07 October 2012

Expert Textpert...

Her mobile hummed on the table. She smiled when she saw the ID and the simple text. "hi".

Her text back was just as simple "hi back at ya".

The next text was quick "wut u doin?"

She smiled again, feeling a familiar tingle. They loved this game and she was in just the right mood to play. "nuthin" she replied. As she pressed send, she stood and dropped her boy shorts to the floor, and pulled her lacey cami over her head. She picked up her mobile, holding it at arm's length, smiling at it's little digital apature. The photo showed her fully starkers and smiling.

The next text arrived "wut u wearin?"

She sat in her comfy chair and giggled, knowing he'd be asking that soon enough. She loved knowing the sight of her naked body turned him on. She settled into her chair, sending the photo.

"so hot"

She giggled again. She opened her legs and placed her finger to her sensitive clit, a bit surprised at how wet she already was. She took a close up photo. She sent that along with the caption "see wut u do to me".

A photo arrived of his erection in his hand, followed by the text "like?"


"so horny for u"

She inserted a finger into her wet canal, taking another photo. She pulled her wet finger from herself and put it in her mouth, taking that photo, too, and sent them in order.

"wud love a taste"

"wud like that too" she smiled as she replied. She aimed her mobile at her breasts, her nipples standing on end. Not waiting for his reply, she sent the photo with the caption "suck on these".

"luv yer hard nips"

"how much?"

A photo arrived of his erection from side view, standing firm away from his body. She replied "u kno wut i like".

"so hard for you"

"just wut i want" she replied, quickly followed by "in my mouth"


Her mind then raced with the thought of him in her mouth. She could almost taste the skin of his cock.

"luv wen u suck me"

She'd already shifted her thoughts, now with her straddling him, sliding that wonderful cock of his deep inside her. She closed her eyes, sliding two fingers in instead, slowly stroking them in and out.

"need u inside me" she sent.

"wanna b inside u"


"wanna feel u wet"

"wanna feel u hard" she replied.

Her excitement building with each stroke of her fingers, "fuck me" she sent.

"slo frm behind"

She shuddered a little, her climax building. She held her mobile out again, trying to capture as much of herself as she could, including her fingers inside herself. Three tries later, she sent the photo.

His reply was a similar photo, his erection in his hand and most of his upper body.

"u want me?" she sent.


She again pulled her fingers from herself, tasting her nectar. The idea of another woman flashed through her mind, making her shudder again.

"want u in me" she sent.

"yes me too"

She set her mobile down on the table so she could use both hands to touch herself, her mind racing with images of him... images of an unknown her... images of the three of them.

Her mobile hummed on the table.

Her mobile hummed on the table again.

She read the first message "wanna cum for u". She smiled. She read the second "hello?"

"sorry needed 2 hands"

"want my cum?"

She replied "yes", but she was losing herself in her daydream of her threesome again. Her fingers quickened between her swollen, glistening lips. Her other hand cupped her breast, stroking her begging to be sucked nipple with her thumb.

Her mobile hummed. The photo was a topless one of herself she'd sent some time before, his cock in his hand above it.

She smiled. She knew he was about to cum and that bit of knowlege sent her over the edge. She shook and convulsed in her chair, her nectar streaming from her. She managed to send "y" before dropping her mobile to the floor, her orgasm taking her over. She rubbed her nectar into her skin from her thighs to her mouth, moaning her lover's name as her body writhed in bliss.

Once she settled some, she picked up her mobile. Three texts. The first was the photo she knew she'd get: the photo of her covered in his cum. She smiled. The second was simply "like?". The third was "hello?"

She smiled. "sorry. needed both hands again. love yer cum. i did too."


"talk later?" she smiled.

"yes... :-)"

"love you"