06 January 2013

The End of the World

Fate would have it that the World was scheduled to end on Aine's birthday. The first time she read that, she laughed out loud, thinking some one was playing an elaborate prank. A bit like seeing "Bad Wolf" here, there, and everywhere. How could a long dead, ancient civilization predict the end of the World to happen precisely on her birthday?

As the time grew closer, the doomsday prophesizers, pundits, and believers became more vocal, and worse, more believable. There were even scientists that claimed a cosmic alignment of epic magnitude would rip apart the very fabric of space and time...

Aine had few friends, though not for lack of trying. And in that, far more male friends than female. She tended to gravitate toward the physical side of friendship, truly enjoying getting physical with attractive, healthy men. But, in this, too, she was quite choosey. Not every man with a bright smile and healthy cock got to be that kind of friend with Aine.

Aine met Teagan online through a chatroom they both frequented. Both had experienced heavy losses in their lives that they were dealing with, and they talked about their past, their families, their jobs, their ex's... they became friends beyond Aine's usual comfort zone. And Teagan was a woman. Still, they emailed, im'd and texted each other daily.

Then came the night on webcam with Teagan after Aine had a little too much to drink and a few flirtive and suggestive phrases turned into two blissful hours of mutual masturbation, emotional, tearful confessions of love, and an agreement to meet for her birthday. She woke up naked on her couch the next day, and through her hangover, Aine was mortified and embarassed. She left Teagan's messages unanswered for days. She changed her email and even her mobile to avoid any contact, even though her heart longed for the only real friend she'd had in years. And it was Aine who first got naked to begin with, freely showing and touching herself in desperate need of relief.

A few days before her birthday, Aine called Teagan's mobile, knowing Teagan was working and couldn't answer. "I'm going out of my mind... I miss you so much," she began her voicemail. "Please forgive me... forgive my behaviour." She sighed, closed her eyes, and added "Please let's keep our date."

On the fourth listen, Teagan smiled. "Fuck it," she muttered, "I could be alone when the World ends..."

Teagan let several hours pass before sending her answer by text.


They met at 6:00 pm on Aine's birthday at a small restaurant they both knew, that was not far from Teagan's flat. They chatted over a nice meal, they had a little wine, and they left the restaurant lightly holding hands. They walked down the street and around the corner. Aine knew where Teagan was taking her.

Teagan smiled. "We're at my flat. It's the end of the World, love... where else do you have to be?" She leant in and kissed Aine.

"Let's go upstairs," whispered Aine, trying to get away from Teagan's kiss right there on the street, even though there wasn't another soul around.

They went up to Teagan's flat "Only for a little while", said Aine. Teagan opened a bottle of wine. They sat and talked, not really about anything.

Half way through the third bottle, Teagan smiled at Aine. "I'm going to run a bath. You can join me or not..." then turned and stepped toward her bath.

Aine sat for a moment. The wine was making her warm and happy, and she hadn't had enough yet to be drunk. She heard the bath water running. She smiled to herself "Fuck it! It's my birthday and quite possibly the end of the World..." Aine got up, took all her clothes off, and stepped toward the sound of the running water. As she got to the bathroom, she saw Teagan just stepping into the bathtub. "Mind if I join you?" she asked.

Teagan smiled "I was so hoping you would."

As they sat and talked, sitting at opposite ends of the large tub, Aine became more and more comfortable. She even complimented Teagan on her breasts and pubes. Teagan, of course, returned the favour, truly admiring her bath friend's beauty.

It was Teagan who first felt chill as the water lost it's warmth. She smiled, stood and reached for a towel for both her and for Aine. "I have a robe, if you'd feel more comfortable," she smiled.

"The towel is good, actually," Aine smiled and kissed Teagan on the cheek. "Besides... if we're going to your bed, you'll want us both to be naked... won't you?"

Teagan's smile was almost uncontrollable. "Yes, I suppose I do..."

Teagan showed Aine to the bedroom, each slipping under the covers from either side of the bed.

"I'm not a lesbian," Aine nervously smiled as she reached for Teagan's hand.

"I've never asked you to be," Teagan smiled a gentle smile as she took Aine's hand. "I've only ever asked you to be yourself."

"But we're here..." Aine's nervous smile continued...

The Sunrise found Aine and Teagan curled together, gently sleeping in their post-orgasmic glow. Aine was the first to stir, a smile coming to her face as she realized where she was. Teagan kissed Aine's forehead with a whispered "good morning," and a smile.

They kissed.

"Looks like the World didn't end after all," smiled Teagan.

"Oh, but it did," smiled Aine. "And a wonderful new one started right up..."