13 November 2011

My Little Addiction - Part 1

"It seems so silly now, Doctor, but there's times when I just feel so... so overwhelmed..."

"Unfortunately, the modern day to day world puts a lot of stressors on us... some that we don't even realize..."

"I don't quite know what stressor might cause this..."

"As you well know, the mind can twist things around in all sorts of fashion..."

"Okay... but the overwhelming... need, for lack of better explanation... to be naked?"

"Is nudity so wrong?"

"There are times when it's more than a little inappropriate."

"True. Are these the times when that feeling of need is most prevalent?"

"Is sitting in a lecture on Extraterrestrial Physics an appropriate time to get naked, Doctor?" laugh

"I wouldn't say so... no. Do you feel any sexual need with this?"

"Some times, but mostly no. I just feel like I need to be naked."

"In this lecture you were speaking of, were you bored?"

"No... I was actually paying attention... taking notes... I didn't feel bored... or stressed. It was just another class."

"Did you make it through the lecture, or did you have to leave?"

"I stayed, but, by the end, I was almost shaking."

"Have you ever gone through with removing your clothes when you have this feeling?"

"Only once... but I waited until I got to a loo before I took anything off."

"Did it help to relieve the need?"

"I felt better for a while, but it didn't really... satisfy, I guess is the right term..."

"Did anyone else see you nude in that loo?"


"Is that what you're hoping for? Or, better worded, is that what this need is wanting: You on public display nude?"

"I'm not sure, but quite possibly..."

"Are you sexually active?"

"I'm a college girl, Doctor... when you were in school, weren't you sexually active?"

laugh "Yes, as a matter of fact, I was... boys... even a few girls... and lesbianism wasn't nearly as tolerated as it is today. But we're not talking about me. Are you at all feeling guilty about your sexuality?"

"No, not at all."

"Have you been involved in any group sex... multiple partners?"

"There was a party... freshman year..."

"Sorry, that was two years ago?"

"That's okay... yes, two years..."


"It was about ten of us... more girls than boys... it just ended up being an orgy..."

"Are you alright with that?"

"It was fun. No regrets..." sigh "It wasn't planned, so I guess that's why it was fun. I don't think something like that can be planned for it to be fun. If the right situation were to present itself, and I were in the right mood, I'd do it again."

"I'd have to agree, planned orgies put too much pressure on the participants. Anything else?"

"Not like that. Hmmm... My dormmate last year and I had sex together a few times. It was my first time just with another woman."

"And are you okay with that?"

"Sure. We've stayed in touch. She got married, moved away and didn't come back to school."

"Do you feel any guilt on that?"

"What? Because she got married and didn't come back to school? I haven't tried to seek her out, bring her back to the lesbian fold, if that's what you mean." laugh "We had fun, but life moves on. She fell in love with the guy and married him. What's so bad about that? I truly hope she's well and that her life is good. I've been with men and other women since... if our encounters were something she couldn't deal with, then, that's on her, Doctor. I still love women and I'm not ashamed to say so."

"How long have you had this need to be naked at inappropriate times?"

"Umm... maybe seven or eight months..."

"Any significant changes in your life eight or nine months ago?"

"I moved into my flat over a year ago and have had the same two flatmates all along. Our situation is... good... I'm trying to think if there's anything..."

"Are your flatmates both women? Do you have the freedom to walk about nude at home?"

"They're both women. None of us bring dates home, so it's just us. I sleep naked, though my bedroom door is always closed when I do. My bath is attached, so I don't have to leave my room for that... but, no, for the most part we're all dressed when we're in the common areas of the flat."

"Are you always completely dressed as if you were to go out of the house somewhere? Or 'dressed' as in something covering your body?"

"As little as knickers and a t-shirt sometimes..."

"But never nude outside of your room?"

"No. Not outside my room. And no for my flatmates, as well."

"Have you ever had sex with either of your flatmates?"


"Do they have sex with each other?"

"No... not that I'm aware of, anyway."

"Are you sexually attracted to either of your flatmates?"

"They're both lovely girls and, if the situation were right, I wouldn't tell either of them 'no', but I don't seek out a sexual relationship with either one of them."

"Have you ever seen either of your flatmates nude? Have they seen ever you?"

"No to both."

"What would be their reaction to you being nude in common areas of your flat?"

"I'm not quite sure. We've never really talked about me, or any of us, being nude outside of our own rooms."

"You seem to be a healthy young woman. Are you in any way ashamed of your body? In your appearance, perhaps?"

"No. I'm actually quite comfortable with who I am. I don't buy into all the 'you need to be this' or 'you need to look like that' pressure women face today."

"Are you in some way fed up with the, how you put it... the 'you need to be this' or 'you need to look like that' pressure, and maybe this is a form of rebellion?"

Laugh "I'm not quite the rebel type, Doctor."

"One never knows..." laugh "Just wondering... what do you think your giving into this feeling will do? Or accomplish?"

"I haven't gotten that far, so I have no idea."

