05 May 2013

With Anna

We looked into each other's eyes as we held hands. I don't know why, but I was surprised at how well Anna's hand fit into mine. We sat there, in the tall grass, on the bluff overlooking the sea. There wasn't a cloud in the sky and the Sun was warm on our bodies. With our hands intertwined, I knew she was real. I knew she wasn't going to disappear at the end of the dream.

Her kiss took me by surprise. Her mouth was gentle and soft and faintly tasted of wine. Her eyes were closed in that tender, sensuous moment of freely giving herself to me. Her breathing was in time with mine, gentle and even, not yet giving way to our mutual underlying need.

My eyes closed with her's as we ventured further, our tongues touching and circling. I felt her hand on my bare shoulder and the gooseflesh that rose at her touch. I didn't back away, but instead, wanted to feel her touch me more. Her hand then slowly slid down my arm to my elbow, pulling on my arm some, inviting me to hug her... to hold her close to me. I held her closer, the light fabric of her sundress bunching in my hand.

In an instant she broke our kiss and pulled back enough so we could see each other face to face. I suddenly felt nervous, like she was going to break away, to run and leave me stranded, leaving me wanting her... needing her. My look must've given me away because she took my face gently in her hands and kissed me. Not the kiss of need. Not the kiss of lust. She so sweetly kissed me with the kiss of love. My already wet pussy trickled with joy.

Anna smiled and stood, reaching for the side zip on her sundress. She looked neither left nor right, instead keeping her gaze and wicked little smile focused on me. With a quick motion, her zip was down and so was her dress, leaving her standing there wearing very tiny, very pretty, and very wet knickers. She saw me lick my lips.

She knelt next to me, never breaking her gaze, her nipples visibly hardening mere inches from my face. "You want me, don't you?" she asked, cupping her breasts.

I answered her by finding my way to my feet, reaching the hem of my dress, and pulling it up and over my head. I stood there in front of her, high on a hill overlooking the big, blue Atlantic, starkers and horny, my little tuft of red pubes smiling directly at her.

She reached out and ran a finger across my pubes and smiled. She gently pushed her finger between my dampening folds for what felt like a beautiful eternity. I know I shuddered as her finger gently probed me. The widening smile on her face told me she approved. I cupped my breasts as I felt her finger enter me. My moan broke her concentration and she looked up at me, beaming in her pleasure.

She pulled her finger from me and I dropped to my knees with a smile, trying to catch my breath. She examined the copious wetness she'd collected on her finger with delight before taking that finger deep into her mouth, moaning her approval. With a smile, she pulled her finger from her mouth and gently pushed me onto my back. Before I could reach to pull her to me to kiss her, she was kissing my inner thigh.

I was clutching at air. My entire body was on fire. Anna's sweet mouth hadn't even touched my pussy and already I was building a huge orgasm. She licked my left thigh and then my right, gently widening my legs as her mouth got closer, barely a breath away.

She sat back up on her knees, between my legs. She cupped her breasts and lightly pinched her nipples, causing her to moan a little through her constant, sexy smile. Then, she sat there for a moment and looked me directly in the eye, looking as if there was something she wanted to say. The weight of the anticipation was crushing, and she knew it.

Without a word, she dove between my open legs to my now drooling pussy. Her mouth and tongue and fingers were weaving their majick the instant she touched me. The attention Anna paid was was unrivalled as she worked me closer and closer to orgasm. She raised up, momentarily pulling her sweet mouth from my pussy.

"Cum for me Siobhán," she whispered.

The countless millennia of weightless pleasure continued. My body writhed in the tall grass, under the warm Sun, the centre of my entire Universe was Anna's mouth and how greatly she was pleasing me. I felt I could see it all from a vantage point outside of myself, swirling around our bodies, adding another layer to the sensual heightening of the moment.

