01 January 2012

A Promise For Later

I actually regretted the decision as soon as I'd made it. I truly dislike working holidays, especially New Year's Eve. While every one else is partying and having fun, the bartender is working her tits off, making sure the party doesn't drop into an abyss. But, money's been tight this year and Johnna took a six, and I'm just too stupidly fucking loyal to my employer to leave him short.

Our pub isn't all that big, but there is a nice size patio area and, even with very cold temperatures, the New Year's Eve party always spills out on to the patio. The last two years I didn't work, but I've seen the photos. The other two girls working the bar with me, Shirley and Sandy (we've been dubbed the 'Triple S Threat' by our manager... I have no idea what that means), and I agreed that we'd take hourly turns working the patio, so none of us gets literally stuck out in the cold. To be honest, though, the patio tours haven't really been all that bad. It's much easier to talk with the customers without the loud music of the band. Don't get me wrong, I love music, just ask Johnny Moondog, but there are times when the band can get a little over-loud. Tonight is no exception.

At 10:00 pm the room is full, probably more full than it should be, but every one, including the staff, are all having a good time. Many people have dressed up for the evening, and fancier dress almost always means more skin and less underthings for us girls. If I were at a rocking holiday party and I couldn't be full out starkers, I'd be dressed that way, too. I love it.

"Excuse me, Miss," came a woman's voice from behind me.

I turned to see a young woman, who obviously spent some time getting ready for the evening. She was wearing a floor length, black halter dress and a brilliant gemstone choker necklace. Her hair was pulled back in a darling comb and her make up was flawless. Stunning. I wanted to... well... I wanted to do several things, but all I did was reply "Yes..."

"Hi..." she smiled, nervously pausing.

"Hello," I smiled back. "Is there something I can help you with?"

"You see that man there?" she pointed to a young man dressed in a beautiful tux, looking very Pierce Brosnan-era James Bond.

"Wow, yeah!" I smiled, a little too much, I think.

"He's my husband," she continued, still smiling.

"I hope his manners are as nice as his arse," I laughed.

She laughed with me, "And his cock is even nicer."

I gave her a quizical look.

"We hired a taxi here, so I've no car to take him to and I so desperately want him in my mouth. You seem to be more in charge here than your other staff. The pub is packed, so it wouldn't be fair to the other women for me to take up the loo. Is there any place I can take him to..." her eyes pleaded with me and she reached for my hand.

I thought for a moment, then smiled. "The two if you meet me out in the carpark in five minutes."

Her smile was so big I thought it would cut the top of her head off, then she hugged me. I could feel her hard nipples through her dress and my top, hitting me just above the demicup of my bra. I wanted to tell her to leave him be and come out to the carpark with just me...

I turned to Sandy, who was just getting ready to take her turn for the patio. "I'll go, Love," I smiled. "I've got a bit of a headache and getting away from the music for a bit might help," I lied.

"Alright... thanks," she smiled back at me.

I grabbed my car keys from my purse and slipped out the patio door. I stepped into the carpark from the patio entrance just as the couple was rounding the other side of the building. She and I both smiled when we saw each other.

"This is the woman I told you about," she was saying to him as we approached each other.

"Yes, I agree, she's quite lovely, but the party's inside..." he said with an unsure smile to me and then to her.

"I want a different kind of party right now," she smiled, "and..." she gave me a quizical look.

"Siobhán," I smiled.

"...and Siobhán's agreed to... assist."

"Hi, Siobhán," he smiled, "I'm Marcus, and this is my wife Donna. You have some idea what she's talking about?"

"Oh, yes... I certainly do," I smiled to him, then to her. "Please, follow me." I took a few steps toward my car. I was guessing that she hadn't told him just what kind of party she wanted and I wasn't going to spoil the suprise.

"Where are we going?" he asked.

"Not far, Love," she replied.

"Not far at all," I answered as I pressed the button on my keyfob for the lock, causing the lights to flash. My car was open and ready and just a few steps away.

"You see," said Donna to Marcus,"I told Siobhán that I couldn't wait until after midnight to have your sweet cock in my mouth. I told her I needed you now and, as an understanding woman, she found a way to help... accomodate," she said, accentuating "accomodate" by unclasping the neckpiece of her halter, allowing the front of her dress to fall free, exposing her beautiful breasts, right in the middle of the carpark. The only piece she was wearing between her naval and her chin was her brilliant gemstone choker necklace. Yes, it was cold, but her nipples weren't hard from the temperature. Neither were mine.

I opened the back passenger door of my car, allowing Donna a semi-private seat. She pulled Marcus to her, leaving him standing in the open door, her hands quickly unfastening his trousers.

He turned to me and, with a nervous smile, said "She has her moods..." His eyes closed, his mouth gaped and his head lolled back. She had him in her mouth.

