, Kerry," she beamed.

"How exciting?!" he squealed. "Cecilia! How dare you! You're nowhere near old enough to be this child's teacher!"

"You can pucker up and plant your lipstick on my arse later, you silly poodle. In the meantime, I'm going to escort Kerry around the hall and survey the exhibits." Cecilia took Kerry's arm and they both walked through the crowd, talking together far more than paying attention to the various works of art on display.

"You have some interesting friends, Cecilia," smiled Kerry.

"Graham's no friend, Dear. Graham is a leach..."


"Well... he is!"

"So what made you invite me to this..." she looked at the exhibit they'd wandered to and stopped cold in her tracks.

In front of her was an entire wall, at least three meters square, of standard size, colour photos of various nude women. And there, practically dead centre, right at eye level, was Cecilia, smiling back. The live and in person Cecilia patted Kerry's hand as Kerry looked at the photos before her.

Kerry took a moment, cleared her throat, then smiled. "You look quite lovely."

"Why, thank you, Darling! It's an outfit I've had for years." Cecilia laughed.

Kerry laughed, too. "But I still think you look great! What ever possessed you to do such a thing?"

"My Dear, your generation didn't invent being naked. Your generation didn't invent liking it, either. I did have eight children, you know..."

"I know because I grew up with them, but you certainly wouldn't tell from that photo," smiled Kerry, hugging Cecilia's shoulder.

One of the body painted women carrying a tray of wine glasses stopped, offering a glass each to Cecilia and Kerry. Smiling at each other, and at the girl, both took a glass.

"Look at this lovely young girl, Kerry! Wouldn't you love to be able to walk around like that?"

"Yes, actually, but I'd go for less paint," smiled Kerry, more to the girl with the tray rather than at Cecilia.

Cecilia turned her attention to the girl, "What is your name, child?"

"Rianne, Mum."

"Good evening, Rianne. My name is Cecilia, and this is my friend, Kerry."

"Hello," smiled Kerry.

"Hello," smiled Rianne.

"What else do you do, Rianne?" asked Cecilia.

"I mostly model. I like nude modelling the best, actually. Most of the girls here do a lot of modelling," she replied, smiling.

"I modelled for the photo here," Cecilia pointed at her photo amongst the other nude women.

"That's you? Very nice! I hope I look half as good as that when I'm older, Cecilia!" Rianne said with a sincere smile. "And I hope some one will still want to see me naked, too."

"How does the paint feel? Does it itch, or anything?" asked Kerry.

"After a while, you don't even know you're wearing it. A little while ago, I caught myself in one of the mirrors and had to look down at myself. I'd completely forgotten it was on," Rianne laughed, causing her breasts to jiggle.

Kerry smiled as she and Rianne made eye contact.

Rianne looked around the room and then back at Kerry. "It was nice meeting you... I need to get back to work..."

"Nice meeting you as well, Dear," smiled Cecilia.

"Yes, very nice..." smiled Kerry. She then turned her attention to Cecilia, "Are you trying to set me up here, my Dear?"

Cecilia laughed. "No, Darling, I truly am not trying to set you up. But I'd wager a tenner that you'd rather be walking around wearing a little splash of paint instead of that dress."

Kerry bit her lower lip, watching the girl with the tray of wine glasses wander happily through the crowd. Without thinking, she smiled and said "I will if you will."

Cecilia laughed, "You know very well that threats like that will only encourage me..."

"You're a very dirty girl. You know that, don't you?" laughed Kerry.

"There's nothing wrong with a little harmless fun, Dear," laughed Cecilia. She took a moment and looked around the room for Rianne, finally spying her next to the sculpture of two women locked in an amourous soixante-neuf. Cecilia turned to Kerry, "Come along, Dear, it's time for a little fun."

Cecilia took Kerry's hand and they swept over to Rianne. Before Kerry had so much a chance as to say "hello", Cecilia explained to Rianne that she and Kerry were interested in "helping as hostesses", as Cecilia put it. Rianne looked quite happy on this news. She then brought Cecilia and Kerry to the woman in charge of the hostesses.

