02 September 2012


She woke to the sound of rain on her window and smiled. She crawled from her bed and stepped over to the french doors that led to the balcony, opening them and stepping through. She immediately felt the rain on her, quickly soaking through her thin, gauzy gown, causing it to stick to her skin. She took a few more steps on the balcony, completely free of any shelter from the falling rain.

Her gown now stuck to her like a second skin and had become fully transparent with the steady rain. A smile came to her face as she cupped ber breasts through the wet material, making her already stone hard nipples cry out for more attention. She lifted each breast to her mouth, licking both nipples through the soaked gauze, sending a welcome shiver down her spine. Needing to feel the rain directly on her skin, she peeled the gown from her, over her head and away from her body, allowing it to fall to the floor with a wet, unceremonious plop. She giggled aloud as she twirled on her balcony, happily naked in the rain.

She stepped to the edge of the balcony and peered down the ten stories to the city street below, bustling in the weekday morning rain. If anyone were to look up, they might get a glimpse of her looking back down. If any of her neighbours were to look out their windows, they might see her, but she wasn't at all concerned at being seen. So unconcerned was she, that she raised her arms above her head, tilting her head back slightly, laughing, happily facing directly into the oncoming rain. She skipped and twirled on her balcony, the rain washing over her body.

As she brushed her wet hair from her face, out of the corner of her eye, she saw lightning in the distance. She stopped and listened, waiting on the sound of the thunder. The longer the sound took, the bigger her smile was. When the thunder did finally arrive, there was no crack, only the roll. She once again raised her arms above her head, skipping and dancing in the rain. She stepped again to the edge to look down, almost hoping some one would see her.

The patio furniture near the french doors to the kitchen caught her eye. So many times she'd sat there, having her morning tea, or a coffee, some times dressed, many times not, and a familiar tingle between her legs caught her attention. She danced her way to the chair, smiling as her mind raced with possibilities.

She pulled the chair away from the table and sat herself down on the wet plastic seat. She slowly ran her hands up her body, starting at her knees, enjoying the feeling of her wet skin in her hands. Again she cupped her breasts, causing her clit to tingle. She stood up and changed the position of the chair so she was once again facing into the steady, heavy rain.

As she sat, she opened her legs, allowing the rain access to her throbbing clit. It didn't take long for the heavy drops of rain to send her soaring. The rain was cold and stung a little, but almost felt like a tongue, licking and curling around her clit, only to run between her legs to fall to the floor below. With both hands she opened herself, begging the rain to please her... to take her... to fuck her...

The thunder in the distance was moving closer, but she didn't care, her tryst with the rain wasn't complete. She moved a hand down even further, easily inserting one, then a second finger into her tight opening. Her movements started as stroking, but quickly escalated to thrusting in mere moments, her need was now well beyond her control. She smiled between moans and gasps as the rain and her fingers partnered, sending her closer and closer to her rapturous climax. Her growing orgasm started deep within her, but soon had her whole body shaking and convulsing. She thrashed her head about, her wet hair slapping the sides of her face and then her back as she sat up, clenching down on her fingers. The rain didn't let up and kept pounding her body, sending her into sensory overload.

She fell back in her chair, her back arched with her fingers still inside herself, the rain still tickling and licking and lapping at her body. She used her other hand to cup her breast, bringing her very hard nipple to her mouth. She knew she was reaching her summit, her body convulsing with anticipation. She cried out as she felt herself give over to her orgasm, to let everything go for her release. Another cry escaped her throat as she rocked against her fingers and felt the rain washing over her entire body. Her third cry was muffled by the crack of the very close lightning, but it also sent her over the edge, her body shook and convulsed as she felt herself floating on the wave of her orgasm...