I smiled and opened the front passenger door, reaching up to turn off the dome light, leaving Donna to fellate Marcus by the light of the streetlamp behind my saloon. I knelt in the front seat, watching her lovingly take him into her mouth. As I watched her, I felt the tingling wetness growing between my legs. I wasn't sure what I enjoyed more, a front row seat for a blowjob or the fact that she was so very comfortable with my being there.

She stopped for a moment, but continued to stroke him with her hand. "My God, I needed this," she smiled at me. "We've been married three years now and I still can't get enough of him..." she took him in her mouth again, but released quickly "...does it ever go away?"

"Sorry, Donna, but I'm not the one to answer. No man... or woman... has gotten that far into my soul yet."

"Mmmm..." she moaned around his cock, only to release it again, still stroking it in her hand. "I think that's my favourite time to have him in my mouth... you know..." she looked me directly in the eye and smiled, "after he's been in me." She then took him all the way into her throat, only to pull all the way off once more.

I stirred in my seat a little, my fanny was needing some extreme attention. I could hear Marcus breathing heavier.

Donna cupped his balls as her licking, sucking and bobbing quickened. His breathing quickened along with her pace. They both began moaning and his pelvis started to thrust harder. Donna pulled off of him, continuing to stroke his very excited cock and looked me in the eye once more. "After he gives me his cum, I want to buy you a drink," then took him back into her mouth.

"God yes..." he moaned, thrusting himself into her mouth.

Donna moaned her approval as she swallowed his cum. She pulled back, stroking and licking him to make sure she didn't miss a single drop.

"Fuck yeah," he said as he leant in and kissed her on her forehead, then stepped back to redress himself.

Donna smiled and a small dollop of Marcus' cum leaked on to her chin. Without thinking, I reached in and scooped it up, quickly taking it into my own mouth, happily moaning my delight. In my entire life, this was the very first time I'd ever watched another couple having some form of sex and I stayed completely dressed. It's also the very first time I'd ever gotten cum in my mouth while I was still dressed.

Donna saw me smiling. "Kiss me," she said. I didn't have to be invited a second time. As we kissed I tasted him on her lips. She'd already swallowed, so it was only a taste. She placed her hand on my breast, and it felt perfect there, but I had to back away.

"I'm sorry..." I stammered between breaths, "but I need to get back inside to work."

"We have been a while," Marcus said into the door frame.

"You're right," said Donna with a bit of a pout, but reached around to reclasp the top of her dress. "I promised you a drink, though."

"I won't turn you down," I smiled.

As Donna stood to straighten herself, she reached under her dress and after a couple of steps, produced a lovely pair of very wet knickers. She handed them to me saying, "A promise for later..." then stepped in to hug and kiss me.

My knickers were as wet as the pair she'd given me. I tossed her's on to the seat of my car, closed all the doors, making sure the lock took. "I'll see you inside," I smiled as we parted to the same directions we'd arrived from.

Once back inside, thankfully, it hadn't been as long a time as I'd thought and I wasn't even missed. Brilliant. Donna and Marcus came up to the bar and we all shared a round of some 24 year old single malt, smiles and giggles all around.

When the band announced it was close to midnight, every one in the pub joined in with the countdown. At midnight, the spontanious, obligatory "Auld Lang Syne" was begun, with people kissing each other... lovers, friends, and strangers alike. Shirley, Sandy and myself shared hugs and kisses. Shirley smiled at me and offered "Later, then?"

"I believe I have some other plans, Shirl, though I love ya for asking," I smiled.

I turned and Donna and Marcus were still at the end of the bar. She saw me and waved me over. When I arrived she stepped around the bar and hugged me, whispering in my ear, "Please tell me that your plans are to come home with us."

"I would love that, but it may be after two by the time I'm done. If that's good for you, I'll even drive."

"We've nowhere else to be. Marcus makes a superb omlet. I don't mind the wait, as long as I know you're saying 'yes'."

The sight of her beautiful breasts flashed through my mind and I know the smile on my face was absolutely wicked. I looked at Shirley and Sandy. Either I was going to convince them I'll clean up and send them off early, or I'll beg them to let me out early. I wasn't going to miss this.

I looked back at Donna and smiled. "Yes."

Donna hugged me with a smile, then turned to Marcus. "She said 'yes'," she told him.

Marcus smiled.

"Will you two excuse me for just a moment, please?" I said to them. Not waiting for an answer, I stepped over to Sandy and Shirley who were sharing a drink with one of our regulars. I asked if they'd let me out early, after all the patrons had gone, to which they agreed. I gave them each a kiss and poured them each another drink. I turned and slipped past Marcus and Donna and stepped over to the loo. I happily found an unoccupied stall.

A few moments later, I returned to the bar. Donna and Marcus were still in their places. I walked over to them, getting the three of us into a huddle. I kissed Marcus and then Donna on the cheek, giving me a chance to slip the knickers I'd just removed in the loo into the halter top of Donna's dress, not removing my hand before gently cupping her ample breast. I whispered into her ear, "A promise for later..."