"Cecilia! How wonderful to see you again!" she said, kisses to both cheeks.

"Last time I saw you, Anne, you had your tongue between the legs of that lovely sophomore..."

Anne laughed. "She was a senior..."

Cecilia laughed with Anne.

Rianne turned to Kerry. "See you on the floor?"

"Yes, I'll be there," smiled Kerry.

Rianne returned to the floor with her tray, smiling.

"Anne, you remember Kerry, don't you?" smiled Cecilia.

She took a moment and looked Kerry over, smiling as her memories of Kerry in her classes broke through. "Yes, of course! Nice to see you here, Kerry."

"Thank you. Nice to see you, as well. This is an interesting exhibit, to say the least," she smiled.

"Don't you love it?" smiled Anne.

"Just marvelous," smiled Cecilia. "Especially the live portion of the exhibit. Who's the lucky one with the paint brush?" she laughed.

Anne laughed with her. "I don't know if you'd know him... he's rather new..."

"You know her photo is in one of the pieces on display," smiled Kerry, a bit in defence of Cecilia.

"Yes! I did see that!" she smiled at Kerry. Turning to Cecilia, "You truly look as lovely as ever," she smiled as she closed in for a hug.

"In real life, I'm a bartender, and I've worked countless catered events," smiled Kerry.

As she broke their hug, Anne's eyes widened and she smiled back at Kerry, "But you're here on invitation, aren't you?"

"She my plus one," smiled Cecilia. "To be honest, though, we're both a bit bored as guests... no fault of your's or the exhibition, Dear... and thought... maybe..."

"You want to be one of the servers?"

"Yes," smiled Cecilia.

"Please," added Kerry.

"Since you're guests..." pondered Anne.

"I'm not asking to be paid, or anything like that," smiled Kerry. "I just think it would be more fun, and, to be truthful, I'd be a little more in my own element. As a server, that is..."

"No need for clarification, Dear, I think the idea is absolutely brilliant!" smiled Anne.

She escorted the two women through a corridor, back through the kitchen to the small dressing area that had been set up for the servers. "This is the glamourous part of the show," she laughed.

Cecilia and Kerry laughed with her. "Who will be painting us?" continued Cecilia.

"Unless you have an objection, I will," smiled Anne.

"The others," smiled Kerry, "that's also your work?"

"Yes it is."

"But you said the artist was a man, Dear," Cecilia said.

"I've instruced all of the girls to say it's a new artist named Jean-Michel," said Anne.

"But why wouldn't you want credit for your work," asked Kerry.

Anne smiled to both of them, "Which is more exciting: Anne from Clarinbridge, or the unknown, French, Jean-Michel?"

"Well, get yer brush, then, Jean-Michel, and slap some paint on this old cow," laughed Cecilia as she started to remove her frock.

Once Cecilia was undressed, Anne dabbed some paint here and there on her flawless skin. "This paint is from completely natural sources... berries, herbs, mosses... so it won't do any harm to your lovely skin," smiled Anne, "though the red make take a day or two to completely wash. There's a g-string in the cupboard here. That way we can paint you... evenly."

Kerry removed her dress and watched, delighted, as her friend was being made up like the servers and greeters. The thought of what she was about to do made her quite excited. The only time she'd ever been nude in a public setting was on that beach in Spain, but everyone was nude, so it wasn't such a big deal. Then there was the time she was topless behind the bar at work, but that was only topless, not fully nude, for a bet, for the last hour before closing. And besides the two other co-workers, there couldn't have been more than six people in the pub.

Once Anne had finished, Cecilia was beaming, "I wish I could do this every day!" she laughed.

Anne turned, paint brush in hand, to Kerry. "Ready?"

"Yes I am," smiled Kerry. "But, no offence to either you or Jean-Michel, but I don't want to be painted..."

"You can't back out now, Dear," frowned Cecilia.

"Oh, goodness, no! I'm not backing out... I just feel better without the paint, that's all," smiled Kerry, looking for a tray to collect.

"But all the other servers are painted," Anne said, more matter of fact than trying to convince Kerry.

"I know..." smiled Kerry. "I'll get that tray of reds..."