"You seem relaxed and comfortable... but how are you feeling now? Is that need to be nude feeling there with you now?"

"I'm very relaxed with you, Doctor. Thanks. It's quite a good feeling, actually... but..."

"But... ?"

"Yes... the urge to get naked is there... especially since we're talking about it so much..."

"Describe the feeling for me, please..."

"I'm not sure I can, actually. I can tell you that, even though I am quite comfortable here with you in your office, I'm not at all comfortable in my clothes. I don't feel too warm or constricted, or like anything is pinching... I just feel like I need to take my clothes off. It's not a sexual feeling, either... you know... heat of the moment and all..." wiping a tear away "I'm sorry... It's just so..."

"What if I told you it was alright? What if I told you you can take your clothes off? What would that do?"

"You mean..."

"Sure, why not? I don't have a problem with you taking your clothes off. So, if you feel like it, go ahead."

"Are you sure? You're not just reversing the situation in hopes that the impropriety is the urge and not the nudity itself?"

"Actually, I do hope that the impropriety is the urge. And that by giving you permission will take that urge away and help you feel... better." deep breath "But, in all seriousness, if that isn't the case, then, by all means, you are welcome to be nude."

"Thanks, Doctor. Let me let that sink in for a moment."

"I was actually hoping you'd say that. That you're not giving in to, again, as you put it, the 'heat of the moment and all', is a helpful sign to me."

"I don't know what the trigger is, Doctor. There doesn't seem to be any common thread in all of this..." nervous laugh "To be honest, I still feel the need to be naked. I'm a bit nervous, actually..."


"Not about being naked, but that the urge is so strong. Are you sure you're okay with me taking my clothes off, Doctor?"

"If the impropriety isn't the key, then I have no idea where this will lead without you taking them off."

"If you don't mind, I will, then..."

"Do you want me to leave the room... turn my back... ?"

"Unless you're uncomfortable with it, I'd rather we continue our conversation..."

"Of course... Tell me how you're feeling now..."

"I feel good... as I said before, I'm quite comfortable here..."

"Why don't you place them on that chair... unless throwing your clothes about is part of it all..."

"It's not that I have a disrespect for the clothes... or the money I paid for them..." laugh "I just feel the need to not have them on me..."

"Is this helping at all?"

"Yes! I believe it is. I feel so good, I could walk back home this way."

"It's a shame to call the act 'indecent exposure', but, unfortunately, that's what you'd be arrested for, if caught out on the street like that." laugh

"Yeah, I guess you're right. I can't stay here all day..."

"This is also true. But, you needn't get dressed right away, unless you feel the need to. From a medical perspective, you appear to be a healthy young woman... well groomed, without going to extreme... no personal piercings or tattoos... are you feeling chilled?"

"No... I'm quite comfortable..."

"Are you feeling any sexual excitement from being nude in my office?"

"Maybe a touch... but, in truth, I'm just so very excited that I've actually done it. How much time do we have left, Doctor?"

"I don't have another appointment after your's for a couple of hours. But I was going to get lunch during that time...."

"I'm not trying to take away any of your other time. I just don't want to get dressed right away, if that's alright with you?"

"We have time... let me ask... you're attending school, but do you work?"

"I have a job at the music shop."

"Do you like your job there?"

"It suits my hours, and some of my interests, though the pay isn't all that much."

"Are you allowed to wear your own clothes, or do you have some sort of uniform to wear?"

"It's a bit uniformish, I guess. Khaki slacks or skirt and a green polo shirt with the company logo..."

"How long ago did you start this job?"

"Not quite a year..."

"Well, then..."

"What? Is it my having to wear a uniform to work?"

"I'm wondering... we may have found the source. The time when you're feeling most overwhelmed about being nude, does it have anything to do with your work schedule?"

"I haven't even put a single thought to it. I don't have a shift today, but the feeling was there... But I did work last night and I have laundry to do... could that... ?"

"It's a good start..."

"Okay, then. Please tell me honestly. About a month, maybe six weeks ago, a friend suggested that I quit my music shop job and work at a... as a..."

"An exotic dancer?"

"Yeah... how did you..."

"From our conversation... an educated guess. How do you feel about your friend's suggestion?"

"I don't really know... I've never even been to one of those places... I wouldn't know what to expect!"

"I do enjoy your honesty..."

"Thanks, but..."

"I think we've found the problem, as simple as it sounds. First, I don't think you require any hospitalization or medication."


"Second, I think your friend may have touched on something..."

"Really... ?"

"I can't and won't tell you to quit your job and become a stripper. But your work required uniform does have a very large roll to play here. I will, though, suggest you look into ways of channeling your need for nudity without jumping directly into the deepest end of the pool without testing the water. Start at home. Walk around nude in your flat, without and with your flatmates there. Model for an art class or two. Spend time at the gym lockers. Visit a nudist resort..."

"Do you think this'll help?"

"You'll have the opportunity to be nude in public places. I think it's worth a try..."

My Little Addiction - Part 2

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and fantasy and is in no way intended as creditable medical advice.