05 February 2012

Wendy and Kim

"What do you mean, you've never been to a sex shop?" laughed Kim.

"No, I haven't." Wendy defended herself, "I've never needed to go to one. I've got what I need."

"It isn't always a matter of need, Sweetie. Sometimes it's just a matter of fun."

"I didn't say I wouldn't go, I just said that I've never been."

"Well, come along, then. No time like the present," smiled Kim, taking Wendy's hand and walking her into the shop.

Inside the shop there were a few other people, mostly women, looking at the toys and DVDs. Behind the counter was a woman dressed in a very skimpy bikini and wearing a strap-on.

"May I assist you, Ladies?" smiled the woman.

"They make you wear that to work in?" asked Wendy.

The woman laughed. "I chose to wear this," she smiled, stroking the length of the dildo. "But management says I have to keep my pussy and tits covered."

"Imagine that," laughed Kim. "and in a sex shop..."

The woman laughed, too.

"Do I have to keep my tits covered here?" asked Kim with a wicked smile, reaching for the hem of her top.

"Unfortunately, in the shop itself, yes. But there are some viewing booths in back..."

"Viewing booths?" asked Wendy.

"Sure, for videos," smiled Kim.

"I'm sorry, but no. They're not for videos," said the woman.

Kim's eyes and smile beamed. "Really?"

"A tenner will get you ten tokens," smiled the woman.

How long does a token give you?"

"Two minutes..."

"I've got a twenty," smiled Kim.



Kim took Wendy's hand and they walked through the beads in the doorway to the back hall. There were four doors on their left. Two doors had an indicator like a public loo that said occupied. The other two doors showed available.

"What are we doing?" whispered Wendy.

Choosing the furthest available door, Kim smiled and before they were even in the booth, pulled her top up over her head. Her tits bounced as they were freed, her hard nipples standing tall and smiling back at Wendy. Kim quickly kissed Wendy, pulled open the door and whispered back, "We're going to a peeper," and closed the door behind them, turning the lock so they wouldn't be disturbed.

The dimly lit booth was barely big enough for the two women to sit next to each other in the only chair in the room. In front of them was a large screen. Next to the screen, there was a coin slot for the tokens.

"You're actually going to sit there with your tits out for this?" asked Wendy.

"No," smiled Kim, "I'm taking my shorts off, too." she said as she stood and pulled her shorts down to her knees, leaving her tiny knickers in place. Stepping out of her shorts, she placed them on the seat of the chair and sat down on her shorts.

"Those are pretty," Wendy smiled, complimenting Kim's knickers.

"Thanks," smiled Kim as she set the tokens on the small shelf next to the coin slot. She turned to Wendy with a smile. "Alright, stay dressed if you want, then." And, placing a token in the slot, the screen rose to reveal the show behind, already in progress.

Two beautiful nude women were on their knees, facing each other, their ample breasts in their own hands. The only point of contact between them was their hard nipples, rubbing and circling each other. The look on their faces showed they were truly enjoying their touch, and being watched.

Wendy's eyes were wide as she watched the intimacy in front of her. Kim's smile would have rivalled a six year old's on Christmas morning.

"My boyfriend would so love this," smiled Wendy.

"I'm sure he would," replied Kim in a far away voice.

Wendy turned to look at Kim just as she was cupping her breasts. Wendy smiled and was suddenly put completely at ease, even though she'd never been with another woman in any kind of sexual way. She was less interested in the women behind the screen than in Kim's reaction to the show.

The two minutes expired on time, but, for Kim, far too quickly.

"That was fun," smiled Wendy.

Kim looked at her friend with a smile, "We're just getting started." She reached for another token and prepared to drop it in the slot. Looking back at Wendy, she smiled, "Are you sure you don't want to get comfortable?"

"I'm good," smiled Wendy.

"Alright, then," Kim said as she dropped the next token in the slot, raising the screen once again. The scene behind hadn't changed, though the women were now starting to kiss.

Wendy saw Kim lick her lips as she watched the two behind the screen become more and more turned on with each other. She watched as Kim again cupped her breasts, rubbing her hard nipples between her thumb and finger, intently watching the women of the show. Wendy loved to masturbate and often gave her boyfriend sexy masturbation shows, and after many orgasms for her self, would end with him shooting loads of spunk deep into her mouth. She never thought the presence of another woman touching herself would give her similar feelings. The two women behind the screen were lovely, but her interest continued to focus on Kim.

The time ended and the screen slid closed once again.

"I wasn't aware that you were so into women, Kim," smiled a still fully dressed Wendy.

Kim smiled. She'd forgotten, if just for a moment, that Wendy was there. "I'm sorry," she managed, "You not enjoying this?"

"Probably not as much as you, but I'm not wanting to leave."

"Are you just going to sit there and watch me?"

"Am I in the way? I don't mean to be..."

"No, it kind of turns me on that you're watching me..."

"Watching them," Wendy laughed. She wasn't immune to the situation and knew, from the stack of tokens left, there would be much more show to see. She smiled at Kim and reached for the next token. Kim smiled back as Wendy dropped the token to it's slot.

The screen opened again and the women of the show were still kissing, but one had moved her hand down between the other's legs in a loving caress. Kim smiled and watched intently, but did her best to keep from touching herself. To Wendy, it looked difficult to maintain. Kim lightly bit her lower lip and her breathing started to become a little more laboured. Her eyes seemed to follow every move the women of the show made. The woman with the other's hand between her legs shifted and opened her legs more, taking the other woman's breast in her hand, bending to lick the hard nipple. Kim's expression looked is if she were about to suckle the woman, too.

"Damn it!" muttered Kim as the screen closed again.

"You don't have to sit there motionless on my account, y'know," said Wendy.

"Thanks," smiled Kim,"but I wasn't not touching myself because of you. I was letting the tension build."


"You don't want to be here..."

"Kim, Dear," smiled Wendy, "I've never been with a woman. The idea's never really crossed my mind. I am enjoying this, I'm just getting more enjoyment from watching you watching these women. I don't want to interrupt you."

"Wow. The first time in a sex shop and your first time with a woman..."

"Big day..."

"How long have we been friends... twelve years?"

"Yeah... that's about right," smiled Wendy.

"Then will you please take your fucking clothes off with me?" Kim was practically begging. "I know how much you love to masturbate, you've told me about you and Graham. Doesn't any of this turn you on... even a little?"


"Then why are you still dressed?" Kim dropped another token in the slot. The screen opened to the one woman licking and sucking the nipple of the woman that was fingering her. "They're so sexy..." whispered Kim, "...enjoying themselves..." Kim grabbed at her own breasts and inhaled deeply through her nose. Standing, she turned and dropped her soaked knickers to the floor. "I can give you a personal show, if that's what you want..."

Not waiting for Wendy to answer, Kim squatted down, below the screen, her legs opening wide. She inserted one finger, and then a second finger into her dripping self with a gasp and a shudder. She hadn't even noticed that the screen had closed. "Have you ever tasted yourself?" She stuck her wet fingers into her mouth with a low moan. She smiled a very wicked smile. "I know you have... you'd do anything for Graham... that's so fucking sexy..." She licked her fingers again, taking whatever was left of her nectar from her fingers. "I love it..."

Wendy stood and pulled her top over her head, tossing it back on the chair. Her shorts quickly joined her top, leaving her standing there in her matching lace bra and knickers. She reached for a token and slid it into the slot. With the light from the show Kim could see the wetness that had gathered on to Wendy's knickers and smiled.

Kim stood and reached for Wendy, pulling them close.

"What do you want me to do?" asked Wendy.

"It would be nice if you finished getting naked..."