11 December 2011

My Little Addiction - Part 2


"Hi. Good morning..."

"Good morning. You do know it's Sunday..."

"Yeah. I just felt so good when I woke up, I thought I'd make us all some breakfast... I hope you're hungry. There's eggs, toast, coffee... some yogurt cups and some orange juice..."

"That's all good, Honey... but... excuse me if I sound a bit confused, but why are you naked?"

"My Doctor told me I needed to."

"Excuse me...?"

"Remember I told you about that class where all I wanted to do was get naked?"

"Yeah... I thought you were kidding..."

"No. I wasn't kidding. I actually went to see a Doctor about it."

"So some med school wannabe told you he thought you should get naked?"

"Well, she is a well respected Doctor. She let me get naked in her office. She said that my wanting to get naked at inappropriate times was partly due to not being able to be naked at home."

"There's been more than the one time? Did you ever follow through with it?"

"Yes, I get a very strong feeling, almost daily, that I just need to take my clothes off... it happens in classes, on the tram, almost anywhere public. But, no, I haven't really followed through with it. You sound more than a little interested, Chris..."

"Well... to be honest... there's times when I want to be naked, too. Maybe not as severe or as often as you... but there are times."

"Take your pajamas off, then."


"Get naked with me! It feels brilliant! This is the first time you've seen me, but I've been spending more and more time at home naked. I love it!"

"You want me to just strip off right here?"

"Here... in your room... out on the balcony... I have no preference. Just get naked! You'll feel so much better."

"But what if Linda wakes up?"

"Let her! Let her get naked with us! I have no plans on leaving the house today, so I have no plans on getting dressed."

"You're going to stay naked all day?"

"Sure! Why not?"

"I was going to have Roger over later..."

"Roger? The same Roger who told me I should quit my job and go to work as a stripper?"

"When did he tell you that?"

"When I told the both of you, and Linda, about wanting to get naked in class..."

"He was probably joking..."

"I actually thought about it."


"Yes. Really. And you're still dressed."

"Alright. Let me go put my pajamas in my room."


"What are you two yelling about?"

"It's alright, Linda, Robin's made breakfast."

"Robin... you're..."

"Naked. Good morning, Linda. Yes, I'm naked. Chris is getting out of her pajamas as we speak. Did you wish to join us?

"For breakfast or in getting naked?"

"Both, actually. It's not like those knickers and that t-shirt are covering much to start with."

"I'm often naked when you two aren't home."

"Robin tells me she's been doing the same thing."

"Yes, I have. I didn't know you got naked when you were alone at home, Linda."

"I love it. I just didn't think either of you would want to."

"Robin says she's staying naked all day..."


"That was my plan. I don't have anywhere else to be, so I'm just going to stay naked at home today."

"I've so wanted to do this for so long now! Mind if I join you?"

"Please, yes! That is, as long as you're good with this, Chris."

"You know, I actually like it. I feel very... I dunno... free..."

"Great! What brought this on, Robin?"

"Remember I told you about feeling a need to get naked in class?"

"And Roger said you should work as a stripper?"

"See?...Yes. And I've actually thought about working as a stripper. I've just never been to a strip club before."

"It's about the same as any other bar, it's just that the entertainment is women taking their clothes off. At least that's what Roger's told me."

"I'm sorry, Chris, but Roger isn't the best source for knowledge on everything that might attract a male. I was a bartender at a strip club a couple of years ago. It was alright. Maybe that's why I love getting naked now... I dunno..."

"Linda... really?"


"Did you get up on stage?"

"No, but I worked in just a bikini bottom about the size of them knickers. laugh"


"I know of a few, if you want to do a little research first..."

"That would be the wisest thing..."

"You're both right. But I just want to stay home today and stay naked."

"I don't have anything planned, so I'm in, if you'd like."


"Roger's supposed to come over later, but something in the back of my head wants to cancel with him and spend the day with you two. That is, if that's okay with you..."

laugh "I'm so excited, my nipples are hard!"

"Yes, they are... and very sexy, too..."


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