27 November 2011

Just like my nipples

"Do you like watching me?"

"I know I shouldn't... but I can't help it. You're so lovely."

"It's alright, really. I can tell you enjoy it by that smile on your face."

"Alright... now I'm embarrassed..."

"Please don't be. I like it when you look at me..."


"Yes... especially when you're looking like you're trying to not get caught..."

"I thought you didn't want me to be embarrassed..."

"I don't... I want you to look at me..."


"Yes. Really."

"You do look very nice..."

"Are you trying to imagine me naked?"


"You're hard, aren't you? Just like my nipples..."


"My nipples are hard and pink and would love to be covered in your cum..."

"I don't know... my wife..."

"You're married?"


"Does she like girls?"


"Would she let me suck her titties and play with her kitty?"


"Would she let me suck her sweet juices off your big, hard cock?"

"Baby, you're driving me wild..."

"Oh... yeah..."

"David! Are you watching that web porn again?"


"Don't 'Mom' me! Believe it or not, I know about sex... how do you think I got you?"

"C'mon! Can't I have some privacy?"

"I just wanted to let you know supper's ready. And if you insist on having a wank, please use a condom, it'll be easier to clean up."