I placed my hand to the side of her head, my fingers playing with her dark hair. She quickened her pace with the two fingers she was using to tickle and stimulate me deep inside. But it was when she put her lips around my clit and sucked that sent me beyond the stars.

I cried.

I called her name over and over as my orgasm crashed through me. My body convulsed and shook and Anna's suction on my clit was all I could focus on, driving me through the beautiful storm. Her fingers were pushed as deep as they could go, wriggling and circling inside my flooding pussy, pushing and squirming inside my tightening walls.

My eyes closed and I drifted further into the sea of orgasmic pleasure, ready to fully drown in it at a moment's notice...

Anna lay next to me, kissing my face and mouth with her very wet, nectar covered mouth. I gladly accepted each kiss as I was gently roused back to this world. Her loving hazel eyes watched me as I opened mine. I was unable to control the sudden giggling. She brushed a few unruly strands of hair from my face and kissed me again on the mouth. I pulled her close, feeling her skin against mine, and held her there as my body went through a small series of blissful aftershocks.

I felt her arms around me and her sweet kisses as I slowly returned to Earth. I felt warm and secure and in need of pleasing her. I smiled and kissed her and gently rolled her on to her back. I felt her body under mine. I felt her skin touching mine. Our nipples touched...

I'd been with other women before, usually with the sexual appetite of a succubus. I'm no stranger to another woman's body. I love it. And I so wanted Anna to feel what she'd just given me. I kissed her neck and nibbled the bottom of her ear. Her soft, sexy moans encouraged me. I felt her perfect breasts in my hands, her hard nipples standing beautiful in the afternoon Sun.

I sat up on my knees, looking down at Anna's beautiful body. Somewhere along the way her knickers were removed. Don't ask me how, I haven't a clue. Before me was her smooth, clean and dripping pussy. I leant in and I took one of her hard nipples in my mouth. She held me close and moaned... almost to a purr as I licked and sucked her nipple. I reached down and felt her wet pussy. She opened her legs wide for me as I touched her very hard clit.

"I so want you..." she moaned.

I moved my mouth to her other nipple and gently caressed her very wet opening. My fingers were coated in her thick wetness and I spread it all over her beautiful clean shaved pussy. I ran my wet finger around her hard nipple, coating it with her nectar, only to lick it clean again. Back and forth, each nipple having Anna's nectar delivered and then licked and sucked clean.

I was fingering her dripping pussy, sucking her hard nipples, and she was moaning and squirming under me. She held me with her arms and legs, pulling me closer, begging me in her motions not to stop. I wanted to please her. I wanted her to feel the intense orgasms she'd given me. So, no, I wasn't about to stop.

Anna murmured my name over and over as I continued fingering her hot, tight, wet pussy...

I sat up, disengaging my fingers from her. The look on her face could only be described as 'shocked' or 'frightened'. Then I flashed the same wicked smile she'd given me just before I dove face first between her legs.

Her hands were instantly to the back of my head, pulling me even closer to her delicious paradise. I did my best to keep up with the river of nectar weeping from within her as I licked her opening and hard, hard clit. I inserted two fingers into her wetness. I thought I heard her scream, but most everything was muffled between her soaked thighs. As I licked and sucked, I pistoned the two fingers in and out, wriggling them into her depths.

Anna's legs started to tremble and her back arched, pushing her pussy even harder into my face. I didn't let go of her as she bucked and fucked my face while I licked and fingered her faster and faster. I could feel her entire body quivering as her orgasm was crashing upon her. I couldn't help but smile as I felt her shake. I looked up to see her beautiful face in orgasm just in time to her hear call my name. She pulled me up to her, to hold her as her orgasm took her over, crash after stormy crash rocking her entire body.

We looked into each other's eyes as we held hands. We lay there, together, naked in the tall grass, on the bluff overlooking the sea. There wasn't a cloud in the sky and the Sun was warm on our bodies. With our hands and bodies intertwined, I knew she was real. I knew she wasn't going to disappear at the end of the dream.